RECENT ARTICLES - September 2018  
Scientists hunt mysterious 'dark force' to explain hidden realm of the cosmos The Guardian
Dark energy is the biggest mystery in cosmology, but it may not exist at all - leading physicist Horizon Magazine
What is Dark Matter? Even the Best Theories Are Crumbling Discover Magazine Blogs
Black holes in a box do not behave like string theorists think they should Back Reaction
Early Sun's 'Goldilocks' Rotation Rate May Be Why We're Here Forbes
What Does Quantum Theory Actually Tell Us about Reality? Scientific American
A New Test for the Leading Big Bang Theory Quanta Magazine
Review of Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray, by Sabine Hossenfelder Physics World
There is neither space nor time Nautilus
The crisis inside the physics of time Nautilus
Will increasingly sophisticated computer simulation “end” theoretical physics as we know it? Uncommon Descent
The fight over the universe has turned ugly, with accusations of “cheating” Uncommon Descent
Suarez: Quantum nonlocal correlations come from outside space-time Uncommon Descent
At Scientific American: Quantum theory does not require a conscious observer Uncommon Descent
Universe fine-tuned for carbon, hence life, says astronomer Uncommon Descent
Refining intergalactic measurements could alter our whole understanding of physics Horizon Magazine
A Beautiful, Wonderful Solution to the Cambrian Puzzle? Evolution News
More Excuses for Cambrian Non-Evolution Evolution News
Why Dickinsonia Was Most Probably Not an Ediacaran Animal Evolution News
Fossils Can Mislead Big Time Creation-Evolution Headlines
Researchers: Fossil record “dramatically distorted” Uncommon Descent
Middle-Late Triassic insect radiation revealed by diverse fossils and isotopic ages from China Science Magazine
A Big Bang of insects in the mid-to-late Triassic Uncommon Descent
Earth's oldest animals formed complex ecological communities Science Daily
Researchers: As soon as macroscopic life evolved, it formed communities Uncommon Descent
Did Dinosaurs Evolve into Birds? Answers in Genesis
The mystery of the dinosaur with crocodile jaws, bear claws and a sail New Scientist
Tiny fossils reveal how shrinking was essential for successful evolution Science Daily
Fat from 558 million years ago reveals earliest known animal Science Daily
Fossilized Lipids Confirm Dickinsonia as One of the Earliest Animals The Scientist
4-Billion-Year-Old Crystals Offer Clues to the Origins of Life National Geographic
Darwinists Use Fossils as Props for Propaganda Creation-Evolution Headlines
Fossil evidence of large flowering trees in N. America 15 million years earlier Science Daily
Ignoring Other Research, New Study Explains (Away) the Origin of New Body Plans Evolution News
Scientific Evidence Against a Naturalistic Origin of Life Richard M. Evans
Did key building blocks for life come from deep space? Science Daily
A standardized bacterial taxonomy based on genome phylogeny substantially revises the tree of life Nature
Well established theories on patterns of evolution might be wrong Science Daily
Jerry Coyne continues to be unhappy over David Quammen’s book on Carl Woese Uncommon Descent
What Darwin Didn't Know About Evolution National Geographic
Darwin’s Vigilantes: Fred Reed on why Darwinism persists Uncommon Descent
Silly Darwin Stories Never Rebuked by Big Science, Big Media Creation-Evolution Headlines
New “fixed” bacterial Tree of Life looks like a cityscape Uncommon Descent
No evolution of sulfur-cycling bacteria
A Twice-Retracted Paper on Sex Differences Ignites Debate The Scientist
Neutron scattering to help with study of cell membranes Uncommon Descent
Genome duplication drives evolution of species Science Daily
Gut bacteria's shocking secret: They produce electricity Science Daily
World's simplest animals as different from each other as humans and mice Uncommon Descent
From Mancuso’s lab, we learn that plants are “information processing organisms.” Uncommon Descent
Evolution by Blind Guidance Is Really Just Unguided Evolution Evolution News
Birds' voiceboxes are odd ducks: Nothing has a voicebox quite like a bird's Science Daily
The Design Packed Into a Fruit Fly Creation-Evolution Headlines
Complex Organisms are Degenerating - Rapidly Detecting Design
Is the human body badly designed?
Is the Human Body Poorly Designed? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Cells Use Elaborate Math to Adapt ICR
Critic of Intelligent Design Acknowledges: "Bad Design" Arguments Don't Work Evolution News
Rare genetic disorders more complex than thought Science Daily
Beyond Adaptation: The Human Brain Is Something New Evolution News
A mosaic of characters in a new Early Cretaceous bird PNAS
Effects from genetic mutations can vary dramatically from individual to individual Science Daily
Darwinism Makes Human Ancestors Out to Be Morons Creation-Evolution Headlines
Researchers: Primate relationships more complex than thought Uncommon Descent
Why Your DNA Is Still Uncharted Territory NY Times
"Mutations Drive Evolution" Answers in Genesis
Genetic determinism rides again Nature
Can you evolve while being robust? Biophysical constraints on evolvability and robustness uncovered Science Daily
Is the octopus a “second genesis of intelligence”? Mind Matters
Lizards Pre-Programmed to Adapt Their Coloration Creation-Evolution Headlines
Peter Ward: Epigenetics explains why there are fewer “species” than we think Uncommon Descent
A study of chemical tags on histone proteins hints at how the same genome can yield very different animals The Scientist
Stray proteins cause genetic disorders: Misaddressed proteins are mislocalized, with possibly fatal consequences for the cell Science Daily
Neutron scattering: A window into the development of living cells Uncommon Descent
Deadly plant's flowers in amber deadly to evolution
Imitating Silk: Ultra strong with passive cooling Uncommon Descent
Humans may have only 19,000 coding genes Uncommon Descent
Scientists Play Favorites with Studying Human Genes. Here's Why. The Scientist
Evolutionary origins of animal biodiversity Science Daily
Response to Swamidass: Rats, Mice, and Discrepant Molecular Clocks Evolution News
Astrobiology Survives on Passionate Hope Creation-Evolution Headlines
Evolutionary shift toward protein-based architecture in trypanosomal mitochondrial ribosomes Science Daily
Eyes have a natural version of night vision Science Daily
Jeanson's comments on Replacing Darwin debate Answers in Genesis
Blazes of light reveal how plants signal danger long distances Science Daily
High-resolution genomic map gives scientists unprecedented view of brain development Science Daily
Massive Animal Sequencing Effort Releases First Set of Genomes The Scientist
New Study Identifies Possible Ancestors of RNA Astrobiology Magazine
Jumping genes drive changes in strawberries. In sex chromosomes. Uncommon Descent
How Darwin gave rise to the now-troubled Six Emotions theory Mind Matters
How Darwinism played a role in misreading emotions Uncommon Descent
The Talking Ape Who Couldn't Really Talk ICR
Why apes can't talk: our study suggests they've got the voice but not the brains The Conversation
Neanderthal Mocking Had No Basis Creation-Evolution Headlines
Earliest known drawing found on rock in South African cave The Guardian
"Oldest Known Drawing," and More Cases of Intelligent Design at Work in Science Evolution News
Earliest known rock drawing at 73,000 years ago Uncommon Descent
Claim for early humans in Madagascar disputed Cosmos Magazine
Ancient bird bones redate human activity in Madagascar by 6,000 years Science Daily
Dispute over recent find of tools on Madagascar from 10,500 ya Uncommon Descent
3 Million Year Old Footprints Suggest Human-Like Walking Evolved Long Before Humans Did Science 2.0
Sociophysics and Econophysics, the Future of Social Science? JSTOR Daily
Why Atheism was central to the Great Evil of the 20th Century Commentary Magazine
How To Spot A Bad Scientific Theory Forbes
On Biology of the Second Reich, New York Times Misses the Elephant in the Room Evolution News
The world naturalism prevents us from seeing Uncommon Descent
What Is Threatening Science? Project Syndicate
Young Christians are leaving the church - Here's why - J. Warner Wallace Fox News Opinion
Are people today more religious than in the past? Uncommon Descent
Why Theistic Evolution Is Not a Good Option Creation-Evolution Headlines
A Deist in Christian Clothing? Evolution News
Denis Lamoureux on the God-of-the-Gaps Fallacy Evolution News
Response to Swamidass: Confusion in a Review of Theistic Evolution Evolution News
Pushing the “free-will loophole” back to 7.8 billion years ago Uncommon Descent
Darwinism — Yeah, It’s a Thing Uncommon Descent
Barry Arrington: How my five-year-old is like a materialist Uncommon Descent
Why Darwinism is Protected by the First Amendment Uncommon Descent
Rigorous Inquiry and Ruffled Feathers Evolution News
ID as a bridge between Francis Bacon and Thomas Aquinas Uncommon Descent
Karl “falsification” Popper was dogmatic, but was that such a bad thing? Uncommon Descent
When Science and Religion Were Connected JSTOR Daily
Does philosophy still need mathematics and vice versa? Aeon
Sam Harris vs. Jordan Peterson on whether an “objective” moral code is possible Uncommon Descent
Science has a problem, and we must talk about it BackReaction
Why we stick to false beliefs Science Daily
Hard Science Has a Firm Grip on Unreality Creation-Evolution Headlines
There really is a space alien religion Uncommon Descent
Even scientists jump to conclusions - and that's a problem Cosmos Magazine
Enough of treating scientists like gods! Uncommon Descent
Three Meanings of Evolution & Biblical Creation J.R. Miller - More than Cake
Who Owns Science, Anyway? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why do we think “social psychology” is science anyway? Uncommon Descent
Suppressing Science at Brown University Evolution News
Times a-changin’ New Scientist now hails mind over matter Uncommon Descent
Call for atheism to be included in religious education The Guardian
Are atheists less tolerant than others? Uncommon Descent
Why atheists are not as rational as some like to think The Conversation
Is there an atheist value system, at odds with traditional ones? Uncommon Descent
Targeted Apologetics Answers in Genesis
Quiz: Test your knowledge of evolution BBC News
Apes can be generous. Are they just like humans then? Mind Matters
BBC Plays Misinformation Teacher about Darwinism Creation-Evolution Headlines
A charismatic personality set back the acceptance of evolution 50 years before Darwin Science Daily
Using Non-Evolution to Preach Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
At the Guardian: The “widespread notion that academia is morally superior is ridiculous” Uncommon Descent
Discovery of Galileo's long-lost letter shows he edited his heretical ideas to fool the Inquisition Nature
Response to Swamidass: Sniffing at 700+ Citations of Mainstream Scientific Literature Evolution News
Scuzza Man on design law theory Uncommon Descent
Why we can’t really live forever via advanced technology Uncommon Descent
How Bitcoin Works: The social value of trust Mind Matters
To Improve Credibility, Science Must Get Out of Politics Creation-Evolution Headlines
If a conventional evolutionary psychology claim is true, masculinity is “in crisis”? Uncommon Descent
Robert Marks: Slaughterbots - Is it ethical to develop a swarm of killer AI drones? Mind Matters
Eric Holloway: Slaughterbots: How far is too far? Mind Matters
Can machines be persons? Mind Matters
How do robots “care”? Mind Matters
Is the future of jobs over? Should people be paid to let machines do the work? Mind Matters
Sam Harris, atheists and charitable giving Uncommon Descent
Academic Activists Send a Published Paper Down the Memory Hole Quillette
Smartphone 10 Conversation 0 Mind Matters