NEW ARTICLES - August 2019  
The Universal Law That Aims Time's Arrow Quanta Magazine
Has A Recent Find Brought Us Closer To Understanding Why Time Goes Only One Way? Uncommon Descent
Solutions to the black hole information paradox BackReaction
Statistical Entropy of a Schwarzschild-anti-de Sitter Black Hole American Journal of Physics
Dark Matter May Be Older Than The Big Bang, Study Suggests Newswise
Dark matter is older than the Big Bang? Uncommon Descent
Muons, alas, vindicate Einstein’s special relativity Uncommon Descent
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…12,000 satellites. Could they be ruining the sky? allconnect
Speculative 'supergravity' theory wins US$3-million prize Nature
Physicists need courage to confront the Collider dilemma, says boson pioneer Uncommon Descent
Physicist advances a radical theory of gravity Big Think
How we know that Einstein's General Relativity cannot be quite right BackReaction
The ever-cycling universe cycles back to town Uncommon Descent
Lab-based dark energy experiment narrows search options for elusive force Science Daily
Quantum weirdness isn't real – we've just got space and time all wrong New Scientist
Physicists mash quantum and gravity and find time, but not as we know it Science Daily
Quantum Gravity Could Reverse Cause and Effect Live Science
Have researchers found a way to harness time? Uncommon Descent
How many Earthlike planets are there? Uncommon Descent
Bad news about life on rocky alien planets Uncommon Descent
Physics: No one said finding truth is easy, but need it be impossible? Uncommon Descent
Possible Detection of a Black Hole So Big It 'Should Not Exist' Quanta Magazine
Early species developed much faster than previously thought Science Daily
Ordovician radiation is another strike against Darwin Uncommon Descent
A voracious Cambrian predator, Cambroraster, is a new species from the Burgess Shale Science Daily
Are extinctions evidence of a divine purpose in life? Uncommon Descent
Paleontologists discovered diversity of insect pollinators in 99-million-year old amber EurekAlert
More evolutionary challenges to "random" variation University of Glasgow
Straw in the wind? Darwin’s random variation is discredited in a recent paper Uncommon Descent
Maybe the best defence of Darwinism is now ignorance of the problems Uncommon Descent
Molecular Motor Threads a Spiral Staircase Evolution News
PBS Eons Teaches Nonsense about Evolution Evolution News
Gunter Bechly on the media that teach nonsense about evolution Uncommon Descent
DNA Repair Research Reveals Astounding Complexity ICR
Design for ATP Extends Beyond the Rotary Engine Evolution News
How the ATP synapse points to design in nature Uncommon Descent
De novo emergence of orphan genes 2/3 of the time bioRxiv
Paul Nelson on Orphan Genes and Evolution Evolution News
Genetic diversity couldn't save Darwin's finches Science Daily
Darwin Blinders Cause Blunders Creation-Evolution Headlines
Sense of Smell Requires Optimized, Scalable Network Circuitry Evolution News
54 million year old fossil flies yield new insight into the evolution of sight The Conversation
Composition of fossil insect eyes surprises researchers Science Daily
Biological 'rosetta stone' brings scientists closer to deciphering how the body is built Science Daily
A Mathematical Model Unlocks the Secrets of Vision Quanta Magazine
Rapid evolution: New findings on its molecular mechanisms Science Daily
Photosynthesis: Clearly Designed from the Beginning ICR
Shedding light on how the human eye perceives brightness Science Daily
Our Cells Are Filled With 'Junk DNA' - Here's Why We Need It Discover Magazine Blogs
Complex Creature Engineering Requires a Creator ICR
Biologists reverse engineer the microtubules that make up cell walls and spindles Science Daily
Engineered Adaptability: Continuous Environmental Tracking Wrap-Up ICR
Who knew bacteria could trap light without chlorophyll? Uncommon Descent
Darwin's Ideas About How Life Arose on Earth May Be Right After All Air & Space Magazine
Scientists glimpse oddball microbe that could help explain rise of complex life Nature
First cells may have emerged because building blocks of proteins stabilized membranes Science Daily
A New Clue to How Life Originated The Atlantic
Bubbly beginnings for life's first molecules Chemistry World
Early life on Earth limited by enzyme Science Daily
Origin of Life Problems for Naturalists Answers in Genesis
Origin of life clue is seen in chemical droplets that divide Uncommon Descent
Tardigrades may have survived spacecraft crashing on moon Uncommon Descent
Genes that first enabled plants to grow leaves identified by scientists Science Daily
Evolutionary Models Are Unreliable Creation-Evolution Headlines
Counterintuitive physics property found to be widespread in living organisms
Symphony of genes in animal evolution Science Daily
Listen to the “symphony of genes” in animal evolution... Uncommon Descent
There's No Such Thing as a 'Gay Gene, ' Massive Study Concludes Live Science
So the “gay gene” was imaginary? Uncommon Descent
Rails derail Darwinism - the loss of flight in birds is not evolution!
Membrane-less organelles, found inside human cells, have a variety of important biological functions Science Daily
Dolphinese: The idea that animals think as we do dies hard Mind Matters
Study furthers radically new view of gene control: Along the genome, proteins form liquid-like droplets that appear to boost the expression of particular genes Science Daily
Microbes found in some of Earth’s oldest known uncontaminated water Uncommon Descent
CRISPR Now Cuts and Splices Whole Chromosomes Science Magazine
Fossil DNA Reveals New Twists in Modern Human Origins Quanta Magazine
Human-ape similarity shows humans are exceptional Mind Matters
The Human Difference and the Design of Sex Evolution News
Ethiopian fossil reveals face for ancestor of famed 'Lucy' AP News
We've finally found a skull from one of our most important ancestors New Scientist
Todd Wood's take - A face for Australopithecus anamensis Human Genesis
Chris Rupe and John Sanford on human evolution
20-Million-Year-Old Skull Reveals Anthropoid Primate Brains Evolved More Than Once AMNH
The five: surprising talents of the Neanderthals The Guardian
What Neanderthal jewelry means Uncommon Descent
How Mosquitoes Helped Shape the Course of Human History Smithsonian Magazine
John Gray thinks that the humanities cannot now be saved Uncommon Descent
Artifacts Found in North America Suggest Humans Came By Sea The Scientist
Why do atheists still claim free will can’t exist? Mind Matters
The Ideological Nature of Darwinian Evolution Evolution News
What's at Stake in the Debate over Darwinism? Evolution News
How Materialist Fundamentalists Are Like Christian Fundamentalists Uncommon Descent
Secular Materialism vs Morality Creation-Evolution Headlines
Another think tank now openly questions Darwinism Uncommon Descent
At First Things, they are also getting over Darwinism Uncommon Descent
The Crisis in Darwinism? Powerline Blog
Intelligent Design Theory Is the Result of Reason, Not Dogma Stand to Reason
Recognizing design in nature as the standard for a reasonable person Uncommon Descent
Is Faith the Absence of Reason/Evidence? Answers in Genesis
A review of 'Dictionary of Christianity and Science'
Origin of Life, Public Education, and Religious Neutrality Evolution News
The College Fix LISTENS TO David Gelernter on Darwin! Uncommon Descent
Scientists must rise above politics - and restate their value to society Nature
The Flawed Reasoning Behind the Replication Crisis Nautilus
A Scientific Method for Design Detection Evolution News
Astronomer Martin Rees on why science is approaching its limits Uncommon Descent
Why some scientists think science is an illusion Mind Matters
Survey says scientists mistrust a large amount of published research New Scientist
How Does a Religious Studies Professor Become a Darwinian Skeptic? Evolution News
Have Religion Scholars Been Deceived by Darwin? Evolution News
Yale Computer Science Legend David Gelernter Says Goodbye To Darwinism HillFaith Blog
The Dam Begins to Break: Gelernter's Apostasy Attracts Mainstream Media Coverage Evolution News
The Dam Begins to Break:But WHY are they abandoning Darwinism? Uncommon Descent
George Weigel, Biographer of John Paul II, Takes Note of David Gelernter's Darwin Apostasy Evolution News
Whoever writes the tech column at Breitbart has noticed … Uncommon Descent
Psych prof concedes, ID is not “absurd” Uncommon Descent
Biology Textbooks and the "God-Talk" Problem Evolution News
“The Divided Brain; and the Search for Meaning” by British psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist Amazon
10 differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence BackReaction
Artificial vs human intelligence: Sabine Hossenfelder offers us 10 differences Uncommon Descent
We don’t often hear debunking debunked Uncommon Descent
Descartes and the Discovery of the Mind-Body Problem MIT Press
Darwinian Racism Exposed Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Racism of Carl Jung Discover Magazine Blogs
And so now psychoanalyst Carl Jung was a racist too… Uncommon Descent
Nice to see Gunter Bechly’s name on a paper again Uncommon Descent
The Top Ten AI Hype Stories of 2018, Updated Mind Matters
Empiricism and Dogma: Why Left and Right Can't Agree on Climate Change Quillette
Astrobiologists Whip Up False Hopes Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why some scientists believe the universe is conscious Mind Matters
Yale's Gelernter: To Challenge Darwinism Is to "Take Your Life in Your Hands" Evolution News
David Gelernter warns against Darwin mob Uncommon Descent
Some Professionally-Safe Darwin Doubters Are Now Speaking Out Creation-Evolution Headlines
Poll: American Public still not Galluping to embrace Darwinism Uncommon Descent
If you can reproduce how life got started, $10 million is yours Uncommon Descent
Chimpanzee Liberation? Why Animal Rights and Human Rights Cannot Coexist Evolution News
A simple triangle can disprove materialism Mind Matters
Is There Really Anti-Christian Discrimination in America? The Gospel Coalition
JB: What Is Important In Math . . . ? Uncommon Descent
Benefits of attending religious services increasingly accepted Uncommon Descent
How far has AI mindreading come? Mind Matters
National Geographic Book Is a 'Natural' Disaster Skeptical Inquirer
“Skeptical Inquirer” calls National Geographic book a “natural disaster” Uncommon Descent
If we can’t find aliens Out There, we can always declare local life forms to be aliens Uncommon Descent
Sokal hoaxer punished: Science has left the building Uncommon Descent