ARTICLES - August 2020  
Everything Wrong With Modern Theoretical Physics In One Paper's Practical Summary Science 2.0
A one-paper-size look at what’s wrong with theoretical physics today Uncommon Descent
This Twist on Schrödinger's Cat Paradox Has Major Implications for Quantum Theory Scientific American
Quantum paradox points to shaky foundations of reality Science Magazine
Quantum reality is either weirdly different or it collapses ars technica
Rob Sheldon on the latest claim that quantum mechanics imperils objectivity     Uncommon Descent
Does new physics lurk inside living matter? by Paul Davies Physics Today
How Physics Erases The Beginning Of The Universe Forbes
How Probability Misleads Us About The Universe Forbes
Does new physics lurk inside living matter? Physics Today
Why engineering can’t be reduced to the laws of physics Mind Matters
Is information really the fifth state of matter? Rob Sheldon responds Uncommon Descent
Physicists have a massive problem as Higgs boson refuses to misbehave New Scientist
Big Bounce Simulations Challenge the Big Bang Quanta Magazine
Rob Sheldon on recent claims of dramatic new Higgs boson findings Uncommon Descent
The 5 Possibilities For Life On Mars Forbes
Beyond the Fermi Paradox V: What is the Aestivation Hypothesis? Universe Today
Beyond "Fermi's Paradox" VI: The Berserker Hypothesis Universe Today
Yet another reason the space aliens are not here Uncommon Descent
At Scientific American: Could we force the universe to crash? Uncommon Descent
Book Review: The Cosmic Revolutionary's Handbook by Luke Barnes and Geraint Lewis Apologetics 315
Trilobite Eyes Were Already Modern Creation-Evolution Headlines
Trilobites at 429 mya had eyes like bees Uncommon Descent
Fabulous fossil preserves eyes of 429-million-year-old trilobite ars technica
“Bizarre” fossil is thought to solve half-billion year old mystery Uncommon Descent
Traces of ancient life tell story of early diversity in marine ecosystems Science Daily
Scientists Retract Dino-Bird Paper Creation-Evolution Headlines
That “smallest dino” paper has been retracted Uncommon Descent
Huge lizard found in ichthyosaur’s stomach establishes that the latter was a big time predator Uncommon Descent
The design of life in molecular machines Uncommon Descent
How cells can find their way through the human body
How cells can travel long distances accurately through the human body Uncommon Descent
Biologists can’t stop using purpose-driven language because life really is designed Uncommon Descent
Designer DNA - replicating like rabbits Creation
The mystery of orphan genes Uncommon Descent
What? Cosmologist Sean Carroll doesn’t freak out when Darwin is doubted? Uncommon Descent
Could bacteria have survived a trip from Earth to Mars? Uncommon Descent
The function of the thymus and its impact on modern medicine Science Magazine
The Thymus: Vestigial Not! Creation-Evolution Headlines
Recent paper: The problem of biological form remains unsolved Uncommon Descent
On folding morphogenesis, a mechanical problem Royal Society Publishing
Allostery: How Cells Do Remote Control Evolution News
And now: Remote control mechanisms in cells Uncommon Descent
A University of Arizona prof works hard to make Darwinism coincide with the history of life Uncommon Descent
Origin-of-Life Research Abandons Chemistry, Turns to Miracles Creation-Evolution Headlines
Origins of life: Chemical evolution in a tiny Gulf Stream Science Daily
At New Scientist: Origin of life happened all at once in a chemical Big Bang Uncommon Descent
Viruses called phages, researchers say, are in a grey zone between life and non-life Uncommon Descent
In Defiance of Evolution, Hierarchical Design Is Ubiquitous in Biology Evolution News
Ignoring the Obvious: Convergent Evolution in Strickberger's Evolution Evolution News
Is topoisomerase another irreducibly complex cell component for ID folk to point to? Uncommon Descent
Genome guardians stop and reel in DNA to correct replication errors Science Daily
Researchers: Proofreading proteins prevent DNA errors Uncommon Descent
DNA May Be "Junk" at One Level But of Utmost Significance at Another Evolution News
“Junk DNA” can really matter says Rick Sternberg Uncommon Descent
Embarrassment Continues over Evolutionary Blunder about "Junk DNA" ICR
Next Phase of ENCODE Finds MORE Functional Information in Genome "Junk" Evolution News
ENCODE hints at more functional DNA Uncommon Descent
Human Engineers Can't Top These Biological Intelligent Designs Evolution News
Understanding the inner workings of the human heart Science Daily
Unexpected complexity found in human heart - a use for the myocardial trabeculae Uncommon Descent
Rob Sheldon offers some thoughts on the recent challenge to Darwin’s sexual selection Uncommon Descent
2017 paper hoped to heal the rifts/paper over the cracks in evolutionary biology Uncommon Descent
Paper: Modeling biology on physics doesn’t really work Uncommon Descent
Living 'Dinosaur Kin' Has Genes that Defy Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
A Radical New Model of the Brain Illuminates Its Wiring Wired
Brain scientists haven't been able to find major differences between women's and men's brains The Conversation
Human Brain Research Finds New Folds ICR
New study reveals lower energy limit for life on Earth EurekAlert
Bacteria die screaming Uncommon Descent
Immunology Is Where Intuition Goes to Die The Atlantic
It turns out that we all need those zombie microbes that live indefinitely and don’t really evolve Uncommon Descent
In What Ways Are Bacteria Intelligent? Mind Matters
Denyse O’Leary: There is no human counterpart to some types of dog intelligence Mind Matters
In what ways are spiders intelligent? Mind Matters
Whales - Time to Put Evolution's Exhausted "Poster Child" to Rest Evolution News
Tuatara genome sequenced; some surprising findings Uncommon Descent
A radical new theory rewrites the story of how life on Earth began New Scientist
Created kinds are not new - Wood responds to David MacMillan Todd C. Wood
Destructive parasites: expressions of God's creation? Creation
A Study Finds Sex Differences in the Brain. Does It Matter? Uncommon Descent
A Darwinian biologist who has debated ID folk describes getting Cancelled Uncommon Descent
Biologist Forced Out of Academia for Saying Male and Female are not Social Constructs Legal Insurrection
A Darwinian biologist who has debated ID folk describes getting Cancelled Uncommon Descent
Evolution Can’t Explain Sexual Modesty; Why Not? Evolution News
Privacy in Human Intimacy Isn't About Evolution Evolution News
New research reveals previously hidden features of plant genomes Science Daily
Brain connectivity is equal in 130 mammals, including humans Uncommon Descent
Inside the mind of an animal Nature
Think About the Brain Creation-Evolution Headlines
Claim: Self-replicating molecules show signs of “metabolism” Uncommon Descent
The Amazing Circulation System of Trees Evolution News
Oldest enzyme in cellular respiration isolated Science Daily
Claim: A surprising number of exoplanets could host life Uncommon Descent
“Astounding” hybridization between species of angelfish Uncommon Descent
Everything Is Wrong: Bernie Krause's Concept of 'Biophony' MIT Press
New insight into the evolution of complex life on Earth Science Daily
The many roads to and from multicellularity Journal of Experimental Biology
New paper: Multicellularity did not follow a simple straight path Uncommon Descent
William Lane Craig on creation and anthropology Creation
The Genealogical Adam and Eve: Introducing the Symposium Carl F.H. Henry Center
We are in the midst of rewriting our understanding of Neanderthals New Scientist
Early hominins (480,000 years ago) were—wait for it!—more sophisticated than thought Uncommon Descent
200,000 Years Ago, Humans Created Beds of Grass and Ash to Sleep Inside Science
Humans 200,000 years ago made beds of ash and grass Uncommon Descent
Revisiting the Neanderthals without a sense of superiority  Uncommon Descent
Cooking skills in Australia at 65,000 years ago Uncommon Descent
Key brain region was 'recycled' as humans developed the ability to read Science Daily
Mystery ancestor mated with ancient humans. And its 'nested' DNA was just found Live Science
DNA from an ancient, unidentified ancestor was passed down to humans living today Science Daily
When did humans discover how to use fire? Live Science
Prestigious Psychiatry Journal Retracts Findings, Admits Sex-Reassignment Surgery Didn't Fix Mental Health CBN
URI anthropology professor challenges evolutionary narratives of big, competitive men and broad, birthing women URI Today
A new challenge from an anthropologist to cozy Darwin tales about men vs. women Uncommon Descent
More on male vs. female body form and Darwinian sexual selection Uncommon Descent
Adam and Eve and "Mainstream Science" Evolution News
Bruce Gordon on the Argument for God from the Incompleteness of Nature Uncommon Descent
God and Mathematics - Why does mathematics work? Uncommon Descent
John West: Science and scientism in the Age of COVID Uncommon Descent
A "Lush" World Defies Materialist Explanations, as Behe and Denton Confirm Evolution News
Examining the usage and scope of historical science Creation
In the past twenty years, how has the landscape changed for ID? Uncommon Descent
The 5 Greatest Blunders in the History of Science Medium
Fallen, Fallen Is Big Science the Great - Pt 1 Creation-Evolution Headlines
Fallen, Fallen Is Big Science the Great - Pt. 2 Creation-Evolution Headlines
I Beg Your Pardon? More on "Mainstream Science" Evolution News
Darwinism Is in Tension with Human Rights Creation-Evolution Headlines
The authors of the gospels of Mark and Luke knew eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus Wintery Knight
Psychologist sounds alarm: We are turning science into science fiction! Uncommon Descent
John Tyndall's Vision of Science Turned it to Atheism Creation-Evolution Headlines
Bernardo Kastrup argues for a Universal Mind as a reasonable idea Mind Matters
Leftist Takeover of Big Science Continues Creation-Evolution Headlines
Review of Taken Without Consent: How atheists have hijacked science by David Williams Creation
Popular Darwinism as a Gnostic religion Uncommon Descent
The Answers Christianity Has That Science Doesn't The Gospel Coalition
No, Science Can't Provide Morals: Why the New View (Still) Falls Short The Gospel Coalition
A Rift Over Carl Linnaeus Shows We Shouldn't Idolize Scientists Undark
The ultimate confidence trick in science Uncommon Descent
Genesis Meaning in Hebrew Answers in Genesis
ARJ: Effects of the Fall on the Physical Creation: A Biblical Analysis Answers in Genesis
Book review of Theistic Evolution Biblical Creation Trust
Denis Alexander's hermeneutics: heretical, horrible, and harmful Creation
New guidance on brain death could ease debate over when life ends Science News
Brain scans can read your mind—in a dozen conflicting ways Mind Matters
Why scientific papers are growing increasingly inscrutable Popular Science
Why the brain can’t be understood simply in terms of particles Mind Matters
Common reasons for dismissing miracles are mistaken, study shows Mind Matters
Scopes at 100 Creation
Here is a way we can be sure if we are living in a multiverse Mind Matters

'Morality pills' may be the US's best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist

The Conversation
“Morality Pills”: Ethicist Calls for Drugs to Solve COVID Non-Compliance Evolution News
Doctor's Diary: Evolution in the Country of the Blind Evolution News
Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins on free will Uncommon Descent
Critical Thinking for Confused Times
The Stream
Ryan T. Anderson lectures on marriage and why it matters Wintery Knight
Why the mind can’t just be the brain Mind Matters
At Inspiring Philosophy: There is no evidence that the brain creates consciousness Uncommon Descent
Pos-Darwinista asks us to be aware of censorship in Brazil Uncommon Descent
To Avoid Debate, Darwinists at the AAAS Would Even Censor.Darwin Evolution News
Is Planned Parenthood showing signs of weakness? Uncommon Descent
Biased Reporters Cloud Scientific Credibility Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why reasonable people think near-death experiences are real Mind Matters
Why linguist Noam Chomsky is a great scientist of our era (human exceptionalism) Mind Matters
Mike Egnor on what to do when the Woke come for you Uncommon Descent
Bronx Zoo apologizes for putting a man in a monkey house Creation
What signifies a real expert is uncertainty Uncommon Descent
When science fiction came to life… Mind Matters
Rearranging the Deck Chairs on Darwin's Titanic Creation-Evolution Headlines
One secret of Darwinian just-so stories is boundless imagination Uncommon Descent
The 5 Possibilities For Life On Mars Forbes
Ethan Siegel enumerates what we might find, re life on Mars Uncommon Descent
How to teach and hold meeting in “mixed mode” in the COVID era Mind Matters
What neuroscientists now know about how memories are born and die Mind Matters
Why consciousness couldn’t just evolve from the mud Mind Matters
Arithmetic as racism: A teacher’s reflections on the progressive war on math Uncommon Descent