NEW ARTICLES - December 2016

Christian academia and Darwin’s twelve gifts for Christians Mind Over Matter Blog
The (Ultimate) Top Ten Science Stories of 2016 Real Clear Science
Physics breakthroughs for 2016 Physics World
Top 2016 News: Marvels of Human Design ICR
The Most Notable Medical Findings of 2016 New Yorker
The 10 Weirdest Animal Stories of 2016 National Geographic
Top 2016 News: Fossil Discoveries ICR
Longreads offers the best science writing for 2016 Uncommon Descent
Science writer asks, Would it make any difference if Darwin had never existed? Uncommon Descent
But Darwinism is universally accepted among “real” scientists! Uncommon Descent
Does Epigenetics Support Neo-Darwinian Evolution? Apologetics Press
A universe made for me? Physics, fine-tuning and life Cosmos Magazine
Astrophysicist: Fine tuning of the universe as a true mystery of science Uncommon Descent
Did the Universe Start with a Bounce Instead of a Bang? PBS
Universe May Have Lost 'Unstable' Dark Matter Live Science
Stabilizing evolutionary forces keep ants strong Science Daily
Royal Society Evolution Summit presentations: Audio now available Uncommon Descent
Suzan Mazur on Royal Society finally agreeing to release evolution documents Uncommon Descent
Skeptical Climate Scientists Coming In From the Cold Real Clear Investigations
How Christianity Led to Bayesian Statistics Nautilus
Why Newton Believed a Comet Caused Noah's Flood National Geographic
Naturalism at the end of its tether: New Scientist on “outsmarting evolution” Uncommon Descent
Proton decay findings provide less support now for grand unification theory (GUT) of universe Uncommon Descent
And once more: Life can arise naturally from chemistry! Uncommon Descent
Humans are only primates that are kind to others Los Angeles Times
Study: Humans are the only primates that show kindness? Uncommon Descent
No trace of dark matter in gamma-ray background Science Daily
Dark matter never really existed… but it killed off the dinosaurs anyway Uncommon Descent
How bacteria survive antibiotic treatment Science Daily
What Happened to the History of Science? Real Clear Science
Harsh words for “history of science” as a discipline. But hardly fair ones Uncommon Descent
Larry Krauss goes after new US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Uncommon Descent
Focus: How Cells Remember Who They Are Physics
Scientists “driven” to teleological view of the cosmos Uncommon Descent
Biology prof: How can we really know if the universe is fine-tuned? Uncommon Descent
Walt Disney and Scientism Evolution News and Views
Disney and scientism: The Disney we laughed at, maybe too soon Uncommon Descent
Concerning Stephen Hawking’s Claim that Philosophy is Dead Filozofski vestnik
Do we really understand the cosmos? Cornell University
I'm a Scientist, and I Don't Believe in Facts Scientific American Blog
No Proton Decay Means Grand Unification Must Wait Quanta Magazine
Royal Society accused of breach of public trust re evolution conference Uncommon Descent
Comment of the week: No wonder the Royal Society evolution meet flopped! Uncommon Descent
A Doctored Photo of Hitler Discovered: Unraveling Hitler’s Religious Deception The Stream
Breakthrough articles from Nucleic Acids Research Oxford University Press
Year of materialist indoctrination proposed to detoxify religious African students Times Higher Education
'Junk RNA' molecule found to play key role in cellular responses to stress
“Junk” RNA plays key role in helping cells respond to stress Uncommon Descent
Network Analyses in Systems Biology: New Strategies for Dealing with Biological Complexity PhilSci Archive
Riddle of life's origin may be answered by dividing protocells Chemistry World
Astrophysicist: Knowledge of the cosmos has increased rapidly but understanding very little Uncommon Descent
Cartilaginous skeleton not necessarily more “primitive” Uncommon Descent
New mechanism of how brain networks form Science Daily
Rubber, meet Road: Climate change, the post-truth society, and going to jail Uncommon Descent
Importance of long non-coding RNA regulating cellular processes Science Daily
Small Molecules Play Key Roles in Cells Creation-Evolution Headlines
Animal life evolution held back by lack of simple nutrients? Uncommon Descent
'Big Science' Celebrates Invalid Milankovitch Paper ICR
Big Science Blind to Its Political Bias Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why does climate change “denial” matter in a “post-truth” society? Uncommon Descent
Oxford Dictionaries: The term post-truth “sky-rocketed” in popularity in 2016 Uncommon Descent
Yet another example of design detection Atlas Obscura
Plan to prosecute climate change skeptics was serious, FOA dox reveal Uncommon Descent
Natural Selection Kept Neanderthal DNA in Modern Humans The Scientist
Recent creationist comments on Homo naledi Todd C. Wood Blogspot
List of Created Kinds
An Alternate History of DNA Real Clear Science
Life on Mars: New focus on deciding where to look Uncommon Descent
Was evidence for liquid water on Mars really discovered last year? Doubts surface. Uncommon Descent
New Scientist: Why can’t monkeys talk? Uncommon Descent
Sex evolved to help future generations fight infection Science Daily
A Few Reasons Science Is Afraid of Animal Consciousness New York Magazine
Internal magnetic 'compass' directs baby reef fish home at night Science Daily
How complex cells originated Science Daily
New prehistoric bird species discovered Science Daily
Twice as many bird species in the world as formerly thought? Uncommon Descent
Why Are There So Many Species? Big Questions Online
Astrobiologist: Medical genetics hype a “public enemy” Uncommon Descent
Gene Editing Must Reckon With the Unforeseen Nautilus Blog
New epigenetic mechanism that contributes to plants' decision to flower Institute for Basic Science
And so it begins: a petition to Mike Pence to ban the teaching of evolution Why Evolution Is True
Petition against teaching evolution in schools? Uncommon Descent
Dark matter caused the demise of the dinosaurs? Bible-Science Forum
New fossil hominin trackways from famous Laetoli site Todd C. Wood Blog
Epigenetics: What China’s government famine can teach us about inherited starvation effects Uncommon Descent
Philosophy of science journal: Special section on understanding viruses Uncommon Descent
Nearly 500 New lncRNAs Identified The Scientist
How ET Will Force Darwin's Theory to Adapt Nautilus
Nautilus: ET will force Darwin’s theory to adapt Uncommon Descent
Why Darwin Needs ET Nautilus Cosmos
'Junk RNA' molecule found to play key role in cellular response to stress Science Daily
New physics theory of matter and dark matter Science Daily
First test of rival to Einstein's gravity kills off dark matter New Scientist
An alternative history of the great ideas of science Nautilus
Biomaterials: Sharks shift their spine into high gear Nature
Mammals in age of dinosaurs packed powerful bite Science Daily
Meet Chewie, the biggest Australopithecus on record Nature
NPR: Were Neanderthals Religious? Uncommon Descent
Lydia Jaeger: Natural science cannot fully comprehend human nature Uncommon Descent
Jersey was a must-see tourist destination for Neanderthals for over 100, 000 years Science Daily
Did a Dinosaur Get Its Feathered Tail Caught in Amber? Answers in Genesis
Whale Evolution: A Possible Break in One of Evolution's Biggest Mysteries The Atlantic
Ancient Mammal May Have Eaten Little Dinosaurs Real Clear Science
On The Reason Fascism is Inherent in the Progressive Project Uncommon Descent
Do some viruses meet the definition of being alive? Uncommon Descent
Almost in spite of themselves, scientists are driven to a teleological view of the cosmos Nautilus Cosmos
Facts and Theories in Science and Theology: Implications for the Knowledge of Human Origins Themelios
Why nanomachines are considered designed only if they are built by humans Uncommon Descent
Fred Hoyle, Chandra Wickramasinghe, God, and their admirers and critics Uncommon Descent
Once more:“What if dark matter doesn’t exist?” Uncommon Descent
LIGO black hole echoes hint at general-relativity breakdown Nature
Our ideas about vertebrate evolution challenged by a new tree of life The Conversation
What happens in the cell nucleus after fertilization? Science Daily
New tree of life challenges vertebrate evolution Uncommon Descent
Darwin's Finches Are At It Again Nautilus
Do We All Have Split Brains? Discover Magazine
Why we daren’t just “trust” scientists Uncommon Descent
Terminology watch: Hidden intelligence in our cells? Uncommon Descent
New fossils illuminate the route that led ultimately to human beings Economist
Early RNA may have used isolation strategy to defeat useless mutants Science News
Where Should We Look for LUCA, Supposed Ancestor of All Life? Answers in Genesis
Gene Pleiotropy Roadblocks Evolution ICR
Surprise! An Extra Chromosome May Keep You From Getting Cancer Big Think
God made dinosaurs with BEAUTIFUL feathers! Evolution News and Views
God made dinosaurs with BEAUTIFUL feathers! Todd C. Wood Blogspot
Monkeys should be able to talk just like us - so why don't they? New Scientist
Fast evolution affects everyone, everywhere Science Daily
Amber specimen offers rare glimpse of feathered dinosaur tail Science Daily
These Fish Evolved to Live in Extremely Toxic Water National Geographic
New fossils illuminate the route that led ultimately to human beings Economist
Physics flowering — yet in one of its “deepest funks”? Uncommon Descent
Cichlid speciation attributed to “plasticity” now Uncommon Descent
'Once in a lifetime find': Dinosaur tail discovered trapped in amber CNN
Evolutionising children
Geoscientists size-up early dinosaurs, find surprising variation Science Daily
Ancient eclipses show Earth's rotation is slowing Science Magazine
Were Neanderthals Religious? NPR
Fish fossils reveal how tails evolved Science Daily
Epigenetics is not random Evolution News and Views
A Doctored Photo of Hitler Discovered: Unraveling Hitler’s Religious Deception
Dennis Venema, Galileo, and Protein-Protein Binding Darwin's God Blogspot
Archeological discovery reveals plant-based menu of prehistoric humans Science Daily
The real plague affecting science research Stat News
The tree of life has its roots in jena Science Daily
Trusting Science Experts Can Be Disastrous Creation-Evolution Headlines
A Harvard scientist just won $3 million for discovering the hidden 'intelligence' that defends our cells Business Insider
New Scientist: Restore the power of pop science “facts”! Uncommon Descent
Why naturalist atheists need space aliens Uncommon Descent
Why do U.S. media care where politicians “stand” on “evolution”? Uncommon Descent
Dying mainstream media on ID: They stand by their story, however wrong Uncommon Descent
Suzan Mazur on pop science media and the recent “rethink evolution” meet Uncommon Descent
Should We Defend the Scientific Consensus? Discover Magazine
Stasis: Oldest surviving plant genome, gingko biloba, is really big Uncommon Descent
Academia must resist political confirmation bias Nature
Royal Society Meeting: "The Biologists Who Want to Overhaul Evolution" The Atlantic
The Top 16 Junk Science Stories of 2016 American Council on Science and Health
Top Ten in junk science in 2016? Uncommon Descent
Four-legged fossils help fill gap in evolutionary history Cosmos Magazine
Darwinian atheist slams Harvard astronomer on our cosmically unique position Uncommon Descent
Hoyle (with updates from Walker and Davies) on Cosmological Fine Tuning Uncommon Descent
Convergent evolution: Once more, why do unrelated animals have pseudo-thumbs? Uncommon Descent
Physics may be a small but crucial fraction of our reality New Scientist
Prof Bob Marks on what computers can’t do Uncommon Descent
Dr. Eugen S on the second law of thermodynamics (plus . . . ) vs. “evolution” Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Bacteria fossils predate the origin of oxygen Uncommon Descent
Each animal species hosts a unique microbial community and benefits from it Science Daily
Why the sulfur-based life forms never amounted to much Uncommon Descent
A Tutorial on Specified Complexity Uncommon Descent
Mutation rates consistent with creation
Sexual selection is a bogus concept Uncommon Descent
Larry Sanger, Co-founder of Wikipedia, Agrees That it Does not Follow its Own Neutrality Polic Uncommon Descent
Fermi: Where are they? Uncommon Descent
Tool-making from 300 thousand years ago - but by whom no one knows Uncommon Descent
Aliens Don't Exist, But They Tell Us A Lot About Atheists The Federalist
The illusion of reality The Atlantic
Major Evolutionary Blunders: Imagining That Life Is Only Chemistry ICR
Review of Rob Stadler's new book, The Scientific Approach to Evolution ICR
More feathered-dinosaur story telling
Scriptural Geology, Then and Now Answers in Genesis
Nuclear Pores Come into Sharper Focus The Scientist
Viruses associated with invertebrates for billions of years? Uncommon Descent
The Pangenome: Are Single Reference Genomes Dead? The Scientist
Birds Have Skills Previously Described as "Uniquely Human" The Scientist
Epigenetics: Retiring hoary Darwinian certainties Uncommon Descent
Poisonous amphibians face higher extinction risk? Uncommon Descent
Speciation: Genome analysis shows Hen Harrier to be two separate species Uncommon Descent
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