NEW ARTICLES - January 2019  
What happened to astronomer Martin Haskell, dumped for thinking that the universe is designed? Uncommon Descent
Cosmologist Luke Barnes answers 11 objections to the fine-tuning argument Wintery Knight
Our solar system's formation was a lot messier than you think Astronomy
Myth: A Big Universe Is a Problem for Christianity Evolution News
True Facts About Cosmology (or, Misconceptions Skewered) Preposterous Universe
Black-hole jets begin to reveal their antimatter secrets Nature
Physics Is Not In Crisis Forbes
Why We Need A New Collider Science 2.0
Experimental physicist: Particle theory is “in a crisis” and a bigger collider IS the answer! Uncommon Descent
Einstein's physics says there is no biblical creationist starlight travel-time problem Bible-Science Forum
Time to Ditch the Drake Equation Creation-Evolution Headlines
Theoretical physicist takes on panpsychism. Bam! Pow! Uncommon Descent
How Space and Time Could Be a Quantum Error-Correcting Code Quanta Magazine
We don’t often hear space and time described as a quantum error-correcting code Uncommon Descent
Do Strange Numbers Explain Reality? Uncommon Descent
Astrophysicist: Climate change killed the ET civilizations Uncommon Descent
The Problem of the Missing Satellite Galaxies Gives Way - Now There's Too Many Quanta Magazine
The multiverse has become a talking point on Capitol Hill Uncommon Descent
Physicists: A mirror universe might explain dark matter Uncommon Descent
Astronomers Lie About Dark Matter Creation-Evolution Headlines
Good Problems in the Foundations of Physics Back Reaction
Sabine Hossenfelder: Physics problems that lead to breakthroughs arise from inconsistencies in data, not beautiful math Uncommon Descent
Helium, not dark matter, might explain DAMA's strong signal Physics World
Intermediate Gas Giants Challenge Planet Formation Theory ICR
Missing-link in planet evolution found Science Daily
Earth's magnetic field is acting up and geologists don't know why Nature
Earth’s core hardened just in time to prevent magnetic field collapse Uncommon Descent
In the beginning: The full story of life on Earth can finally be told New Scientist
Coralline red algae have existed for 300 million years longer than presumed Science Daily
Fossilized slime of 100-million-year-old hagfish shakes up vertebrate family tree Science Daily
Body plan pushed back hundreds of millions of years Uncommon Descent
600-million-year old blobs are earliest animals ever found New Scientist
Oldest animal turns out to be 40 million years older than 558 mya Uncommon Descent
Planetary collision that formed the moon made life possible on Earth Rice University
Researchers: The Moon made life on Earth possible Uncommon Descent
Researchers Describe New Reptile Platypus From the Early Triassic UC Davis
Behe's New Book, Darwin Devolves - Stunning and Absolutely Convincing Evolution News
Mike Behe’s new book, Darwin Devolves: “Absolutely convincing” or “omits contrary examples” Uncommon Descent
Michael Behe's Darwin Devolves - When You're Ready to Think for Yourself Evolution News
Darwinism - Like Every Other Known Natural Process - Devolves  Evolution News
Neo-Darwinism: The Current Paradigm Panspermia
Paul Davies: Life’s defining characteristics “better understood as information” Uncommon Descent
Evolutionary Teleonomy: Support from Mainstream Evolutionary Biologists Uncommon Descent
As Predicted by Intelligent Design, "Junk" Introns Are Actually Functional Evolution News
Maxwell's demon and the hunt for alien life Nature
Seversky, an ID-Skeptical Reader, Makes The Case For Design Uncommon Descent
The Ultimate Question of Life’s Origins National Review
Analysis of unstable modes distinguishes mathematical models of flagellar motion Royal Society Publishing
Feathers: Better than Velcro? Science Daily
The molecular evolution of feathers with direct evidence from fossils Science Daily
How One Sense Smells a Trillion Scents ICR
Another Living Fossil Challenges Darwinian Explanations Creation-Evolution Headlines
Hagfish Haunts Darwin Creation-Evolution Headlines
Sea pens - 'Extreme' living fossils shout 'after their kind'
Introns are mediators of cell response to starvation Nature
Is Biology Approaching the Threshold of Design Acceptance? Evolution News
BIO-Complexity Article Offers an Objective Method for Weighing Darwinian Explanations Evolution News
Mitochondrial DNA can be inherited from fathers, not just mothers Nature
Seeing the Dawn - Latest thinking on the Origin of Life Science
'I predict a great revolution': inside the struggle to define life The Guardian
Ancient cataclysms and modern conflicts in origin of life studies Uncommon Descent
A solid scaffolding for our cells Science Daily
Kick-starting the genome in early development: Unravelling how instructions for new life are read Science Daily
In surprising reversal, scientists find a cellular process that stops cancer before it starts Science Daily
Epigenetics in the News Creation-Evolution Headlines
Bird beaks did not adapt to food types as previously thought Science Daily
Darwinism challenged as explanation for finch beaks Uncommon Descent
Is an amoeba is smarter than your computer? Mind Matters
Genetics and Epigenetics - New Problems for Darwinism Evolution News
Complexity of cell movement Science Daily
Researchers claim: Complex molecules emerge without evolution or design Uncommon Descent
How do cells in a body know where they are supposed to be? Uncommon Descent
Human-like lifespan 100,000–200,000 years ago? Uncommon Descent
Mechanism helps explain the ear's exquisite sensitivity Science Daily
Cryptic DNA sequences may help cells survive starvation Nature
How stem cells self-organize in the developing embryo Science Daily
Some hatching mechanisms unchanged from 130 mya Uncommon Descent
Top Biology News of 2018: Year in Review Answers in Genesis
Gull wing stability prompts talk of “design" in nature Uncommon Descent
Why Evolution Is More Certain Than Gravity Uncommon Descent
Latest Acts in the Origin-of-Life Circus Evolution News
Will Humpty Darwin Fall in 2019? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Tripod Fish: Denizens of the Deep Sea Answers in Genesis
Genes reveal clues about people's potential life expectancy Science Daily
Pseudo-pseudogenes: revealing further complexity in the genome
Evolution Miseducation at the University of Utah Evolution News
Steve Meyer on the information enigma in evolution Uncommon Descent
Frog choruses inspire wireless sensor networks Science Daily
It's the End of the Gene As We Know It Nautilus
Is the age of the gene finally over? Uncommon Descent
What makes two species different? The role of selfish genes in distinguishing a species Science Daily
Natural Selection Is Useless in Science Creation-Evolution Headlines
Natural Selection Is Useless, II: More Evidence Creation-Evolution Headlines
A small fish provides insight into the genetic basis of evolution Science Daily
Engineered Adaptability: Trait Selection Is Internal, Not External ICR
Male-Female Differences Matter Creation-Evolution Headlines
Evolution used same genetic formula to turn animals monogamous Science Daily
Synthetic organisms are about to challenge what 'alive' really means Wired
Green darner dragonflies migrate over several generations, like Monarch butterflies Uncommon Descent
How Beauty is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution NY Times Magazine
NYT: Beauty in nature acknowledged — but only as “Darwin’s neglected brainchild” Uncommon Descent
Weird worms challenge complexity argument Cosmos Magazine
Worms challenge idea that complexity just arises from simplicity Uncommon Descent
We've only just found out exactly how sperm wiggle their tails to swim New Scientist
Jorge Henao-Mejia Explores the Immune System's Controls The Scientist
Interactions of messenger RNAs and micro-RNAs during brain development Science Daily
Concept inventories as a resource for teaching evolution Evolution: Education and Outreach
Simple rules predict and explain biological mutualism Science Daily
How Should Christians View Biological Classification? Answers in Genesis
Human mutation rate has slowed recently Science Daily
Plants can smell, now researchers know how Science Daily
Plants can both “smell” and “hear” Uncommon Descent
Yeast Introns Not Junk After All ICR
New estimate of primate mutation rates helps genetics match fossils ARS Technica
Star material could be building block of life Science Daily
How a lipid-binding protein can access, select, and move a lipid ''cargo'' during the biosynthesis of the important coenzyme Q Science Daily
The helix, of DNA fame, may have arisen with startling ease Science Daily
Why Did Darker and Lighter Human Skin Colors Evolve? Discover Magazine
A First Human Couple? New Evidence and Arguments Evolution News
First human couple still in the news Uncommon Descent
Hoaxer is being persecuted for revealing bias Uncommon Descent
Psychologists Issue Controversial Report on Masculinity Psychology Today
The last Neanderthals may have died out much earlier than we thought New Scientist
Why we still underestimate the Neanderthals BBC
Neanderthal hunting spears could kill at a distance Science Daily
Darwinian evolution and underestimating the Neanderthals Uncommon Descent
Neanderthals: javelin athletes helped us show how effective they were at hunting with weapons The Conversation
Neanderthals were way smarter hunters than we used to think Uncommon Descent
Neanderthals may have been sprinters not endurance runners New Scientist
Cave That Housed Neandertals and Denisovans Challenges View of Cultural Evolution Scientific American
Ancient Mongolian skull is the earliest modern human yet found in the region University of Oxford
A Positive, Useful Discussion of Human Exceptionalism ... On the Internet? Yes! Evolution News
Science Is No Enemy of Christianity The Gospel Coalition
Book Review: Nature's Case for God by John Frame Apologetics 315
Here’s How to Tell if Scientists are Exaggerating - Mike Behe The Stream
Here's How to Tell if Scientists Are Exaggerating Evolution News
When It Comes to Origins Science, Is PNAS Really "Ready When You Are"? Evolution News
PZ Myers declares New Atheism is dead Freethought Blogs
New atheism is over, says Darwinian PZ Myers Uncommon Descent
Can evangelicals agree on ten theses about creation and evolution?
Advanced Extraterrestrials as an Approximation to God Scientific American Blogs
How can a naturalist atheist believe in the existence of evidence? Uncommon Descent
Intelligent Design: More Than a Technical Debate National Review
On Intelligent Design, Do Your Own Homework. Make Up Your Own Mind Evolution News
Self-Induced Blindness: Round 3 with Kevin Williamson Evolution News
The Nature of Design Inference and the Epistemic Status of Intelligent Design Research Gate
Stephen Meyer: The More Science Advances, The More Science Points To Design Uncommon Descent
Stifling the Intelligent Design Debate Is Bad Science Evolution News
But Belief In Design Is A Science Stopper! Uncommon Descent
Just because it's falsifiable doesn't mean it's good science. Back Reaction
Keeping the Debate Over Undeniable on Track Evolution News
Atheism's Myth of a Christian Dark Ages Is Unbelievable Evolution News
'The Idol of Our Age: How the Religion of Humanity Subverts Christianity' Review National Review
Feeling anxious? It’s not just you, it’s our philosophical era of neuroexistentialism Quartz
Jerry Coyne and the Consequences of Denying Free Will Evolution News
Science and Faith - A Report from Colombia Evolution News
Ten Theses on Creation and Evolution That (Most) Evangelicals Can Support Christianity Today
Evangelicals waving goodbye to Adam and Eve? Uncommon Descent
In Unbelievable, Mike Keas Highlights Myths and Realities of Anti-Science Persecution Evolution News
Atheists, agnostics more skeptical of evolution now - Eric Holloway Uncommon Descent
Fallacious Assumptions Corrupt Science Creation-Evolution Headlines
Junk Science or the Real Thing? 'Inference' Publishes Both. Undark
The Deity of Jesus - Mark vs. Bart Ehrman Is Jesus Alive?
Can You Be a Scientist and Believe in God? - John Lennox RZIM
The Value of Christian Doctrine and Apologetics Probe
Theistic evolution and the Christian faith
Was 2018 kind of a quiet year for science? Uncommon Descent
Yes, Intelligent Design Is Detectable by Science Evolution News
Which 2018 news trends will affect ID? Uncommon Descent
Calling it a 'war on science' has consequences The Conversation
More science-dissing: WaPo's misguided criticism of "scientism" Why Evolution Is True
Heard at The Conversation: Enough with the “war on science” rhetoric! Uncommon Descent
What interests does “poor design of the human body” rhetoric serve? Uncommon Descent
Electrons Don't Think BackReaction
“But it can’t be design, M’sieur. Design is an illusion.” Uncommon Descent
The Case for Scientific Humanism Scientific American
Michael Shermer’s Case for Scientific Naturalism Uncommon Descent
Why Michael Shermer's "Case for Scientific Humanism" Fails Evolution News
The problem with science is that so much of it simply isn't
In one sense, consciousness IS an illusion… Mind Matters
The 500-Year-Long Science Experiment The Atlantic
Why did an evolutionary biology prof imply world-famous chemist James Tour was “stupid”? Uncommon Descent
Unifying Specified Complexity: Rediscovering Ancient Technology Evolution News
Science fiction writer Vox Day on the “darkstream descent” of Darwin’s theory of evolution Uncommon Descent
Darwinists kept the “flat earth” myth going, to attack opponents of their views - Jeffrey Burton Russell Uncommon Descent
The junk science of the abortion lobby Mind Matters
Why We Don't Evolve Software: A Computer Scientist Considers Darwinian Theory Evolution News
Convert to Creation
How can consciousness be a material thing? Mind Matters
The Holocaust: New Research Shows It Was Worse than Formerly Believed Creation-Evolution Headlines
Review of The Death of Humanity - Richard Weikart Apologetics 315
Is the slippery slope argument always fallacious? Uncommon Descent
Logic And First Principles, 7: The Problem Of Fallacies Vs Credible Warrant Uncommon Descent
How can information theory help the economy grow? Mind Matters
Darwinists are not usually software engineers Uncommon Descent
Unprovability comes to machine learning Nature
Denmark: Perhaps not so rotten after all Uncommon Descent
Denmark: Slowly developing a conversation about design in nature Uncommon Descent
UK Pushing Darwinism on Elementary Students Creation-Evolution Headlines
Maybe the Darwinists can’t afford to be quite as unhinged any more? Uncommon Descent
India scientists dismiss Einstein theories Uncommon Descent
Will artificial intelligence design artificial super-intelligence? Mind Matters
Has science shown that consciousness is only an illusion? Mind Matters
Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech Science Daily
The Real Problems with Artificial Intelligence Back Reaction
When Did Consciousness Begin? Psychology Today
The Transcendental Treasury of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness  Evolution News
NYT: Beauty in nature acknowledged — but only as “Darwin’s neglected brainchild” Uncommon Descent
Mission Impossible: Darwinizing Beauty Evolution News
Mathematicians Discovered a Computer Problem that No One Can Ever Solve Real Clear Science
Jerry Coyne: Just sign Chicago “Statement on Principles of Free Expression” Uncommon Descent
Darwinian Jerry Coyne muses on hashtag hate and the media Uncommon Descent
Crowdfunding research flips science's traditional reward model Nature
The Creative Spark Mind Matters
It takes a smart robot to mimic a reptile Mind Matters
It's time for a robust philosophical defense of truth in science Aeon
Is a philosophical defence of truth in science possible any more? Uncommon Descent