RECENT ARTICLES - November 2018  
Are the Laws of the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life? Discover Magazine
Expanding Universe Mystery Deepens Gizmodo
Photons, Quasars and the Possibility of Free Will Scientific American Blogs
Mechanosensing, God, and physicist Michio Kaku Uncommon Descent
The 11 Biggest Unanswered Questions About Dark Matter Live Science
Researchers: Proton mass mainly comes from sources other than quarks Uncommon Descent
Cosmology Is in Crisis Over How to Measure the Universe Wired
Is cosmology in crisis over how to measure the universe? Uncommon Descent
Chaos Makes the Multiverse Unnecessary Nautilus
Mathematician: Our universe is really chaotic; we just don’t see it that way Uncommon Descent
Will we ever see a black hole? ScienceNordic
What would a really black hole look like? Uncommon Descent
Astonishing! A pop science article on fine-tuning that isn’t just plain stupid Uncommon Descent
Garrett Lisi on Geometric Naturalness BackReaction
Physicist: The ultimate theory will be “geometrically natural” Uncommon Descent
Physicists explain how large spherical viruses form UCR
The truth about the Galileo affair
New finding of particle physics may help to explain the absence of antimatter Science Daily
New cosmologies converge on the ASC model Bible-Science Forum
The present phase of stagnation in the foundations of physics is not normal Back Reaction
Theoretical physicist: Present phase of physics “not normal” - stagnation, not crisis Uncommon Descent
Theoretical physics has not gone to the dogs Quantum Frontiers
Cracking the Cambrian Science Magazine
Fossilized Bird Lung Inflates Confidence in Creation ICR
Why Earth's water could be older than Earth itself New Scientist
Oxygen could have been available to life as early as 3.5 billion years ago Science Daily
What Two Planetary Siblings Can Teach Us About Life JPL
Why is Mars so different from Earth? NASA's InSight mission will dig deep to find answers LA Times
Rare fossil bird deepens mystery of avian extinctions Science Daily
Extinct Cretaceous Birds Flew Creation-Evolution Headlines
Evidence emerges from the deep of Earth's first amino acids Chemistry World
Radical Findings Show Mitochondrial DNA Can Be Inherited From Dads Science Alert
Some rare fathers pass on an extra kind of DNA to their children New Scientist
Mitochondria can come from both parents Nature
Researcher shocked: Human mitochondrial DNA can be inherited from dads Uncommon Descent
Why do phylogenomic analyses of early animal evolution continue to disagree? bioRxiv
About Orphan Genes - What's the Big Problem for Evolution? Evolution News
Evolution Is Still True, but... anti-evolution fanatics continue to fight it Scientific American Blogs
The irreducibly complex ribosome
Encore Performances in the Design of Life Evolution News
Mathematical Simplicity May Drive Evolution's Speed Quanta Magazine
Widely used reference for the human genome is missing 300 million bits of DNA Science Daily
Bechly: Darwinian Evolution and the Problem of the Collector's Curve Evolution News
Michael Behe's Darwin Devolves Topples Foundational Claim of Evolutionary Theory Evolution News
Bacteriophages, Budding Yeast, and Behe's Vindication Evolution News
Jeanson's response to Frello's latest criticism of Replacing Darwin Answers Research Journal
Defective DNA damage repair leads to chaos in the genome Science Daily
Neutral Theory of Evolution Challenged by Evidence for DNA Selection Quanta Magazine
Jumping genes shed light on how advanced life may have emerged Science Daily
Help Michael Behe Demonstrate that Darwin Devolves Evolution News
More Cellular Roles Found for RNA Evolution News
Theorists Debate How ‘Neutral’ Evolution Really Is Quanta Magazine
Scientists Resurrect Ancient Versions of Life's Molecular Machinery Inside Science
Why Living Organisms Aren't Machines Real Clear Science
The mechanics of embryonic eyes Cosmos Magazine
If life might be “programmed into” the laws of nature, why not humans? Uncommon Descent
Memory - New Research Reveals Cells Have It, Too Evolution News
Darwin Given Credit for Non-Darwinian Observations Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why Evolution and Reproduction Are Unnatural Evolution News
Nine Year Later, Meyer's Signature in the Cell Still Stirs Readers' Praise, Wrath Evolution News
The Biological Roots of Intelligence The Scientist
DNA Project to Decode All Complex Life on Earth Real Clear Science
Synapsids Went Extinct, but Did They Evolve? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Machine-learning algorithm predicts how cells repair broken DNA Science Daily
Mechanosensing and Mechanotransduction: how cells touch their world Uncommon Descent
New Dino Soft Tissue Explanation Is Toast Creation-Evolution Headlines
Broad genome analysis shows yeasts evolving by subtraction Science Daily
How biologists are creating life-like cells from scratch Nature
In the Nucleus, Genes' Activity Might Depend on Their Location Quanta Magazine
Convergent evolution: Move over, mammals. Spiders provide milk for their young too Uncommon Descent
Where Did the Organic Matter on Mars Come From? Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine
Opinion: The New Frontiers of Epigenetics The Scientist
Opinion: The New Frontiers of Epigenetics - A response Uncommon Descent
Unique Human Neuron Discovered ICR
The rocky road to biomolecules Nature
Wouldn’t you know, jumping “junk DNA” can be lethal too Uncommon Descent
New study reveals common table salt may have been crucial for the origins of life Science Daily
Geneticist solves long-standing finch beak mystery Science Daily
Darwin's 'abominable mystery' more apparent than real Cosmos Magazine
Experiment corroborates translational system's place at earliest foundations of life on Earth Science Daily
Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life CBC News
How do flying bees make perfect turns? Science Daily
New life form more different from others “than animals are from fungi” Uncommon Descent
Deep-time evolution of animal life on islands Science Daily
Darwin's finches choose parent lookalikes as mates Nature
Do Plants Behave Like Animals? Real Clear Science
Can Plants Be as Smart as Animals? Mind Matters
Humans and Neanderthals were frequent lovers, genetics reveals Cosmos Magazine
Great apes and ravens plan without thinking Science Daily
Whales lost their teeth before evolving hair-like baleen in their mouths Science Daily
Found: Missing Link in Whale Evolutionary History The Scientist
Oldest-known ancestor of modern primates may have come from North America, not Asia Science Daily
A Phenomenological and Dynamic View of Homology Biological Theory
New tools illuminate mechanisms behind overlooked cellular components' critical roles Science Daily
Can Life Have Meaning in a Random Universe? Psychology Today
No, life cannot have meaning in a random universe. Next question? Uncommon Descent
Where Americans Find Meaning in Life Pew Forum
Ann Gauger talks about Adam and Eve with World editor Marvin Olask World Magazine
All humans are descended from just TWO people and a catastrophic event almost wiped out ALL species 100,000 years ago, scientists claim Daily Mail
Adam and Eve reappear in a recent study Uncommon Descent
The myth of ape-to-human evolution
Anthropologists and Psychologists Under Fire for Flawed Methods Creation-Evolution Headlines
2.4-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Turn Up in an Unexpected Place The Atlantic
Algeria fossils cast doubt on East Africa as sole origin of stone tools Nature
Evolution: South Africa's hominin record is a fair-weather friend Science Daily
Prehistoric cave art suggests ancient use of complex astronomy Science Daily
The 'Swiss Army knife of prehistoric tools' found in Asia, suggests homegrown technology Science Daily
Rewriting of Human Origins, Ongoing in East Asia Evolution News
On Human Origins, Smithsonian Teaching Resources Oversell Evolution Evolution News
The Ongoing Debate Over Neanderthal Language Discover Magazine Blogs
The not-so-dangerous lives of Neanderthals Nature
Skulls reveal Neanderthals, humans had similarly harsh lives AP News
Anthropologist does not see chimpanzees as fuzzy humans Uncommon Descent
More Upsets in Human Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Oldest Animal Cave Painting Baffles Evolutionary Anthropologists Creation-Evolution Headlines
3-D model of Neanderthal rib cage busts myth of ‘hunched-over cavemen’ The Times of Israel
Complex stone tools in China may re-write our species' ancient history New Scientist
Three New DNA Studies Are Shaking Up the History of Humans in the Americas Gizmodo
Celebrity endorsements help people accept evolution Evolutionary Psychology
Psychology's Replication Crisis Is Running Out of Excuses The Atlantic
Half of social science replication studies failed under near-ideal conditions Uncommon Descent
Do social psychologists have an ideological aversion to evolutionary psychology? The Bristish Psychological Society
Evolutionary psychology: The cat among the pigeons! Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Ancient peoples knew their astronomy, some of the oldest cave paintings show Uncommon Descent
Has Neuroscience Disproved Thinking? Mind Matters
The Transition from Animal to Linguistic Communication Biological Theory
Human origins upended once again Uncommon Descent
Behe Uncensored: A University-Level Course on Intelligent Design, Here Now!  Evolution News
God of the Gaps: Is There No End to the Foolishness? - Moshe Averick The Times of Israel Blogs
Moshe Averick: When does a “gap” point beyond conventional science? Uncommon Descent
Intelligent Design and the Logic of Hume's Skepticism Evolution News
Cleland's case for historical science: part 1
War between science and religion is far from inevitable The Conversation
Is religion vs. science warfare far from inevitable? Uncommon Descent
Naturalism and ethics: an inevitable contradiction? Uncommon Descent
Erkenntnis: What makes evolution a defeater for moral beliefs? Academia
Logic and First Principles: How could Induction ever work? Uncommon Descent
Are Angels "Naturalistic"? Uncommon Descent
In Arguments for Intelligent Design, Definitions and Assumptions Are Important Evolution News
Reviewer: Human Zoos film prompts some hard questions Uncommon Descent
“You Guys Lost!” Is Design a Closed Issue? – Part 1 by Nancy Pearcey More Than Cake
Skepticism, Experience, and Science American Mind
Dump the Metaphysics - How About Methodological Regularism? Evolution News
Why Science Can't Tell Us How to Live Christianity Today
Junk Science Has Become a Profitable Industry. Who Will Stop It? Real Clear Science
John Gray: New Atheists don’t acknowledge their myths and beliefs Uncommon Descent
One Key Difference Separating Good Science From Junk Science Forbes
Genetic Engineering: Are We Playing God? Answers in Genesis
Logic & first principles: Analogy, Induction and the power of the principle of identity (with application to the genetic code) Uncommon Descent
Big Science Failing Integrity Test Creation-Evolution Headlines
Michael Ruse: I’m an atheist. But thank God I’m not a New Atheist Premiere Christianity
Michael Ruse update: “Morality is just an aid to survival and reproduction… Uncommon Descent
The Left’s cruelty — an ideology without room for repentance Bookworm
Two views on the new “Journal of Controversial Ideas” Uncommon Descent
Did AI show that we are "a peaceful species" triggered by religion? Mind Matters
The Scopes Trial Settled the Question of Evolution Answers in Genesis
Evolution as an Uncommonly Silly Idea Doug Wilson
SETI: A Fact-Free Occult Cult with Money Creation-Evolution Headlines
'Junk Science' Is Everywhere, And The Media Eat It Up Daily Wire
Millennials are dumping religion for witchcraft, not science Uncommon Descent
Who knew that Bret Weinstein would be a bigger Darwinist than Richard Dawkins? Uncommon Descent
Mimus Pulls Himself Up By His Bootstraps Uncommon Descent
Software pioneer says general superhuman artificial intelligence is very unlikely Mind Matters
Navigating our thoughts: Fundamental principles of thinking Science Daily
Do We Actually Experience the Flow of Time? Scientific American
Brains are not billions of little computers Mind Matters
Human consciousness may not be computable Mind Matters
Seeking the Truth When the Consensus Is against You Scientific American Blogs
Yes, the placebo effect is real, not a trick Mind Matters
A Secular Shakespeare Scholar on Adam and Eve The Gospel Coalition
Gender Ideology In Science: The New Dogma And The New Witch Hunt Science 2.0
Gender Ideology In Science: The New Dogma And The New Witch Hunt Uncommon Descent
At Berkeley, rational discussion descends into darkness Washington Examiner
The Journal of Controversial Ideas: it's academic freedom without responsibility, and that's recklessness The Conversation
CRISPR-baby scientist fails to satisfy critics Nature