NEW ARTICLES - November 2016

Robin Collins on cosmological fine tuning Uncommon Descent
Speciation: Genome analysis shows Hen Harrier to be two separate species Uncommon Descent
Study explains evolution phenomenon that puzzled Darwin Science Daily
Shedding light on the origin of the baleen whale Science Daily
Biologists watch speciation in a laboratory flask Science Daily
Early hominin Lucy had powerful arms from years of tree-climbing New Scientist
Human ancestor 'Lucy' was a tree climber Science Daily
The Case Against Dark Matter Quanta Magazine
Why Do Pandas Have Thumbs? JStor Daily
2.5 billion-year-old fossils of bacteria that predate the formation of oxygen University of Cincinnati
Scientists Find Signs of Intelligent Tool Use 300,000 Years Ago Real Clear Science
Oldest alphabet from 4 millennia ago might be somewhat like Hebrew? Uncommon Descent
Aeon writer asks: Has dogma derailed the search for dark matter? Uncommon Descent
Ideological Turing Test Uncommon Descent
Oxford conference to examine questions around fine-tuning of universe, Physics of Fine-Tuning, Crete, June 19-22 2017 Uncommon Descent
Doug Axe vs Keith Fox: Is design in nature undeniable? Uncommon Descent
Evolutionists Blunder on Natural Selection Creation-Evolution Headlines
Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits Science Daily
Researchers propose low-mass supernova triggered formation of our solar system University of Minnesota
Hitler's Religion and Darwinism Assist News Service
Astrophysicist: “A vibrant scientific culture encourages many interpretations of evidence” Uncommon Descent
Has dogma derailed the scientific search for dark matter? Aeon
Scientists Seek to Update Evolution Quanta Magazine
The Nature of the Neo-Darwinian Evangelicals' Criticism of Young-Earth Creationists Answers in Genesis
Theory that challenges Einstein's physics could soon be put to the test Science Daily
Hubert Yockey, 1916-2016, and His Contributions to the Intelligent Design Movement Uncommon Descent
Could there be a new particle hiding in 1990s-era data? Uncommon Descent
Live Cells as Optical Fibers in the Vertebrate Retina
The Real War on Science? It's being waged by the Left Jewish World Review
Biologists discover origin of stomata Science Daily
Husband Of Trump's Education Secretary Once Promoted Intelligent Design In Schools Huffington Post
Can ID Explain the Origin of Evil? Salvo Magazine
Pedagogical consequences of teaching the debate vs. engaging the debate Philosophy Documentation Center
Evidence for self-organization? Microbe redesigned core metabolic pathways Uncommon Descent
A comprehensive tree of prokaryotic life Science Daily
New Scientist frets over future backlash against science Uncommon Descent
Royal Society Meet: No “fisticuffs”; serious questions smothered instead Uncommon Descent
Huge lake under surface of Mars? Uncommon Descent
No, space aliens are never the answer to mystery radio signals Uncommon Descent
Qubits in brain can make it a quantum computer? Uncommon Descent
Cellular reprogramming Science
Almost Half of What's In a Chromosome Is Still a Mystery Big Think
We still don’t know what nearly half the chromosome does Uncommon Descent
Only half of a chromosome is DNA, 3-D imaging reveals Science Daily
This ancient Chinese bird kept its feathers, and colors, for 130 million years Washington Post
Living fossil (Ginkgo biloba) genome unveiled Science Daily
More than 40 New Papers on Epigenetics Published The Scientist
Gravity may have chased light in the early universe - speed of light may not always have been the same New Scientist
Our brains have a basic algorithm that enables our intelligence Science Daily
Genetic explanation for cancer's higher incidence in males than females Science Daily
The sparrow with four sexes: bizarre chromosome evolution of a common bird Nature
Mathematics: “Particle collisions are somehow linked to mathematical ‘motives.’” Uncommon Descent
Soil micro-organisms older than thought Uncommon Descent
Comprehensive human epigenome map completed Uncommon Descent
Four-Legged Snake Fails as a Transitional Form, and Perhaps Even as a Snake Answers in Genesis
Aliens Are Never the Answer (Sorry!) Real Clear Science
"Whistled Languages" Reveal How the Brain Processes Information Scientific American
Could large asteroid hits create niches for early life? Uncommon Descent
Meet the frail, small-brained people who first trekked out of Africa Science Magazine
A mysterious structure occupies up to 47% of every chromosome, study finds Science Alert
Susan Mazur on Royal Society Meeting: "Pterosaurs Hijack Royal Society Evo Meeting" Huffington Post
More Original Protein Found in Older Bird Fossil Creation-Evolution Headlines
Keratin and Melanosomes Preserved in 130-Million-Year-Old Bird Fossil NCSU
We may need to pump the brakes on water on Mars theories Astronomy
NASA to spend less on climate change, more on space exploration? Uncommon Descent
Survey show the effects of Darwin’s corrosive idea: People are just animals Uncommon Descent
Stalin and the scientists: Some advances under his rule, though millions died Uncommon Descent
New Scientist: The Singularity is unlikely Uncommon Descent
Are humans evolving, due to technological changes? Uncommon Descent
Claim: Humanity and AI inseparable by 2021 Uncommon Descent
Stop Calling Neanderthals "Not-Quite-Human Creatures" Answers in Genesis
Scientists Can't Replicate Gene-Editing Method The Scientist
Spider masquerades as leaf Uncommon Descent
Australia: Oldest jewelry so far found, at 46 kya Uncommon Descent
Epigenetics: Teen binge drinking may affect their own kids’ development later Uncommon Descent
Hawking: Our lease on Earth is up in 1000 years. Must colonize other planets Uncommon Descent
With a signal (at last!), mystery around fast radio bursts only deepens Uncommon Descent
Smart rats join tool-user club Science Daily
Bacteria Show Signs of Starvation in Space The Scientist
The Impact Factor, Re-envisioned The Scientist
Peer Review is in Crisis, But Should Be Fixed, Not Abolished The Scientist
Microbe has performed comprehensive re-design of core metabolic pathways Science Daily
Origin of diaphragm pushed back about 50 million years Science Daily
Origin of diaphragm pushed back about 50 million years Uncommon Descent
Intelligent Design Infogalactic
New IDTF Podcast: Undeniable: Douglas Axe on the Design Intuition and a New Biology Discovery Institute
Solution To Dark Matter Proposes That Gravity Is An Illusion Forbes
A proposed dark matter solution means gravity is an illusion Uncommon Descent
The origins of dark matter Symmetry Magazine
Was dark matter forged in Big Bang heat? Uncommon Descent
Eric Metaxas on Michael Behe, Revolutionary Uncommon Descent
How human brains do language: One system, two channels Science Daily
Christian Scientific Society meet April 2017 features human exceptionalism Uncommon Descent
Assessing Frans de Waal's Assessment of Animal Intelligence The Scientist
Molecular Structures Shared by Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes Show Signs of Only Analogy and Not Homology Answers in Genesis
Animal mind research: Replacing dogma that animals are machines with dogma that animals are people too Uncommon Descent
Claim: Seat of human awareness discovered Uncommon Descent
Theodore Dalrymple on how psychology undermines morality Uncommon Descent
Geneticists hope to unlock secrets of bats' complex songs Nature
Genes for speech not limited to humans? Uncommon Descent
Scott Adams on responsible, rational freedom (as the machines take over) Uncommon Descent
Is time a geometric property of space? No need for a fourth dimension? Uncommon Descent
Hearing less about “hard evidence” for the multiverse? Uncommon Descent
Is the peer review system sustainable? STAT News
Life in Earth's soils may be older than believed Science Daily
Beyond the DNA: Comprehensive map of the human epigenome completed Science Daily
New type of photoreceptor found in family of taste receptor proteins
Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence? Nautilus
No, wait, Neanderthal DNA IS useful! Uncommon Descent
The Pangolin: A Mammal with Lizard Scales ICR
Researchers: Life could only exist on Mars far beneath surface Uncommon Descent
Time As a Geometric Property of Space Bible-Science Forum
importance of miRNAs may be overestimated Genome
Words and bones tell a similar story about deep history Science Daily
What a random mutation 600 million years ago did to trigger a molecular evolution Science Daily
NCSE Executive Director Ann Reid: "What The Election Means For NCSE" Uncommon Descent
NCSE Executive Director Ann Reid: "What The Election Means For NCSE" Huffington Post
Supersymmetry a beautiful idea, lacking only evidence Uncommon Descent
Must we understand “nothing” to understand physics? Uncommon Descent
New Book: Philosophers, AI experts ask, are we living in an AI simulation? Will AI out think us? Uncommon Descent
Slow motion waves of jumping genes in the human genome Science Daily
Genes for speech may not be limited to humans Science Daily
Scientists uncover genetic evidence that 'we are what we eat' Science Daily
Scientists discover how protein senses touch Science Daily
Pseudo-Pseudogenes Shake Up Evolutionary Paradigm ICR
'Void' dives into physics of nothingness Science News
Dilbert’s Scott Adams and the reproductively effective delusion evolutionary thesis Uncommon Descent
Antibiotic Resistance: Evolution at work? Uncommon Descent
Natural selection “may have” deleted Neanderthal DNA from modern human genomes… Uncommon Descent
John Searle talks to Google: Real vs. Machine Intelligence Uncommon Descent
Searle on Consciousness “Emerging” from a Computer: “Miracles are always possible.” Uncommon Descent
Epigenetics: Aeon writer says Darwin’s theory is “incomplete” Uncommon Descent
Study: Life on land backdated to 3.223 billion years ago Uncommon Descent
Todd Wood corrects UD post about him Todd C. Wood Blog
Dinosaurs and dinosaur precursors lived alongside one another Science Daily
GMO bacteria devolution is an evolutionary advantage? Uncommon Descent
Rob Sheldon: If biological mechanisms accounted for consciousness, we could breed talking mice Uncommon Descent
Royal Society evolution meeting was cautioned against cheers and boos Uncommon Descent
Ability for teeth to damage prey drives evolutionary changes in tooth shape Science Daily
Unified Theory of Evolution: finally Darwin and Lamarck together Aeon
Mammalian bone gene may be repurposed to fuel cognition in humans Science Daily
Donald Trump's US election win stuns scientists Nature
The scientists who support Donald Trump Nature
Evolution May Have Deleted Neanderthal DNA The Scientist
Ancient toothed turtles survived 30 million years later than previously thought Science Daily
Life took hold on land 300 million years earlier than thought Science Daily
Evolution purged many Neanderthal genes from human genome Science Daily
LiveScience publishes stale dated origin of life theories from 2007 in 2016 Uncommon Descent
Never mind the “hard problem of consciousness”: The real one is… Uncommon Descent
Australia: Sophisticated inland camp site 50,000 years ago Uncommon Descent
Dr Eugen S on "Biological memory vs. memory of materials" Uncommon Descent
Corals Show Genetic Plasticity The Scientist
Ethan Siegel: Why there is more to universe than the standard model Uncommon Descent
The multiverse as portrayed in Marvel Comics Uncommon Descent
NASA cares what your religion thinks about ET Uncommon Descent
Tense Atmosphere at Royal Society "New Trends in Evolutionary Biology" Meeting: A Report on Day 1 Evolution News and Views
54-million-year-old biting midge Science Daily
A natural barrier to lateral gene transfer from prokaryotes to eukaryotes revealed from genomes: the 70% rule BMC Biology
New coral research exposes genomic underpinnings of adaptation Science Daily
Researchers claim that humans have souls which can live on after death The Sun
Abiogenesis: The Origin of Lie Creation-Evolution Headlines
Royal Society meeting on new trend in evolutionary biology is definitely going ahead Uncommon Descent
Should physics even try to converge on a grand unified theory? Uncommon Descent
Earth has a good neighbourhood Creation Ministries, Int'l
Baraminology Examined and Critiqued Todd C. Wood Blogspot
The Other Person that Discovered Evolution, Besides Darwin BBC
Today's Science Hates Faith Creation-Evolution Headlines
Future Humans: Just how far can our evolution go? New Scientist
New Scientist: Hallucination is the new reality Uncommon Descent
The Biggest Myth About P-Values Real Clear Science
Birds are more like 'feathered apes' than 'bird brains' The Guardian
Cell’s biggest organelle is tightly packed tubes, not sheets Uncommon Descent
Cattle-Bison Hybrid Stomps On Evolutionary Expectations ICR
Marine predator makes virus to fight off giant virus Uncommon Descent
Wildlife in decline two-thirds from 1970? Uncommon Descent
Teaching Evolution: The Blog as a Liminal Space The Journal of Effective Teaching - UNCW
What counts as science? Uncommon Descent
Why young people should think hard about going into science Uncommon Descent
Why should baryons define where the dark matter is? Another dark matter problem Bible-Science Forum
Deciphering the genes that give mammals their stripes and patterns Nature
Five Independent Signs Of New Physics In The Universe Forbes
Why quantum mechanics might need an overhaul Science News
The dark side of 'junk' DNA Science Daily
When Fake Cosmology Led to the Real Thing - The inside story of the gravitational wave signal injection Nautilus
Why all of this fuss about specific functionality and FSCO/I, when we already have CSI? Uncommon Descent
So, You Thought Charles Darwin Discovered Natural Selection? Wrong Evolution News and Views
TOC for new issue of Journal of Creation Creation Ministries, Int'l
Every human culture includes cooking - this is how it began New Scientist
A New Spin on the Quantum Brain Quanta Magazine
Massimo Pigliucci: Platonic view of evolution is just SO wrong Uncommon Descent
A Critique of Scientific Explanations of Belief and Unbelief Answers in Genesis
Structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars UC Santa Barbara
Richard Dawkins Misrepresents Science, Say British Scientists Science 2.0
British Scientists Don't Like Richard Dawkins Independent
Why Primates Kill Their Offspring Nautilus
Could Life Have Evolved Multicellular System? Answers in Genesis
Immune System Maintains Brain Health The Scientist
One idea explains all the weird coincidences in the universe New Scientist
Bibliometrics are warping science - encouraging quantity over quality Nature
New Model Explains the Moon's Weird Orbit University of Maryland
Gravitational Waves May Permanently Alter Spacetime PBS
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