IN THE NEWS - December 2015 SOURCE
Extraterrestrial mineral provided essential spark for life? Uncommon Descent
A Fresh Look at Human-Chimp DNA Similarity Answers in Genesis
When Liberals Attack Social Science NY Magazine
Richard Dawkins storms out of interview with Muslim journalist for 'pathetic' beliefs Washington Times
Dinosaurs Designed Cold-Blooded ICR
Do Dogs Know Other Dogs Are Dogs? Scientific American
Evolutionists Lay an Egg: Vitellogenin Pseudogene Debunked ICR
Creationist scientist contributions
SETI: ID in action The Intercept
Sociologist: ID will become part of mainstream science inquiry Uncommon Descent
Dawkins walks out on flying horse? Uncommon Descent
John Stonestreet Interview: Worldview Thinking, Curriculum Development, Cultural Engagement The Best Schools
Science, Metaphysics and Metaphorical Ladders: When Science is Theology Patheos
Royal Society meet on paradigm shift in evolution? Uncommon Descent
Kadanoff: Information a primary topic 21st Century science Uncommon Descent
Questioning Darwinism at The Scientist? Uncommon Descent
130–100 MYA - exceptional preservation of tiny angiosperm embryos Nature
Life exploded on Earth after slow rise of oxygen Science Daily
Mammal diversity exploded immediately after dinosaur extinction Science Daily
Feuding physicists turn to philosophy for help Nature
Why String Theory Is Not Science Forbes
In Forbes: String theory is NOT science? Uncommon Descent
Has Nature “got” what is at stake in the string theory controversy? Uncommon Descent
Why Are These 32 Symbols Found In Ice Age Caves Across Europe? Digventures
Why Does Written Language Appear So Late after Human Origins? Reasons to Believe
Quick! Who said THIS about hating religious people? Uncommon Descent
Gullies on Mars sculpted by dry ice rather than liquid water Science Daily
Evolutionary advantage of genetic recombination in the genome measured for first time Science Daily
Bumblebees sense electric fields in flowers Nature
Anti-evolution bills to teach creationism have evolved Slate
The Top 10 Retractions of 2015 The Scientist
Epigenetics: DNA modifications “more diverse than thought” Uncommon Descent
Darwin lobby reviewer: Junk DNA “helps creationists” Uncommon Descent
But is this fair to Feynman? Uncommon Descent
The Dover case, John West, and intelligent design Uncommon Descent
Fuller on 10 years after Dover ABC
Dark Matter Is Lost in Space Creation-Evolution Headlines
Scientists blueprint tiny cellular 'nanomachine' Science Daily
Epigenetic discovery suggests DNA modifications more diverse than previously thought Science Daily
Not 'junk' anymore: Obscure DNA has key role in stroke damage Science Daily
Scientism is a state religion and a disaster for science Uncommon Descent
Uncontested Consensus Is Bad for Science Creation-Evolution Headlines
Is scientific peer review a "sacred cow" ready to be slaughtered? Science-Based Medicine
Did Nick Matzke Misuse National Science Foundation Money Intended to Fund Science Research? Evolution News and Views
New Scientist: Rethink what makes humans special Uncommon Descent
Furry, feathery, and finny animals speak their minds Evolution News and Views
A Fight for the Soul of Science Quanta Magazine
Elite scientists hold back progress? Uncommon Descent
'Smoke detector' enables fungal partnership that allowed plants to first survive on land Science Daily
Why Plants Were Terrestrial from the Beginning Science Daily
Plants moved to land earlier than thought? Uncommon Descent
Preserved embryos illustrate seed dormancy in early angiosperms Science Daily
Antique Homo Claims Threatened by New Bones Creation-Evolution Headlines
Is Mark Hauser back? Betrayals helped humans spread? Uncommon Descent
For 2016: Renew that hit on the Big Bang Uncommon Descent
Quantum teleport: Top physics breakthrough 2015 Uncommon Descent
In Science’s 2015 top stories: Non-reproducibility of psych studies Uncommon Descent
2015: Evolution Immobile ICR
Top 2015 News: The Real Jurassic World ICR
New species of human may have shared our caves - and beds New Scientist
'Virtual fossil' reveals last common ancestor of humans and Neanderthals Science Daily
Thigh bone resembling that of H. habilis or H. erectus dated to 14 thousand years old Science Daily
Is “evolution” a person? Can it “learn”? Uncommon Descent
Could Evolution Ever Yield a 'Perfect' Organism? Discover Magazine
Burgess Shale fossil site gives up oldest evidence of brood care: 508 million-year-old Waptia found to have eggs containing preserved embryos Science Daily
Dog Origins Disputed The Scientist
New Clues on How and When Wolves Became Dogs National Geographic
Modern birds radiated before dinosaur extinction? Uncommon Descent
Winged Wonders Answers in Genesis
The Founding Feathers? Uncommon Descent
A gene for new species is discovered Science Daily
Gene found in fruit flies explains how one species evolved into two Science Daily
Not a Big Bang of turtles TOO? Uncommon Descent
Geologists focus on extraterrestrial mineral for clues to beginning of biological life on Earth Science Daily
The science myths that will not die Nature
Many animals can give birth without mating BBC
Darwin's Origin Is Voted Most "Influential," but Here's the Rest of the Story Evolution News and Views
We Still Don't Know How Stars Explode Real Clear Science
Is methodological naturalism a defining feature of science? (Part One) Uncommon Descent
No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning
DNA Dates Dog Domestication Back 33,000 Years Discovery
Australian, New Zealand little penguins are distinct species Science Daily
Robert Marks on the math paradox challenging physics Uncommon Descent
The strange science of self ABC
Undecidability of the Spectral Gap Nature
Are Singularities Real? PBS
Ten Myths About Dover: #10, "The Intelligent Design Movement Died After the Dover Decision" Evolution News and Views
Top ten physics breakthroughs of 2015 Physics World
The Best Science Books of 2015 BrainPickings
Academic Freedom for Thee...What About Me? Evolution News and Views
How DOES creativity happen? Uncommon Descent
Top 2015 News: Science Confronts Big Bang ICR
Math problems unanswerable due to physics paradox? Uncommon Descent
Face Up: We Are Less than Neanderthals Creation-Evolution Headlines
Science faith differs from religious faith? Hmmm. If only… Uncommon Descent
Methodological naturalism: Darwin’s sucker punch Uncommon Descent
Replication studies as key science reform? Uncommon Descent
Outsmarting our “irrational brain” – or ourselves? Uncommon Descent
Researchers discover a mechanism behind asymmetric cell division Science Daily
How did consciousness become a problem? Uncommon Descent
Influence of Earth's history on the dawn of modern birds: New time tree indicates that avian evolution was molded by climate change and plate tectonics Science Daily
Can a Predator Really Be Friends With Its Prey? The Atlantic
How do we fix bad science? Cosmos Magazine
All living birds descended from one feathered founder 95 million years ago Discovery
How the concept of a gene has changed Uncommon Descent
Naturalists see evolution as an agent, admit problem, shrug Uncommon Descent
Review of three educational evolution games Nature
Circuit in a brain structure called the thalamus acts like a radio Stanford News
Time to rethink what makes humans special New Scientist
The most likely spots for life in the Milky Way Science Magazine
Why do Darwin’s followers grudgingly use the word “design”? Uncommon Descent
How skates and rays got their wings Science Daily
Armored kinorhynch-like scalidophoran animals from the early Cambrian Science Daily
Why Trust A Theory? Physicists And Philosophers Debate The Scientific Method Forbes
Do Endogenous Retroviruses (ERVs) Support Common Ancestry? Answers in Genesis
Is false information still information? Uncommon Descent
Australia's vegetation 40-50 million years older than thought Science Daily
Paradox at the heart of mathematics makes physics problem unanswerable Nature
Complications of Brain Manipulations The Scientist
Do cooperating bacteria isolate cheaters? Uncommon Descent
Textbooks on cells should be rewritten Science Daily
Humans and birds evolved different, “sing” alike? Uncommon Descent
More complex than thought: Earth’s earliest ecosystems Uncommon Descent
Researchers ask, Was early animal evolution co-operative? Uncommon Descent
Meet the weird amphibian that rules the underworld New Scientist
Unique Mosasaur fossil discovered in Japan Science Daily
Dinosaurs Evolved in the Blink of an Eye Creation-Evolution Headlines
Are mammals 30 million years older than previously thought? The Guardian
The structural origin of anomalous properties of liquid water Nature
Epigenetics: Ghosts in the genome? Uncommon Descent
The Science Axis of Evil Creation-Evolution Headlines
Have scientists found evidence of parallel universe?
Fossils indicate dinosaurs evolved rapidly after first relatives appeared ABC
Religion in science: More widespread than you might think alphr
Why one lake contains more than 1000 species of the same fish New Scientist
Chomsky was right: We do have a 'grammar' in our head Science Daily
Difference between facial growth of Neanderthals and modern humans Science Daily
The truth about fetal tissue research Nature
The Quest for the Historical Adam: Genesis, Hermeneutics, and Human Origins
4 Simple Responses to Science-Based Atheism The Gospel Coalition
What is time? John Hartnett
Appendix 2: Vestigial Organs Reconsidered Creation-Evolution Headlines
Ediacarans reveal previously unexplored pathways taken by animal evolution Science Daily
New part of the immune system discovered Science Nordic
Vertebrate eye wiring as evidence for effective design Uncommon Descent
How evolution actually works New Republic
Saving atheism from Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris? Uncommon Descent
Why Dawkins should have listened to the philosophers Uncommon Descent
How long should we believe the prophet Matheson? Uncommon Descent
Science vs. scientism: a necessary distinction Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Claim: The sponge is the oldest animal phylum after all Uncommon Descent
NASA: Life is a master stenographer Uncommon Descent
Convergent evolution? Horses, humans see world the same way Uncommon Descent
Naturalism, it turns out, is no match even for the animal mind Uncommon Descent
Trusting these people to edit the human genome… Uncommon Descent
First worldwide survey of religion and science: No, not all scientists are atheists
The Origin of Life and the Origin of Science Point to God The Stream
Storing knowledge for a million years – in DNA? Mercatornet
Neuroscientist: Consciousness is not a neural phenomenon Uncommon Descent
Darn! Just when we thought we had that brain all figured out! Uncommon Descent
Controversial experiment sees no evidence that the universe is a hologram Science Magazine
Researchers discover giant pores in the membrane of the cell organelles Science Daily
Ocean toxicity hampered the rapid evolution of complex life Science Daily
More Than Half Of Kepler's Giant Exoplanets Are False Positives Forbes
Extinction is key to vertebrate terrestrial diversity? Uncommon Descent
Smithsonian's Traveling Human Origins Exhibit Overstates the Case for Human Evolution Evolution News and Views
Choosing between Sediba and Naledi as human ancestor? Uncommon Descent
Mathematician Granville Sewell as early ID theorist Uncommon Descent
Ex-BioLogos leader Karl Giberson admits futility of his compromise
Sponges before comb jellies - study restores classical view that molecular analyses had challenged EurekAlert
Appendix is not even redundant, let alone not vestigial? Uncommon Descent
String theory just plain needs to be true Uncommon Descent
Ghosts in the Genome: How one generation's experience can affect the next The Scientist
Astronomer Hugh Ross on degrees of certainty in science Uncommon Descent
What could dark matter be? Symmetry Magazine
Evolutionists: Give Us Your Best Shot Creation-Evolution Headlines
Can we prove that God exists? Richard Dawkins and the limits of faith and atheism Salon
Steven Weinberg defends “Whiggish” history of science Uncommon Descent
Scans prove there's no such thing as a 'male' or 'female' brain New Scientist
Bonobos documented for first time using ancient pre-agricultural tools, breaking bones, and using spears as attack weapons Science Daily
Animal evolution: Sponges really are oldest animal phylum Science Daily
Looking Back 3.8 Billion Years Into the Root of the 'Tree of Life' Science Daily
Stasis: peach pits allegedly older than 2.5 million years nearly identical to modern pits Science Daily
Killer headline here: Stasis found in peach pits, 2.5 mya Uncommon Descent
Can epigenetics help beat depression? Uncommon Descent
A biologist explains epigenetics: Picture an orchestra Uncommon Descent
The Scientific Evidence for God is Growing, Not Shrinking The Stream
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