NEW ARTICLES - July 2019  
A naturalist's nightmare: A review of A Fortunate Universe: Life in a Finely Tuned Cosmos Creation
What elements of fine-tuning of our universe (vs. the multiverse) would pass this test of science truth? Uncommon Descent
Ask Ethan: Can We Really Get A Universe From Nothing? Forbes
Ethan Siegel: How we can get a universe from nothing? Uncommon Descent
Why the multiverse is religion, not science Back Reaction
The multiverse is just religion, theoretical physicist charges Uncommon Descent
Will the debate over the expansion of the universe “unravel” physics? Uncommon Descent
Multiverse no help for evolution Creation
Mirror universe: Now they market science fiction as news Uncommon Descent
You Must Not Trust Experiments That Claim The Existence Of Parallel Universes Forbes
How do we know our universe is not a sim world? Mind Matters
Supercomputer shows 'Chameleon Theory' could change how we think about gravity Science Daily
The weirdest stars we've ever seen have astronomers utterly baffled New Scientist
"Is There A Simpler Perspective On Some Fundamental Laws Of Physics?" Science 20
We are invited to consider a simpler perspective on the laws of physics Uncommon Descent
The Sands of Spacetime: Researchers investigate two of physics' greatest problems Physics Buzz
Is spacetime granular on the smallest of scales? Uncommon Descent
Characterizing the 'arrow of time' in open quantum systems Science Daily
Hubble uncovers black hole that shouldn't exist Science Daily
A black hole that just shouldn’t exist Uncommon Descent
These Odd 'Quasiparticles' Could Finally Unmask Dark Matter Space
Could “quasiparticles” reveal dark matter? Uncommon Descent
Something is seriously wrong with our understanding of the cosmos New Scientist
New Scientist: Our understanding of the cosmos is “seriously wrong” Uncommon Descent
The Crisis In Theoretical Particle Physics Is Not A Moral Imperative Forbes
Particle physics is a mess but Hossenfelder should chill, fellow physicist says Uncommon Descent
New Hubble constant measurement adds to mystery of universe's expansion rate Science Daily
New Hubble measurement keeps the discrepancy around the Hubble constant alive Uncommon Descent
New Scientist welcomes us to the fifth dimension Uncommon Descent
Einstein's general relativity theory is questioned but still stands 'for now,' team reports UCLA Newsroom
Belief in Dark Matter Propelled by Theory, Not Evidence Creation-Evolution Headlines
The C-theory of time asks if time really has a direction Aeon
Should There Be a Time Limit for Cambrian Explosion Excuses? Evolution News
New model suggests lost continents for early Earth Science Daily
Researchers: A big change in ocean life occurred in the mid-Jurassic Uncommon Descent
Jurassic shift: Changing the rules of evolution Science Daily
Jurassic fossil shows how early mammals could swallow like their modern descendants Science Daily
Scientists develop new method for studying early life in ancient rocks Science Daily
Fossils Do Not Say "We Evolved" - People Do Creation-Evolution Headlines
Ambopteryx - bird or bat-winged reptile? Creation
"Time Out" by James Tour Inference
Chemist James Tour calls time out on implausible origin of life theories Uncommon Descent
Origin of Life: Can Peptides Form Naturally in Water? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Not Oparin's Coacervates Again! Evolution News
Origin of life: The importance of interfaces Science Daily
Electricity-driven undersea reactions may have been important for the emergence of life Science Daily
Mathematicians challenge Darwinian evolution Uncommon Descent
Direct experimental falsification of Darwinism? Uncommon Descent
Famed Yale computer science professor quits believing Darwin’s theories The College Fix
Evolutionists Manhandle Contrary Evidence to Support Darwinism Creation-Evolution Headlines
First complete wiring diagram of an animal's nervous system Science Daily
It's the Severity or the Nature of the Mystery of Life's Origin that Is Unacknowledged Evolution News
Scientists Debate the Origin of Cell Types in the First Animals Quanta Magazine
New findings show that ancestral single-celled organisms were “amazingly complex” Uncommon Descent
Body plan evolution not as simple as once believed
Researchers: Body plan evolution not so simple as once thought Uncommon Descent
Major class of viruses reveals complex origins Science Daily
Even viruses have complex origins now Uncommon Descent
Steven Jacob’s five-year fight and when mammalian life begins Uncommon Descent
Horizontal gene transfer: Parasite plants steal genes from hosts Uncommon Descent
New discovery suggests cellular 'cargo' transporters play a profound role in creating brain cells and circuits Science Daily
Origins of Multicellular Organisms Answers in Genesis
Hidden genetic variations power evolutionary leaps
The Lovable Venus Flytrap: A Design Analysis Evolution News
Carnivorous plants: Darwinian evolution would have to be a miracle worker to explain them Uncommon Descent
Michael Behe, Biochemist and Superhero, Was Live at Seattle Center; See It Now! Evolution News
Behe Vindicated Again: Goldfish Are Broken Carp Evolution News
Behe vindicated by goldfish? But of course! Uncommon Descent
New Science Uprising Episode: Evolution, Mutations, and “Fooling the Laymen” Evolution News
The biologist using insect eggs to overturn evolutionary doctrine Nature
At Nature: Researcher smashes conventional evolution doctrine about insect egg shapes Uncommon Descent
The incorrect insect egg model relied too much on model organisms Uncommon Descent
A new type of intercellular communication Science Daily
A Lawyer’s Take on Michael Behe’s Latest Book, Darwin Devolves: The New Science about DNA that Challenges Evolution Citizens for Objective Public Education
DNA replication machinery captured at atom-level detail Science Daily
DNA origami joins forces with molecular motors to build nanoscale machines Science Daily
Study gives insight into sun-induced DNA damage and cell repair Science Daily
Unnatural selection - Self-destructing mosquitoes and sterilized rodents: the promise of gene drives Nature
Common Design Trounces Common Descent for Diversity of Life Detecting Design
Complex Organisms are Degenerating - Rapidly Detecting Design
Darwinism is taking a beating in the Anthropocene Uncommon Descent
Controlling the waves of dynamic, far from equilibrium states: the NF-kB system of transcription regulation Uncommon Descent
New cell discovered that can heal hearts Science Daily
Why plants don't die from cancer PBS
Parallel evolution of HIV-1 in a long-term experiment (how parallel evolution misleads phylogenetic reconstruction) Oxford Academic
Have 99% Of All Species Gone Extinct? Uncommon Descent
On the Origin of Life, Science Uprising Helps Break a Poisonous Spell Evolution News
Key early steps for origin of life occur under a variety of conditions Science Daily
Origin-of-Life Folly Misleads the Public Creation-Evolution Headlines
Origin of life insight: Peptides can form without amino acids Science Daily
A "False Narrative" on Origin of Life Research? Evolution News
AI protein-folding algorithms solve structures faster than ever Nature
His Artificial Intelligence Sees Inside Living Cells Quanta Magazine
Researcher: Smartest engineers would be “totally stumped” by a cell Uncommon Descent
Evolution of life in the ocean changed 170 million years ago Science Daily
Did the ear bones of mammals really evolve from the jawbones of reptiles? Creation
The appendix - Functional, but still evidence for evolution? Creation
HIV eliminated from the genomes of living animals Science Daily
Parental 'memory' is inherited across generations Science Daily
Researchers: parents’ memory of avoiding danger can be inherited Uncommon Descent
Are our political views coded in DNA? Jerry Coyne is not really convinced Uncommon Descent
Scientists challenge prior theories of the origins of three vegetables Science Daily
ORFan genes on Peaceful Science Peaceful Science
Paleontology: New light on cichlid evolution in Africa Science Daily
Strange bacteria hint at ancient origin of photosynthesis Science Daily
Researchers: Photosynthesis may be a billion years older than thought … But WAIT! Uncommon Descent
Virus-Infecting Bacteria Reveal Creation Sophistication ICR
Environment, not evolution, might underlie some human-ape differences Science Daily
Algae living inside fungi: How land plants first evolved Science Daily
Do viruses play a hidden role in evolution? Uncommon Descent
Gene Mutation Could Explain Humans' High Risk of Heart Attack The Scientist
New cause of cell aging discovered Science Daily
Biologists and mathematicians team up to explore tissue folding Science Daily
18-million-year-old creature helps fill a gap in the record of monkey evolution Duke University
Pufferfish Spines Shaped by Same Genes as Feathers and Fish Scales The Scientist
A single set of genes drives pufferfish spines, mouse hair, and chicken feathers Uncommon Descent
Time to Put a Lid on Cichlid Evolution Propaganda Evolution News
A prof on looking into ID literature for the first time… Uncommon Descent
Milton and the Psychology of Materialism Evolution News
Tom Gilson: Psychology almost never gets religion right Uncommon Descent
Study: Psychiatric diagnoses are “scientifically meaningless” Uncommon Descent
Does psychology have a conflict-of-interest problem? Nature
Psychiatric diagnosis 'scientifically meaningless' Science Daily
Psychology Co-Ops 'Science' to Fight Biblical Morality Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Dark Side of Social Media Activism in Science Psychology Today
J. P. Moreland’s Model of the Human Self Survived the Ultimate Field Test Mind Matters
Moreland, Witt: Not "All Body," but Not "All Spirit" Either Evolution News
Darwinian Jerry Coyne makes a good point about the social science hoaxes Uncommon Descent
What Does It Mean to Be Human? Genetics - The Smithsonian Institution's Human Origins Program Smithsonian Human Origins Program
Apes and humans: How did science get so detached from reality? Uncommon Descent
More Laetoli Footprints Found Creation-Evolution Headlines
Neanderthals' history is as complicated as ours ARS Technica
Ancient molar points to interbreeding between archaic humans and Homo sapiens in Asia Science Daily
Ancient Skull Fragment Pushes Back Date of Earliest Humans in Europe Gizmodo
An early dispersal of modern humans from Africa to Greece Nature
Research into Neanderthal toolmaking suggests that most were right-handed Uncommon Descent
Did Neanderthals Speak? The Neanderthal Throat Sapiens
More Big Problems with Human Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Stone Age Myths We've Made Up Sapiens
Atheism’s Problem Of Warrant Uncommon Descent
Science Uprising: New video series unmasks materialism Christian Post
How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals L.A. Times
Religious Nones drawn to the occult (what did you expect?) Uncommon Descent
Who started the war on reason anyway? Mind Matters
Atheist psychiatrist misunderstands evidence for immaterial mind Mind Matters
Tales of the mind: A neurologist encounters the house of mirrors Mind Matters
Ideologies that devalue human life - with historian Richard Weikart Uncommon Descent
The horrifying calculations of utilitarian ethics Creation
Philosopher: Morality is merely community norms Uncommon Descent
Ask Ethan: What Does 'Truth' Mean To A Scientist? Forbes
Religious Affiliation and Religiosity and Their Impact on Scientific Beliefs in the United States BioScience
The Forgotten Solution: Superdeterminism Back Reaction
Sabine Hossenfelder dusts off “superdeterminism” Uncommon Descent
Michael Ruse, The Problem of War: Darwinism, Christianity, and Their Battle to Understand Human Confict - Book Review by Richard Weikart Springer Metascience
Richard Weikart on yet another Darwinian rewrite of Darwin and the facts Uncommon Descent
Michael A. Flannery, Nature’s prophet: Alfred Russel Wallace and his evolution from natural selection to natural theology - Book Review Springer Metascience
Morphogenesis for the Design of Design Edge
Evolution Teacher Promotes Gentler Way to Propagandize Students Creation-Evolution Headlines
National Science Teaching Association Censors Open Inquiry, Stonewalls When Questioned Evolution News
National Science Teachers group calls security over questioning Darwin Uncommon Descent
Over eugenics. Who knew that this was how the culture would begin to turn on Darwinism? Uncommon Descent
Opinion | Is God the Answer to the Suicide Epidemic? Wall Street Journal
They Tried to Start a Church Without God. For a While, It Worked. The Atlantic
Philosopher J. P. Moreland continues his account of working his way through a devastating anxiety disorder Mind Matters
On Independence Day, Remember Thomas Jefferson's Embrace of Intelligent Design Evolution News
Hoover Institution interview with mathematician and novelist David Berlinski Uncommon Descent
Fun! Political correctness forces creationism on Australian university Uncommon Descent
Can computer algorithms be free of bias? Mind Matters
Is finding extraterrestrial life inevitable and does it prove the existence of God? Uncommon Descent
University of Maryland: Oumuamua was not an alien spacecraft Uncommon Descent
The Pitfalls of Searching for Alien Life Uncommon Descent
The Smartest Phone Is Silent in Class Mind Matters
Students, Don’t Let Smart Machines Disrupt Your Future Mind Matters
Why you can’t just ask social media to forget you Mind Matters
Scientists are searching for a mirror universe. It could be sitting right in front of you. Uncommon Descent
Engineered Adaptability: Engineered Features Determine Design Success or Failure, Pt 2 ICR
Brains by Mistake: The Darwin Poof Spoof Creation-Evolution Headlines
1984 is 70 years old yet still feels current Mind Matters
Tales of the Mind: A Neurologist Encounters the House of Mirrors Mind Matters
Are we living in a simulated universe? Here's what scientists say. NBC News
Revealing things scientists told media about our “simulated” universe Uncommon Descent
Is an immaterial mind a barrier to human cloning? Mind Matters
Claim: ET, if discovered, would change our morality Uncommon Descent
What is abstract thought? A Reply to Dr. Ali Mind Matters
Explaining Abstract Thought in Materialist Terms: The Horns of a Dilemma  Evolution News
Is the human mind a computer? Mind Matters
No Materialist Theory of Consciousness Is Plausible Mind Matters
Google engineer reveals search engine bias Mind Matters
Herman Bouma: "It Was Like the Darwinian Gestapo" Evolution News
University of Louisville attacks professor of psychiatry for disagreeing with transgenderism Wintery Knight
Speaker bounced from science teachers’ conference recounts his experiences Uncommon Descen