NEW ARTICLES - March 2017 Updated: March 31, 2017
Why Infinity Is No Ordinary Number Science Friday
Design Disquisitions: Quote of the Month-Cornelius Hunter on the Unfalsifiability of Evolution Uncommon Descent
Science does not understand our consciousness of God Uncommon Descent
Consciousness: Organisms looked within and discovered they had selves? Uncommon Descent
Supersymmetry: String theorists losing bets? Resorting to “denialism”? Uncommon Descent
Is calling the origin of life an “almost miracle” a creationist position? Uncommon Descent
Evolutionary biology professor explains how to 'Walk the Tree of Life' Science Daily
Scientists Turn Mammalian Cells Into Complex Biocomputers Slashdot Science
Cells turned into “complex biocomputers”? Uncommon Descent
Quick Science News Updates Shadow of Oz
Albert Einstein, deist, pantheist — or theist? Uncommon Descent
But why DOES Richard Dawkins trust his reason? Uncommon Descent
Bacterium breaks all the rules. Structured like animal. Uncommon Descent
Evolution of sexual reproduction Science Daily
Putting bigger brains down to our social nature is half-baked New Scientist
Oxford’s Denis Noble Advocates “Fundamental Revision” in “Reductionist…Neo-Darwinism” Evolution News and Science Today
Denis Noble’s new book calls for “fundamental revision” of neo-Darwinian theory Uncommon Descent
The amazing level of engineering in the transition to the vertebrate proteome: a global analysis Uncommon Descent
Big data renews fight over which lineage - sponges or comb jellies - is the oldest branch in the animal tree Nature
DNA typos to blame for most cancer mutations Nature
Luke Barnes questions Steven Weinberg’s hypothesis on dark energy and galaxies Uncommon Descent
Cells communicate to navigate a crowded embryo Uncommon Descent
Albert Einstein: Pantheist or deist? Uncommon Descent
Could Life's Earliest Stages Have Survived Without a Key Ingredient? Discover Magazine Blogs
New study shakes the roots of the dinosaur family tree Science Daily
Pushback against “deep evolution” Uncommon Descent
First mutations in human life discovered: Archaeological traces of embryonic development seen in adult cells Science Daily
Extraterrestrial life: Genetic code as Wow! signal Uncommon Descent
Theologian Hans Madueme on BioLogos’s Adam: Stumbling block to faith? Uncommon Descent
Common ancestry: Bioinformaticist Julian Gough on the SUPERFAMILY database on proteins in genomes Uncommon Descent
Researchers find another immune system link science said didn't exist Science Daily
The Laws of Life Physics Today
First 3D glimpse of how DNA is packaged up in a single cell ARS Technica
Visualizing the genome: First 3-D structures of active DNA created Science Daily
Cellular 'garbage disposal' has another job Science Daily
Convergent evolution of crocodile and dolphin skull shapes Uncommon Descent
Beetles evolved as ant mimics a dozen times in “an astonishingly predictable way” Uncommon Descent
Is science refereeing out of date? Uncommon Descent
Dead patient has active brain for ten minutes? Uncommon Descent
Redefining species: Nuclear vs. mitochondrial genes in birds Uncommon Descent
From Where Did the Earth's Water Come? Answers in Genesis
Metabolism may be older than life itself and start spontaneously New Scientist
Non-coding RNA: More uses for the "junk" in our genome Uncommon Descent
Rethinking Fossils Creation-Evolution Headlines
Taking the Gaia hypothesis seriously at Nautilus Uncommon Descent
Suzan Mazur: NASA, tax dollars, space aliens, and religion… Uncommon Descent
Are polls scientific? Uncommon Descent
A Rational Approach to Theism - Peter Zöller-Greer’s "Logic, Quantum Physics, Relativism, and Infinity" Assist News Service
First fluorescent frog found Nature
400,000-year-old fossil human cranium is oldest ever found in Portugal Science Daily
How cells communicate to move together as a group Science Daily
Secular Evolution Drives Smart People Insane Creation-Evolution Headlines
Rising to the challenge as US states turn the screw on science education Nature
World's oldest plant-like fossils show multicellular life appeared earlier than thought Science Daily
Oldest plant-like fossils discovered are 1.6 billion years old New Scientist
Enzyme-free Krebs cycle may have been key step in origin of life on Earth Science Daily
Darwin and the End of Providence: The Role of Chance in Evolution Metascience
Evidence suggests that there were no separate early human lineages? Uncommon Descent
Science philosopher Massimo Pigliucci on his distance from the official “skeptical” movement Uncommon Descent
Habitable zone much smaller than the hype-able zone? Uncommon Descent
Richard Dawkins Misrepresents Science, Say British Scientists Science 2.0
Intertwining phylogenetic trees and networks Wiley Online Library
Brain is 10 times more active than previously measured, UCLA researchers find UCLA
Why our brains may be 100 times more powerful than believed New Atlas
Science journalism can be evidence-based, compelling - and wrong Nature
Tom Bethell and human exceptionalism: Only humans can be arrogant Uncommon Descent
Fine tuning: Weirder quantum effects would be wilder than current ones Uncommon Descent
Language and the limits of reason Uncommon Descent
Scientism Fails Another Defense Creation-Evolution Headlines
Swamidass Outlines Information Theory Biologos Forum
Albert Einstein's Surprising Thoughts on the Meaning of Life Big Think
Physics and the contemplation of nothing Uncommon Descent
Stephen Hawking: World government needed to stop technology destroying us Uncommon Descent
Opinion: Redefining Species Based on Compatibility of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genes The Scientist
Cross-species jumps may play unexpectedly big role in virus evolution Science Daily
Extinction: Dying woolly mammoths were in genetic meltdown? Uncommon Descent
Horizontal gene transfer in bacteria: Numbers surprise researchers Uncommon Descent
“Tully Monster” mystery, 300 mya, is far from solved? Uncommon Descent
Genesis mission to the sun: Did it confirm the nebular theory of formation of the solar system? Bible-Science Forum
Why Evolution Is Ageist Nautilus
Neuroscience: We are told: Brains have owners Uncommon Descent
Can information such as movies be stuffed into DNA? Uncommon Descent
Vision, not limbs, led fish onto land 385 million years ago Science Daily
Vision? Why Did Life Move to Land? For the View (Fun) Bizarro Comics
Case weakens for antimatter sign of dark matter Science
Cosmic uncertainty: Five universal truths that might be wrong New Scientist
Maybe the speed of light isn’t constant? Uncommon Descent
Darwinian Evolution Fails the Five Standard Tests of a Scientific Hypothesis  
Doug Axe and Undeniable Are World Magazine 2016 Science Book of the Year Evolution News and Science Today
Evolution vs. Entropy  
Discovery of 7 times higher complexity of protein folding! Uncommon Descent
The laws of life Physics Today
Cells adapt ultra-rapidly to zero gravity Science Daily
Will the universe’s expansion put an end to science as we know it? Uncommon Descent
Doug Axe: The culture of engineering vs. the culture of biology, and what Hidden Figures can tell us about that Uncommon Descent
Earliest evidence of life on Earth found at 3.77 bya? Uncommon Descent