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Brain Neurons Are Well Organized, Not Spaghetti Cables Evolution News and Views
The Scientific Evidence for God is Growing, Not Shrinking The Stream
We Can Save Atheism From the New Atheists Like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris Alternet
Immune cells make appendix 'silent hero' of digestive health Science Daily
Our Dystopia: The Worst of Both Worlds Salvo Magazine
Scientific Faith Is Different From Religious Faith The Atlantic
Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming Watts Up With That?
Consensus science and the rejection of continental drift Uncommon Descent
Plate Tectonics circa 1859 - "The Creation and Its Mysteries Unveiled" Answers in Genesis
Earth's first ecosystems were more complex than previously thought University of Bristol
Talks by A. E. Wilder-Smith Creation-Evolution Headlines
Will Dawkins’ selfish gene concept die as its proponents retire? Uncommon Descent
Complexity of neural connections Science Daily
Extinction is key to terrestrial vertebrate diversity Science Daily
Backwards eye wiring? Lee Spetner comments Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Cyanobacteria responsible for Earth’s early oxygen Uncommon Descent
Tarantulas evolved blue colour 'at least eight times' BBC
Convergent evolution: Tarantulas evolved blue hue eight times Uncommon Descent
Could original life forms have been completely different from today? Uncommon Descent
Is evil a disease?, asks New Scientist Uncommon Descent
Mystery of how snakes lost their legs solved by reptile fossil Science Daily
Cosmologist Sean Carroll asks, "Is anything constant?" Uncommon Descent
A common mechanism for human and bird sound production EurekAlaert
Why are we trying to “demonstrate” microevolution? Uncommon Descent
Design inference: Is it a Neanderthal flute? Uncommon Descent
Betrayals of trust: Human nature's dark side may have helped us spread across the world Science Daily
How Lucy the Australopithecus Changed the Way We Understand Human Evolution Time
Pond hydra can modify its own genetic program Uncommon Descent
Weirdly tilted planet knocks formation theory out of line New Scientist
Ancient viral molecules essential for human development Science Daily
Why Scientific Faith Is Different From Religious Faith The Atlantic
Scientific Consensus Is Almost Never Wrong - Almost inside Science
General relativity: How Einstein's theory explains the universe, and more ABC
Response to BioLogos editor Jim Stump's attack on biblical creation
A Look at Lucy's Legacy Answers in Genesis
What is information anyway? Uncommon Descent
Biochemist Todd Wood on homo Naledi burials Uncommon Descent
Physicists Are Desperate to Be Wrong About the Higgs Boson
How horizontal gene transfer has shaped the web of life Uncommon Descent
The World's Toughest Animals Borrowed a Sixth of Their DNA From Microbes The Atlantic
Life as “self-perpetuating information strings”? Uncommon Descent
The Creation Project Carl Henry Center
Journal of Creation - Dec 2015 - Table of Contents
Ancient fossil forest unearthed in Arctic Norway Science Daily
Whiffs from cyanobacteria likely responsible for Earth's oxygen Science Daily
Hydra can modify its genetic program: Certain cells of the animal change to overcome the loss of its nervous system Science Daily
How does our brain form creative and original ideas? Science Daily
What else is possible if space and time can change? PBS
Holes in a Bone: Flute or Fluke? Discover Magazine
Complexity of body's defense systems Answers in Genesis
Ground-breaking research could challenge underlying principles of physics University of Southampton
Does Karl Giberson represent the new face of American evangelicals,
“accepting” Darwin?
Uncommon Descent
The Information Theory of Life Quanta Magazine
Steve Meyer responds to Books & Culture review of "Darwin’s Doubt" Uncommon Descent
Dark proteome “unlike any known structure” Uncommon Descent
Marine animals use new form of secret light communication Science Daily
Microevolutionary evidence: The eyes have it
Why Darwinism is failing - Part 1 Uncommon Descent
Why Darwinism is failing - Part 2 Uncommon Descent
Quantum mechanics puts human identity on trial? Uncommon Descent
Nature: The Exoplanet Files 20 years on Uncommon Descent
Evolution Is Finally Winning Out Over Creationism Slate
Puzzling Homo naledi: case of variation or pathology in Homo erectus?
Quantum Mechanics Is Putting Human Identity on Trial Nautilus
Devolution: Getting back to the simple life Evolution News and Views
Farewell to hope of life on Kepler-438b MSN
String theory still “closer than ever” to an answer? Uncommon Descent
About 70% of our genes trace their ancestry back to the acorn worm Science Daily
About 70% of our genes traced back to acorn worm? Uncommon Descent
The exoplanet files: What we know about alien worlds - and what's coming next Nature
Stasis stars: Platypus and opossum Uncommon Descent
Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Theology Academia
Most Earth-like planet uninhabitable due to radiation, new research suggests Warwick News
Richard Dawkins, anti-Christian language and the rise of science
Complex grammar of the genome's language Uncommon Descent
Early Massive Galaxies Will Require Theory Overhaul (Again) Creation-Evolution Headlines
Mammals diversified much later than thought? Uncommon Descent
DNA as “source code” (Humor)
Single jaw find shows three “species” to be one Uncommon Descent
Could a new kingdom of life be living in our guts? Uncommon Descent
Rethinking the Rise of Mammals The Scientist
Science journalist discovers she is part Neanderthal Uncommon Descent
Mammalian ancestors diversified in the Triassic, millions of years before crown mammals evolved in the Jurassic Science Daily
You Are Not Just Your Brain NPR
Researchers decode gene patterns that make our brains human Science Daily
A magnetic protein biocompass Nature
Animal magnetic sense comes from protein that acts as a compass New Scientist
Long-sought biological compass discovered Nature
Darwin’s Origin of Species voted "most influential academic book" Uncommon Descent
Origin of Species voted most influential academic book Yahoo News
Orphan gene with a function
"Evolution: A Theory In Crisis (Revisited)" Inference: International Review of Science
‘Seek Funding’ Step Added To Scientific Method The Onion
Evolution to 1872 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Atheist explains why she became a Catholic Uncommon Descent
The 3230 genes you can't do without Science Magazine
Which Animals Have Barely Evolved? National Geographic
What did the Neanderthals do for us? BBC
The dinosaur ankle re-evolved amphibian-like development in birds Science Daily
Is evil a disease? ISIS and the neuroscience of brutality New Scientist
Are Religious Children Really Less Altruistic? Premiere Christianity
Animal magnetic sense comes from protein that acts as a compass New Scientist
Biological Compass The Scientist
Earth's Water May Be as Old as the Earth Itself Smithsonian Magazine
How many cells in a person? ABC
Isle of Skye fossil makes three species one Science Daily
Origin of Earth's water traced back to the birth of our planet New Scientist
Did Larry Moran Just Give Away the Store? Uncommon Descent
Darwin’s Brilliant Strategy for Preempting Criticism and the True Mark of Genius Brain Pickings
New Denton book: Evolution still a theory in crisis Uncommon Descent
Made to Order: Can Parents Be Trusted with Gene Editing Technology? Aeon
2015 Nobel Prize Highlights Cell Repair Mystery ICR
Inside a new effort to discover life's origin The Atlantic
New Winged Dinosaur May Have Used Its Feathers to Pin Down Prey Smithsonian Magazine
Is Science Getting Less Risky? Real Clear Science
Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor on the difference between human and animal minds Uncommon Descent
Why the idea of 'in the beginning there was no mind' is mindless Creation
Complex skeletons from 550 mya (“earlier than realized”) Uncommon Descent
PseudoScience vs Religion -- Why Religious Kids aren't Less Altruistic American Thinker
Stasis: Fossil sea urchin found, 10 million years older Uncommon Descent
How Humans Evolved Supersize Brains Quanta Magazine
Science Doesn't Work the Way You Might Think The Atlantic
Thermodynamic Interrogation of the Assembly of a Viral Genome Packaging Motor Complex Biophysical Journal
Looking for life in all the wrong places Uncommon Descent
Multiple gene copies mean elephants don’t get cancer? Uncommon Descent
Researchers question Darwin’s theory of “fecundity selection” Uncommon Descent
Complex grammar of the genomic language Science Daily
2015's Top 10 Websites for Science Real Clear Science
'Twice-baked' model for Moon's origin BBC
The Unreality of Time John Hartnett
Squid ink: Tyson’s rhetorical trick Uncommon Descent
How Computers Broke Science Real Clear Science
The Sad Decline of Karl Giberson Evolution News and Views
What is specified complexity? One Minute Apologist
Butterfly mimicry through the eyes of bird predators Science Daily
The mechanism of kinesin walk Science Daily
Complex skeletons evolved 550m years ago University of Edinburgh
Ancient brains turn paleontology on its head AAAS EurekAlert
The Cost of a New Gene - Larry Moran Sandwalk Blogspot
Neil deGrasse Tyson on why he thinks ID must be wrong Uncommon Descent
Neil deGrasse Tyson has a really hilarious reason for not believing in intelligent design Business Insider
The surprising downsides of being clever: Can a high IQ be a burden rather than a boon? BBC
Pushing the Limits of Life PBS
The hidden power laws of life Uncommon Descent
SETI as sci-fi’s ID? Uncommon Descent
Answering the "Pandas and People Creationism" charge Uncommon Descent
Are mass extinctions driven by mineral deficiency? Uncommon Descent
Stem-cell scientists redefine how blood is made, toppling conventional 'textbook' view from 1960s Science Daily
Sure, we bumped into another universe… Uncommon Descent
Intelligent Design Creationism as a Label Uncommon Descent
Nobel winners relied on inference of design for DNA repair discovery World Magazine
Scientists Discuss "What If?" Scenario in Dover Intelligent-design Case Reading Eagle
Do mass extinctions happen every 26 million years or so? Uncommon Descent
The Errors of the Militant Atheist National Review
DNA strands often 'wiggle' as part of genetic repair Science Daily
New findings support rethink of mass extinction? Uncommon Descent
Shermer review of Ridley's The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge Wall Street Journal
Leading theory of consciousness under fire Uncommon Descent
General Relativity still beautiful, ahead of its time? Uncommon Descent
Is Evolution Random? Answering a Common Challenge Evolution News and Views
Ten Years After the Dover Case, Judge Jones Misunderstands His Critics Evolution News and Views
Proteins by Accident? Replying to a Critic of The Information Enigma Evolution News and Views
Did Earth's Earliest Life Leave Carbon Footprints? Answers in Genesis
Butterflies Weaponize Milkweed Toxins The Scientist
How plant cell compartments 'chat' with each other: Central relay station discovered Science Daily
Newly discovered fossil sea urchin is the oldest of its kind (by 10 million years) Science Daily
Sexual selection makes female songbirds drab Nature
Alternate parallel universe found. Maybe. Uncommon Descent
Most of Earth's mass extinctions caused by mineral deficiencies New Scientist
The effects of life history and sexual selection on male and female plumage coloration Science Daily
New findings rock long-held assumptions about ancient mass extinction Science Daily
How the complex eye system of an invertebrate coordinates the development of its components Science Daily
Using Taxonomically Restricted Essential Genes to Determine Whether Two Organisms Can Belong to the Same Family Tree Answers in Genesis
The Hidden Power Laws of Ecosystems Nautilus
We can’t understand evolution without understanding stasis and extinction Uncommon Descent
More light shed on why Darwinism hard to dislodge Uncommon Descent
Statistics Shows Psychology Is Not Science Real Clear Science
Does the Second Law of Thermodynamics Favor Evolution? Answers in Genesis
The Chilling Regularity of Mass Extinctions The Atlantic
Jonathan Marks on why “evolutionary” “psychology” is neither Uncommon Descent
New research demands rethink on Darwin's theory of 'fecundity selection' Science Daily
General Relativity - still ahead of its time Cosmos Magazine
Do new major life domains await discovery? Uncommon Descent
Leading theory of consciousness rocked by oddball study New Scientist
Science writer scorches Jerry Coyne, doesn’t worship him Uncommon Descent
Pew Research: Highly religious Americans less likely to see faith-science
Uncommon Descent
Scientists Meet in the Information Universe APS Physics
Stalling a Molecular Motor APS Physics
Defining and Utilizing Intelligent Design in Science Kirk Durston Blog
Ornithomimus dinosaur with preserved tail feathers and soft tissue Science Daily
Earth’s “boring billion” now hot again Uncommon Descent
New First Life Estimate Creates More Problems ICR
Research claiming chimpanzees can learn each others' language is not supported Science Daily
Lottery luck exceeds number of electrons in universe? Uncommon Descent
The Need To Believe: Where Does It Come From? NPR
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