ARTICLES - July 2020  
What is the fine-tuning argument for God's existence, and does the multiverse counter it? Wintery Knight
How Did The Universe Make Our Existence Possible? Forbes
Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel offers to explain how the universe made us Uncommon Descent
Mystery over Universe's expansion deepens with fresh data Nature
New approach refines the Hubble's constant and age of universe to 12.6 billion years Science Daily
Released: Largest All Sky Map Ever Uncommon Descent
Alternatives to the Multiverse Medium
What dark matter is (probably) not Symmetry Magazine
An Alternative to Dark Matter Passes Critical Test Quanta Magazine
Dark matter map hints at cracks in our understanding of the universe New Scientist
The time a particle spends in a quantum tunnel has been measured Uncommon Descent
Yes, Stephen Hawking Lied To Us All About How Black Holes Decay Forbes
At Forbes: Claim that Stephen Hawking “lied” about black holes Uncommon Descent
I do not believe in the multiverse, the case for realism Medium
The universe's clock might have bigger ticks than we imagine Live Science
Agency in Physics arXiv
Do we need a Theory of Everything? BackReaction
Sabine Hossenfelder asks: Do we need a theory of everything? Uncommon Descent
Astrophysicist investigates the possibility of life below the surface of Mars Science Daily
Perseverance Rover, whatever befalls it, is real science Uncommon Descent
A massive star has suddenly gone missing? Uncommon Descent
Time-energy uncertainty does not create particles Cornell University arXiv
Where did all the baryons go? Space
Are we starting to find out what happened to the universe’s missing baryons? Uncommon Descent
Astronomers hope to wring their space aliens from Bayesian analysis Uncommon Descent
Sabine Hossenfelder: Einstein’s greatest legacy was the thought experiment Uncommon Descent
Is There a Scientific Conflict Between the Theory of Darwinian Evolution and the Fossil Record? Geoscience Research Institute
The Demise of the Artifact Hypothesis Evolution News
In Carbon Isotope Excursions, Darwinists Lose Another Excuse for the Cambrian Explosion Evolution News
Have Darwinians lost another excuse re the unDarwinian Cambrian Explosion? Uncommon Descent
The Salt Range saga - The "Precambrian rabbit" challenge revisited Creation
New insight into the origin of water on Earth Science Daily
Dolphins and whales separately evolved the same speedy swimming bones New Scientist
15-foot-long skeleton of extinct dolphin suggests parallel evolution among whales Science Daily
Researchers: Toothed and non-toothed (baleen) whales evolved similar features independently Uncommon Descent
Namacalathus, Alleged Ediacaran "Animal," Fails to Refute Abrupt Cambrian Explosion Evolution News
Biosignatures Reveal Intact Soft Tissue Is Ubiquitous in Fossils Creation-Evolution Headlines
Soft Dinosaur Eggs Deflate Bird-Dinosaur Evolution ICR
World's smallest dinosaur is probably a lizard Nature
Evolutionists Mangle Fossils with Preposterous Stories Creation-Evolution Headlines
Early Australia featured some weird monsters Uncommon Descent
Earth's magnetic field can change 10 times faster than previously thought Science Daily
Paper: Earth’s magnetic field can change ten times faster than thought Uncommon Descent
A tiny ancient relative of dinosaurs and pterosaurs discovered Science Daily
Evolutionists Connect Dinosaur Dots with Puny Fossil Creation-Evolution Headlines
Namacalathus, an Ediacaran Lophophorate Animal? Evolution News
Evolution after Chicxulub asteroid impact: Rapid response of life to end-cretaceous mass Science Daily
Expanded ENCODE delivers invaluable genomic encyclopedia Nature
ENCODE produces a genomic encyclopedia Uncommon Descent
Hand Signals of Design Creation-Evolution Headlines
DNA May Be "Junk" at One Level But of Utmost Significance at Another Evolution News
Mistakes Our Critics Make: Protein Rarity Evolution News
Mistakes Our Critics Make: Limits of Evolutionary Processes Evolution News
Evolution's well-kept secret: Mutations are not random! Creation
Darwin Devolves: Darwinists see evolution as bottom up; Michael Behe sees it as top down Uncommon Descent
The Fairy Tale World of an Evolution Textbook Evolution News
Liberal college prof takes aim at the the fairytale world of an “evolution” textbook Uncommon Descent
Darwinian Devolution: A review of Michael Behe's Darwin Devolves New Oxford Review
'Impossible' Hybrid Suggests Non-Darwinian Change Creation-Evolution Headlines
The “sturdlefish” is the offspring of sturgeon and paddlefish—separated by 184 million years’ evolution Uncommon Descent
A Study Finds Sex Differences in the Brain. Does It Matter? Wired
Study of DNA repair shows great specificity of action by enzymes to correct double-strand breaks Science Daily
Genome guardians stop and reel in DNA to correct replication errors Science Daily
Study: Enzymes act very specifically to control double-strand breaks Uncommon Descent
More evidence for the reality of genetic entropy - update Creation
How can life forms show intelligence with no brain? Mind Matters
First Human Chromosome Fully Sequenced ICR
Controversial DNA Modification could play a key role in placenta development Science Magazine
Has the genetic code for mammals gained another letter? Uncommon Descent
Biologists shed light on how cells move resources
Biophysicists Find Water Wires Are Biological Information Channels Evolution News
Researchers: Neurons are programmed for long life, not like other cell Uncommon Descent
How human sperm really swim: New research challenges centuries-old assumption Science Daily
Deep sea microbes dormant for 100 million years are hungry and ready to multiply Science Daily
Scientists Awaken Deep Sea Bacteria After 100 Million Years The Scientist
Old-Earth Evolutionists Have Blown Their Cred Creation-Evolution Headlines
Ear Muscle "Wiggle": A Vestigial-Organ Claim That We Should 'Turn a Deaf Ear To' Creation-Evolution Headlines
Chromosome Dynamics Has Egg-centric Features Evolution News
Designing DNA from scratch: Engineering the functions of micrometer-sized DNA droplets Science Daily
Scientists uncover key process in the manufacture of ribosomes and proteins Science Daily
Biosignatures may reveal a wealth of new data locked inside old fossils Science Daily
Biosignatures: New data from old fossils (and the Tully Monster) Uncommon Descent
Beneficial Mutations Answers in Genesis
RNA key in helping stem cells know what to become Science Daily
Controversial DNA Modification could play a key role in placenta development Science Magazine
Blood Cells Act as Multi-Purpose Truckers Creation-Evolution Headlines
Genetic mutations help MRSA to become highly resistant to antibiotics Science Daily
Electrical Signaling Among Plants Via Soil Fungal Network ICR
Searching high and low for the origins of life Knowable Magazine
Are researchers closer to understanding the origin of life? Uncommon Descent
Biologists shed light on how cells move resources Science Daily
Cells communicate by doing the 'wave' Science Daily
In Cell Death, a Stunning Display of Intelligent Design Evolution News
Cell death as intelligent design Uncommon Descent
When Evolutionists Help Creationists Make Their Case, Part 3 Answers in Genesis
Reconciling Evolution and Cooperation Science 2.0
What is the point in having a nervous system? ScienceNordic
Billion-year-old Trichoplax has everything needed for a nervous system but no system Uncommon Descent
From self-replication to replicator systems en route to de novo life Nature
Self-replicating molecules show signs of metabolism for the first time Chemistry World
At New Scientist: A shortage of trace metals might have accounted for the development of complex cells Uncommon Descent
Phylogenetics Answers in Genesis
Quadruple-stranded DNA seen in healthy human cells for the first time New Scientist
Complex Metabolic Process in Fish Startles Evolutionists ICR
The origin of flightless birds Creation
Neurons are genetically programmed to have long lives Science Daily
MRI Scans of the Brains of 130 Mammals, Including Humans, Indicate Equal Connectivity Tel Aviv University
Understanding how brains fold and misfold Cosmos Magazine
Brains are “programmed”? Uncommon Descent
New role for white blood cells in the developing brain Science Daily
Unwary Darwinists Swallowed Whole by Seemingly Unthreatening Whale Video Evolution News
Whale Genetics and Evolution Answers in Genesis
Researchers discover deep sea creatures that suck up light like a black hole Uncommon Descent
The Triumphalism of Strickberger's Evolution Evolution News
X-rays unearth novel nanofeatures in bone Physics World
Is Plant 'Intelligence' Just a Human Fantasy? Gizmodo
Claim: Plants are conscious Uncommon Descent
The carnivorous plant lifestyle is gene costly Uncommon Descent
Plant study challenges tropics' reputation as site of modern evolutionary innovation Science Daily
Toward principles of gene regulation in multicellular systems? Science Daily
In New Research, RNA Takes Center Stage Evolution News
Kinds, species, and Joel Duff's criticism of YEC speciation - Part 1 Answers in Genesis
Kinds, species, and Joel Duff and David MacMillan's criticism of YEC speciation - Part 2 Answers in Genesis
African Genocide: The Horror of Scientific Racism Evolution News
Evidence that modern humans and 'super-archaic' humans may have shared DNA Creation
120,000-year-old necklace tells of the origin of string Ars Technica
The "evolutionary origin" of string Uncommon Descent
Humans and Neanderthals More Similar Than Polar and Brown Bears ICR
Neanderthal tools - A Spark of Insight Into Neanderthal Behavior Sapiens
Differences Between Humans and Apes Answers in Genesis
This 1.4-million-year-old hand ax adds to Homo erectus' known toolkit Science News
Handax crafted by Homo erectus 1.4 million years ago Uncommon Descent
Did humans really make the artifacts found at 29 kya in a cave in Mexico? Uncommon Descent
Did we learn sign language before we learned to speak? Mind Matters
Why Science and Atheism Don't Mix Evolution News
We Know Moral Truths Better Than We Know Many Scientific Claims Cross Examined
Atheist taken to task for mangling history Uncommon Descent
Atheism detracts from science Uncommon Descent
Origins 2020 recap Todd C. Wood
Musings on the history of creationism Todd C. Wood
Introducing the Creation Theology Society Creation Theology Society
Gregor Mendel: No Darwinian Answers in Genesis
Why Augustine on Creation? Gavin Ortlund
The Bible and Science The Gospel Coalition
Review of 'Theistic Evolution' Creation
Eugenics: The hidden history of the progressive movement Uncommon Descent
It's Time to Fix Evolution's Public Relations Problem Evolution Institute
Evolution Institute talks about Darwinism’s PR problem Uncommon Descent
Applying Bayes' Theorem to Biological Design Evolution News
The Advantages of a Bayesian Approach to ID Evolution News
A Sneak Preview of Three Views on Christianity and Science Worldview Bulletin
Michael Egnor on the relationship between Darwinism and totalitarianism Uncommon Descent
From Darwin to Eden Uncommon Descent
Rest, Revival and Creation Creation
Darwinian Mythology in Strickberger's Evolution Evolution News
James Dwight Dana: Falsely Claimed Darwinist Evolution News
Asked at American Thinker: Is St. Darwin losing his halo? Uncommon Descent
Human Consciousness Just Became a Bigger Challenge to Darwin Creation-Evolution Headlines
How Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems Work Quanta Magazine
What finding life on Mars could tell us about our own origins Nautilus
“Evolutionary determinism,” universals, and life on Mars Uncommon Descent
Objectivity and the Construction of Knowledge Areo
A review of Faith and Fossils: The Bible, creation, and evolution by Lester Grabbe Creation
Big Science Is Losing Even More Credibility Creation-Evolution Headlines
New Evidence for Discrimination Against Christians in Academia Creation-Evolution Headlines
"Live Not by Lies": Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Intelligent Design Evolution News
Michael Egnor counsels: Live not by lies Uncommon Descent
Design inference - "clearly the result of the human hand in the process" Breitbart
Survey Misclassifies Darwin-Doubting Teachers Evolution News
A College Student Gets Educated on Darwinian "Morality" Evolution News
Richard Dawkins, as seen apart from proxy Darwin worship Uncommon Descent
Bari Weiss Knows What ID Scientists Already Knew Evolution News
ID folk know a fair bit about how Cancel Culture works  Uncommon Descent
Larry Krauss returns as a free speech champion Uncommon Descent
Memory Purge: Eugenicist Margaret Sanger Gets Canceled by Planned Parenthood Evolution News
Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger, a big Social Darwinist, gets cancelled Uncommon Descent
Different from a computer: Why the brain never processes the same input in the same way Science Daily
Interview with a woman (or women) formerly called Susan Blackmor Mind Matters
In Dan Brown’s AI Hype Novel, the Hero Stumbles Onto God Mind Matters
Could super artificial intelligence be, in some sense, alive? Mind Matters
The Sordid History of Scam Science AIER
The high costs of scam science Uncommon Descent
Ethics prof slams claims about why pregnant women “nest” Mind Matters
But, in the end, did the chimpanzee really talk? Mind Matters
Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong Medium
Criticism of DK Chu et al. on face masks for COVID-19 by professor Joseph Audie OCLA
COVID-19 and the need for skeptics in science Uncommon Descent
At ACSH: Understanding the loss of credibility of expert opinion, post-COVID-19 Uncommon Descent
Retraction Watch: Lancet hydrochloroquine editorial retracted and replaced Uncommon Descent
Plagues Can Arise Quickly Without Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
A big Nature study on a tiny dinosaur is being retracted Retraction Watch
Which is smarter? Babies or AI? Not a trick question Mind Matters
Larry Krauss returns as a free speech champion Uncommon Descent
Can animal minds rival humans under the right circumstances? Mind Matters
Integrated Information Theory: Electrons DO have a “rudimentary mind” Mind Matters
Is the Turing Test Misguided? George Montañez comments Mind Matters
Why is Bell’s Theorem Important for Conservation of Information? Mind Matters
Michael Egnor: Denying free will is totalitarian Mind Matters
Could advanced technology enable 'extraterrestrials' to travel vast distances? Creation
SETI at Home closing down—and the double standard   Uncommon Descent
The grammar of consciousness: I vs. me Mind Matters
How the brain builds a sense of self from the people around us - new research The Conversation
Breaking Down Human Consciousness Real Clear Science
Transhumanism's Challenge to Humanity Evolution News
Neurosurgeon Explains Why You Are Not a Zombie Mind Matters
Can we develop tests of the brain for consciousness? Mind Matters
John Lennox answers our questions about AI in 2084 Mind Matters
Can AI replace the need for belief in God? Mind Matters
John Lennox: Transhumanism is not a new idea Mind Matters
Are we on the cusp of artificial general intelligence? Mind Matters
COVID-19 and fading respect for Big Science Uncommon Descent
And then they came for 2 + 2 = 4 … Uncommon Descent
Does Mathematics = Western Imperialism? American Thinker
Multiverse physicist Max Tegmark seeks AI that checks news bias Mind Matters
Built to Save Us from Evil AI, OpenAI Now Dupes Us Mind Matters
The real science behind SETI's hunt for intelligent aliens Ars Technica
Could COVID-19 help us understand the current buzz in science media about space aliens? Uncommon Descent
Top tech analyst: Human biology is too complicated for humans Mind Matters