NEW ARTICLES - December 2019  
How did the universe begin? Back Reaction
Sabine Hossenfelder: Physicists’ theories of how the universe began “aren’t any better than traditional tales of creation” Uncommon Descent
Did God Create The Universe? Forbes
Ethan Siegel asks at Forbes, Did God create the universe? Uncommon Descent
Rethinking Superdeterminism arXiv
Sabine Hossenfelder proposes “superdeterminism”  to replace quantum mechanics Uncommon Descent
Black Hole Singularities Are as Inescapable as Expected Quanta Magazine
Black Holes Were Already Feasting Just 1.5 Billion Years After the Big Bang Universe Today
Big bang retold: The weird twists in the story of the universe's birth New Scientist
Dark Matter 'Strikes Back' in Galactic Mystery Gizmodo
No Dark Energy? No Chance, Cosmologists Contend Quanta Magazine
Researchers: No, you can’t escape a black hole Uncommon Descent
At PhysicsWorld: Image of black hole and its shadow is the breakthrough of the year Uncommon Descent
Exoplanets can be made less habitable by stars' flares Science Daily
Chipping way at the millions of habitable exoplanets…  Uncommon Descent
The universe tends towards disorder. But how come nobody knows why? New Scientist
Why the Laws of Physics Are Inevitable Quanta Magazine
Why the laws of nature are not inevitable, never have been, and never will be. Back Reaction
Are the Laws of the Universe "Inevitable"? Evolution News
Has another hole been found in the Standard Model of the universe? Uncommon Descent
Ethan Siegel’s claim at Forbes: Why we’ll never exactly solve general relativity. Rob Sheldon responds Uncommon Descent
What we get wrong about time BBC
The Universe Remembers Gravitational Waves - And We Can Find Them Space
Is the Anthropic Principle scientific? Back Reaction
Sabine Hossenfelder on why the anthropic principle is controversial Uncommon Descent
We finally know how whole planets grow from tiny clumps of dust New Scientist
Long Live the Multiverse! Scientific American Blogs
Planck evidence for a closed Universe and a possible crisis for cosmology Nature
In the quantum world, uncertainty reigns - or is it all in the mind? New Scientist
Is the Law of Conservation of Energy Cancelled? Nautilus
A glimpse at one facet of post-science physics Uncommon Descent
"Fossil dinosaur feathers found near the South Pole" - Separating fact from fiction in a farcical story! Creation
Eighty-Five Reports of Biological Remnants in Fossils ICR
Was Earth's oxygenation a gradual process? Cosmos Magazine
Cambrian Brains Found Creation-Evolution Headlines
Four great waves of animals have spread out from the tropics New Scientist
Did a million years of rain jump-start dinosaur evolution? Nature
Did a million years of rain pave the way for the dinosaurs? Uncommon Descent
When penguins ruled after dinosaurs died Flinders University
Why is Earth so rich in oxygen? The answer is simpler than we thought New Scientist
Cretaceous fossils are missing link in mammal ear evolution New Scientist
Dinosaur Soft Tissue Really Just "Biofilm Contamination" After All? Detecting Design
More T. rex Soft Tissues ICR
New Mammal Fossil May Show How Ear Bones Evolved from Jaw Bones The Scientist
Untangling the branches in the mammal tree of life Science Daily
Paleontology: Experiments in evolution Science Daily
A new early whale, Aegicetus gehennae, represents an intermediate stage between foot-powered and tail-powered swimming Science Daily
Fossilized Cambrian arthropod brains found Uncommon Descent
The world's oldest known fossil forest has been discovered in a quarry in upper New York state CNN
Is this lizard fossil evidence of animal parental care over 300 mya? Uncommon Descent
Oldest Fossil Evidence of Animal Parenting Found in Canada Inside Science
Fossil Record Evolution: Any Transitional Forms? Answers in Genesis
What About Living Fossils? Answers in Genesis
End-stage Darwinism? Is Darwinism wrong? Uncommon Descent
Why we need clarity when we debate evolution Creation
Teaching Evolution to the Next Generation Answers in Genesis
Molybdenum Is Stored in Cells by a Powered Piercing Machine Evolution News
New insights into the earliest events of seed germination Science Daily
Article on science fraud discusses Haeckel’s faked-up embryos as if fakery matters Uncommon Descent
Multi-omics analysis of the process establishing the mammalian body plan Science Daily
Whales, Bees, and Viruses: Intelligent Design from Biggest to Smallest Evolution News
Researchers: Our conscious visual perception lies outside our visual cortex Mind Matters
Blood feeding evolved independently abut 100 times despite being a very complex trait Uncommon Descent
No Harm, No Foul - What If Darwinism Were Excised from Biology? Evolution News
We are invited to ask what would happen if Darwin were excised from biology Uncommon Descent
Jonathan Wells Was Right: Non-coding DNA Continues to Show Function Evolution News
Y-Chromosome Study Confirms Genesis Flood Timeline ICR
DNA barcodes show gaps between species and support recent common bottleneck Creation
Compound eyes: The visual apparatus of today's horseshoe crabs goes back 400 million years Science Daily
Claim: The tree of life may have only two major branches  Uncommon Descent
Mitochondria are the 'canary in the coal mine' for cellular stress Science Daily
Brainwashed - For Your Own Good Evolution News
How cells learn to 'count' Science Daily
How Butterflies "Evolve" by Design Evolution News
Butterfly Wing Pattern Diversification by Non-Darwinian Mechanisms Evolution News
At Nautilus: Do butterflies challenge the meaning of “species”? Uncommon Descent
DNA repair and implications for HGT and Natural Genetic Engineering Oxford Academic

New study hints at complex decision making in a single-cell organism Science Daily
Conscious visual perception occurs outside the visual system Science Daily
Genetic brain disorder fixed in mice using precision epigenome editing Science Daily
What if epigenetics turns out to be useful in treating disability? Uncommon Descent
A new study shows an animal's lifespan is written in the DNA. For humans, it's 38 years The Conversation
Here's why many CRISPR/Cas9 experiments could be wrong - and how to fix them Massive Science
How flowers adapt to their pollinators: Modularity facilitates rapid adaptation of single floral organs to different pollinators Science Daily
Savannah monitor lizards have a unique airflow pattern that is a hybrid of bird and mammal flow patterns Science Daily
Directed evolution for CO2/formate metabolism changed 11 genes Nature
Female fish mate OUTSIDE their species? Uncommon Descent
How cells relieve DNA replication stress Science Daily
Irresistible! An epigenetic couch potato mouse Uncommon Descent
At the Scientist: The epigenetic couch potato mouse debuts Uncommon Descent
When 98.9 Percent of Nutrition Scientist Got it Wrong What's Up with That?
Archeon life form eats fragments of meteorites Uncommon Descent
Scientists detail how chromosomes reorganize after cell division Science Daily
The Startling Secret of an Invincible Virus The Atlantic
We're beginning to question the idea of species - including our own New Scientist
Why Aren't Whales Bigger? Smithsonian Magazine
Dinosaur Evolution: Darwinian Tricks to Force Data into Theory Creation-Evolution Headlines
Spectacularly-Preserved Fossil Shrimp Look Modern Creation-Evolution Headlines
Designed Adaptations Challenge Evolution ICR
The Uses and Abuses of the Human Sciences Areo Magazine
What does it mean to be human? Cosmos Magazine
Psychology accused of ‘collective self-deception’ over results Times Higher Education
Neanderthal Extinction Dilemma ICR
Homo naledi: Another Failed Evolutionary Ape-Man ICR
Human Ancestors May Have Evolved the Physical Ability to Speak More Than 25 Million Years Ago Smithsonian Magazine
Why it's time to call time on the 'nature vs nurture' debate New Scientist
Homo erectus lived recently enough that it may have met Denisovans New Scientist
Reanalyzed Fossils Could Be Last Known Homo erectus Specimens The Scientist
Researchers: Homo erectus survived longer than thought Uncommon Descent
Is this cave painting humanity's oldest story? Nature
New study suggests 'enigmatic hominoid' did not walk upright and was not a tree climber
The Plan to Replace God ICR
Can Science Rule Out God? Scientific American Blogs
At Scientific American: Can Science rule out God? Uncommon Descent
It's not science vs religion but each one via the other Aeon
Historian: Christianity has been the world’s greatest engine for moral reform Uncommon Descent
At Aeon: Religion, science, and post-modernism Uncommon Descent
Why materialism fails as a science-based philosophy Mind Matters
Discovery Institute announces new ID initiative inspired in part by paleontologist Gunter Bechly Uncommon Descent
Come to think of it, there is no necessary relationship between atheism and Darwinism Uncommon Descent
New Atheism – The Godlessness that Failed Slate Star Codex
Book Review: Can Science Explain Everything? by John Lennox Apologetics 315
The Salem Hypothesis Is True, And That’s Great For ID Uncommon Descent
Consciousness is neither a spooky mystery nor an illusory belief Aeon
Yes, consciousness is real but that’s not the half of it Mind Matters
How Scientists Can Avoid Cognitive Bias Back Reaction
Sabine Hossenfelder on avoiding cognitive biases Uncommon Descent
Ignoring the Opposition: How Big Science Descends into Groupthink Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Many Faces of Scientific Fraud Quillette
Head of ancient-DNA lab sacked for 'serious misconduct' Nature
Oxford mathematician John Lennox on whether a scientist can believe in God Uncommon Descent
Charles Darwin's philosophical Trojan Horse God Evidence
Exchanging One Myth for Another Creation-Evolution Headlines
Adam and Sin as the Bane of Evolution? A Review of Finding Ourselves After Darwin Themelios
Bogus accommodationism: The return of Adam and Eve as real people, as proposed by a wonky quasi-scientific theory Why Evolution Is True
New Atheism: A Shipwreck of Fools Evolution News
Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor explains why new atheism was doomed to die young Uncommon Descent
One of the biggest science stories of the last decade: The Descent of Man gets crowdsourced Uncommon Descent
Richard Dawkins's Latest Case for Outgrowing God The Gospel Coalition
David Bentley Hart offers an honest assessment of Richard Dawkins’s new book Uncommon Descent
Dawkins raises an issue without intending to: Can one “outgrow” God without “outgrowing” morality? Uncommon Descent
Science for Seminaries or Materialism for the Masses? Evolution News
A Failure of Nerve in the Dialogue on Science and Religion Luther College - Ideas and Creations Blog
Imagine someone asking just how much wisdom there is in the scientific crowd? Uncommon Descent
200 Researchers, 5 Hypotheses, No Consistent Answers Wired
Discussion of chance and randomness Sapienta
Chance vs. Randomness: Another theological dance in Darwin’s defense? Uncommon Descent
What difference did Protestantism make to modern science? Uncommon Descent
Unbelievers: An Emotional History of Doubt' Book Review National Review
You didn’t learn in Biology 101 why animals are NOT nearly perfect spheres? Uncommon Descent
Why animals are not round, Part II Uncommon Descent
Top Ten AI Hype Countdown Mind Matters
Mars Bugs and Intelligent Design - On a Collision Course? Evolution News
A visual meditation on infinite patterns in nature Uncommon Descent
The Uncomfortable Limits of Human Knowledge The Scientist
The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2019 Real Clear Science
The Top Retractions of 2019 The Scientist
Survival of the Fittest and Evolution's Death Culture ICR
Would Hooker, Boyle, Pascal, and Newton would all be out of work today? Uncommon Descent
How can mind interact with matter? Mind Matters
Finally, machine learning interprets gene regulation clearly Science Daily
Once again, New Scientist needs us to know that our sense of self is an illusion Uncommon Descent
Breakthrough? Nature Calls for Openness in Science Education Evolution News
At Nature: A call for a more questioning attitude in science education? Uncommon Descent
"Evolutionary" - A Useless Adjective Creation-Evolution Headlines
Alles Klar? Jerry Coyne on an "Argument from Incredulity" Evolution News
People want time travel and they don’t care what they have to believe to get it Uncommon Descent
The larger lesson from the story of the Man With Two Fingerprints Uncommon Descent
Review of The Lost World of the Flood Creation
Review of Turner's Purpose & Desire Creation
What if a near-death experience is a vision of hell? Mind Matters
Decline in giving is linked to decline in religious belief Uncommon Descent
Why I dislike what "quantum supremacy" is doing to computing research ars technica
Massimo Pigliucci: Feynman was wrong about truth and beauty in science Uncommon Descent