ARTICLES - October 2020  
No, Roger Penrose, We See No Evidence Of A 'Universe Before The Big Bang' Forbes
Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder Challenges the Evidence for Cosmological Fine-Tuning Evolution News
The Standard Model Is Not Enough, New LHC Study Shows Forbes
Particle Physicists Continue To Make Empty Promises BackReaction
Physicists may have caught the Higgs boson doing a new trick Live Science
What Can The Simple Fact That 'We Exist' Teach Us About The Universe? Forbes
Particle Physicists Continue To Make Empty Promises BackReacition
What Black Holes Bring to the Galaxy The Atlantic
The Black Hole Information Paradox Comes to an End Quanta Magazine
Awesome Zoomable Milkyway European Southern Observatory
There Could Be at Least 300 Million Potentially Habitable Worlds in The Milky Way Science Alert
What 50 gravitational-wave events reveal about the Universe Nature
We need a new Theory of Everything Medium
Researcher: We need a new theory of everything, one with no “things”   Uncommon Descent
Last chance for WIMPs: physicists launch all-out hunt for dark-matter candidate Nature
Can Dark Matter Really Explain The Universe's Structure? Forbes
Beyond "Fermi's Paradox" XI: The Transcension Hypothesis Universe Today
We'll find E.T. with a molecule, not a message Astronomy
In Search for a Planet Better than Earth: Top Contenders for a Superhabitable World Astrobiology
At Gizmodo: 24 planets might be better places to live than Earth Uncommon Descent
Venus Is Dead! New Analysis Shows Phosphine, A Possible Biosignature, Is Absent Forbes
There. It’s over! There is no life on Venus Uncommon Descent
Where were Jupiter and Saturn born? Science Daily
Nobel Prize in Physics 2020: Discoveries about black holes Science Daily
Elements of surprise in new star study Cosmos Magazine
This mysterious 'exotic stellar peacock' may open the door to a realm of physics only ever glimpsed The Conversation
Cosmology Shrieks in the Dark Creation-Evolution Headlines
Bechly: The Demise of the Artifact Hypothesis Evolution News
The Rare Earth hypothesis offers science-based reasons that life in the universe is rare Mind Matters
These bizarre ancient species are rewriting animal evolution Nature
Scientists argue origins of a famous feather Cosmos Magazine
New study rebuts 75-year-old belief in reptile evolution Science Daily
Superhabitable Planets Answers in Genesis
First cell with a mitochondrion was already complex Uncommon Descent
The sweet spot of flagellar assembly Science Daily
What? An honest admission about the bacterial flagellum from Darwin-driven biology? Uncommon Descent
Scientific Paper Reaffirms New Genes Required for Cambrian Explosion Evolution News
New Michael Behe book: A Mousetrap for Darwin Uncommon Descent
How to Do Biology Without Darwin Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why Physics Can't Tell Us What Life Is Nautilus
World first study shows that some microorganisms can bend the rules of evolution Science Daily
Watching microorganisms bend “the rules” of evolution Uncommon Descent
Natural Selection Undoes What It Does Creation-Evolution Headlines
Karsten Pultz offers some thoughts on the flap over the now-famous Thorvalden and Hössjer paper Uncommon Descent
New book by Michael Denton: Our bodies’ cells are a “third infinity” of information Mind Matters
Morphogenesis: Coding for Shape Evolution News
The wonderfully designed cell cycle Creation
Why do many scientists see cells as intelligent? Mind Matters
Magnetic Navigation May Be a Gift from Bacteria Evolution News
Another argument as to how a complex metabolism “may have” self-assembled Uncommon Descent
The curious DNA circles that make treating cancer so hard Chemical and Engineering News
A book about human errors that don’t exist Journal of Creation
The Wonder of Your Body's Genetic Instructions Evolution News
Primates aren't quite frogs Science Daily
Breakout Paper in Journal of Theoretical Biology Explicitly Supports Intelligent Design Evolution News
Why a science fiction writer thinks life is more than just matter Mind Matters
The Economist: How hybrids have upturned evolutionary theory The Economist
(Reformed) New Scientist 5: Species don’t really EXIST? Uncommon Descent
(Reformed) New Scientist 6: Lamarck is out of the doghouse! Uncommon Descent
(Reformed) New Scientist 7: Niche construction can shape evolution Uncommon Descent
(Reformed) New Scientist 8: Evolution can happen very quickly Uncommon Descent
(Reformed) New Scientist takes horizontal gene transfer seriously Uncommon Descent
(Reformed) New Scientist on life forms evolving without changing genes Uncommon Descent
(Reformed) New Scientist 12: Evolution favors some outcomes, not others Uncommon Descent
Evolution of communication signals and information during species radiation Science Daily
Cambrian Explosion may have involved new genes New Scientist
Newly discovered water bear (tardigrade) even beats radiation Uncommon Descent
Zoologists uncover new example of rapid evolution Science Daily
Neuroscientists discover a molecular mechanism that allows memories to form MIT News
Human, mouse, and fly brains all use the same basic mechanisms Mind Matters
Searching for the chemistry of life: Study shows possible new way to create DNA base pairs Science Daily
Origin of life dustup: Once again, we discover why we love Inference Review   Uncommon Descent
Prebiotic chemistry: In the beginning, there was sugar Science Daily
Sappy Origin of Life Hypothesis Turns Sour Creation-Evolution Headlines
The mammalian placenta features “universal assembly instructions”  Uncommon Descent
The blueprint for life, neatly folded Knowable Magazine
The search for the origin of life: From panspermia to primordial soup New Scientist
Getting Carbon into the First Cell ICR
New Clues to Chemical Origins of Metabolism at Dawn of Life Quanta Magazine
Algorithm discovers how six simple molecules could evolve into life's building blocks Chemistry World
The road to uncovering a novel mechanism for disposing of misfolded proteins Science Daily
Technology? Hey, bugs invented it all before us! Mind Matters
Despite Darwinists' Cancel Culture, Intelligent Design Has a Breakthrough in Biology Journal Evolution News
Did microbes once thrive in arsenic world — a world without oxygen? Uncommon Descent
Two molecular handshakes for hearing: Findings shed light on how hearing happens at the molecular level Science Daily
Darwin's Flawed Atoll Theory Still Taught Creation-Evolution Headlines
Darwin's Point Creation
Many paths lead to high-altitude adaptation Creation
Life on Venus? Scientists hunt for the truth Nature
Neanderthal Y Chromosome Looks Modern Creation-Evolution Headlines
How plants can count and remember with no brain Mind Matters
Crabs and Convergent Evolution: Carcinization Explained Popular Mechanics
Rapid Human Evolution? Answers in Genesis
Turbulent environment set the stage for leaps in human evolution and technology 320,000 years ago The Conversation
There, that’s it! Environment changes made humans more adaptable Uncommon Descent
Humans Evolving? Armed with the Evidence, the Story Breaks Down Evolution News
Humans are born with brains 'prewired' to see words Ohio State News
Researchers: Humans are prewired to recognize words Mind Matters
Lemurs, with brains 1/200 the size of chimps’, pass same IQ test Mind Matters
Early Humans Were Using Fire 300,000 Years Ago to Forge Superior Stone Tools Gizmodo
Why does “evolution theory” trivialize everything it touches? Mind Matters
Mankind undone: the evolutionary identity crisis Journal of Creation
Claims that Humans Are Evolving Fall Apart When Examined Creation-Evolution Headlines
Review of Life 3.0: Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark Creation
Top Six Evidences for Intelligent Design Evolution News
When Scientists Make Truth Claims Outside Science Evolution News
Dave Rubin: Why I’m no longer an atheist Patheos Unbelievable
Your mind vs. your brain: Ten things to know Mind Matters
Neuroscience can help us understand why our minds and free will are real Mind Matters
Do we really have free will? Four things to know Mind Matters
Why, as a Neurosurgeon, I Believe in Free Will Mind Matters
Determinism: Smart People and an Absurd Claim Evolution News
Why is AI a key battleground in philosophy and religion? Mind Matters
Matti Leisola— Bioengineer dumps Darwin, declares design Journal of Creation
Does Darwinism Conflict with Religion? Aero Magazine
A Darwinist Recognizes (Some of) the Stakes in the Intelligent Design Debate Evolution News
Intelligent Design's Yellow Star: Journal's Disclaimer Refutes a Common Criticism of ID Evolution News
Why wisdom is not and cannot be a “science” Mind Matters
Deference and decision-making in science and society: How deference to scientific authority goes beyond confidence in science and scientists to become authoritarianism SAGE Journals
Robert J. Marks: Politicians who insist that their beliefs represent science might be surprised by the checkered history of that view Mind Matters
Examining the usage and scope of historical science-a response to Dr Carol Cleland and a defence of terminology Creation
Historical Science, Chaos Theory, and the sliding scale of trust Creation
Learning Wonder from Denton's Latest Evolution News
When "Science" Becomes a Cult Evolution News
Big Science Abandons Political Neutrality Creation-Evolution Headlines
Science has been in a "replication crisis" for a decade. Have we learned anything? Vox
Meyer's Return of the God Hypothesis Gets a Suitably Impressive New Website Evolution News
Report “staggering rise in climate-related disasters” was refuted by its own data Global Warming Policy Forum
How Does Science Really Work? New Yorker
Rob Sheldon responds to Nature’s decision to go political: Are they really scientists or just political hacks? Uncommon Descent
Beyond Kuhn and Feyerabend: What makes science special? iai News
A Thousand Years Before Darwin, Islamic Scholars Were Writing About Natural Selection VICE
Ethan Siegel at Forbes on “finally” making the United States a “scientific nation” Uncommon Descent
They Say This Is An Information Economy. So What Is Information? Mind Matters
Mechanically robust lattices inspired by deep-sea glass sponges Nature
How Biologist Jacques Monod Exposed the Soviet Union The Atlantic
I Walk the Line: Comment on Mikael Leidenhag on Theistic Evolution and Intelligent Design Zygon
The Problem of Natural Divine Causation and the Benefits of Partial Causation: A Response to Skogholt Zygon
Cancel Culture lets an ID-friendly paper slip through the cracks Uncommon Descent
Really? Editors Claim They Were "Unaware" of Article's Intelligent Design Connections Evolution News
Corruption Watch: Biology Journal Blames the Innocent, Turns ID Scientists into Fall Guys Evolution News
Here’s the Twitter discussion of that ID-friendly paper at the Journal of Theoretical Biology  Uncommon Descent
Repentant Biology Journal Offers a Weak Rebuttal to Its Own Pro-ID Fine-Tuning Paper Evolution News
Now the Journal of Theoretical Biology is publishing a rebuttal letter to the design-friendly paper  Uncommon Descent
The Slow Suicide of American Science American Council on Science and Health
Science writer mourns the slow suicide of science Uncommon Descent
You don't have free will, but don't worry. Back Reaction
The new John Lennox film: Against the Tide Uncommon Descent
New film: Dismantled: A scientific deconstruction of the theory of evolution Uncommon Descent
Pernicious Amorality Infiltrates Modern Social Darwinism Creation-Evolution Headlines
Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50-50 Scientific American
At SciAm: There is a 50-50 chance that we are living in a computer sim Uncommon Descent
ID by Another Name? Astronomer Says 50 Percent Chance We're Living in Computer Simulation Evolution News
Science journal editors shouldn't contribute to politicizing science STAT News
Pushback at StatNews against politicizing science. Rob Sheldon weighs in Uncommon Descent
My Failed Computer Simulation - Granville Sewell Evolution News
Why AI geniuses think they can create true thinking machines Mind Matters
MC Hammer Tweet - In Conversation with David Berlinski (2019) — Materialism, Darwinism, Artificial Intelligence & More Twitter
Darwin’s Views of Women Had a Considerable Effect on Society Answers in Genesis
The Human Error Darwin Inspired - How the demotion of Homo sapiens led to environmental destruction Nautilus
Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and the Christian Answers in Genesis
At RealClearScience: Replace juries with scientists! Uncommon Descent
'Prince of panspermia' has a paper retracted, and sues Springer Nature Retraction Watch
Conservative unease with science is global, but extreme in the US ars technica
Mathematical Association of America gone Woke: Math is created by humans Uncommon Descent
Researchers: The aliens exist but they are sleeping… Mind Matters
Pigeons can solve the Monty Hall problem. But can you? Mind Matters