NEW ARTICLES - February 2016  
Proofreading molecules tug on RNA to ensure protein production accuracy Science Daily
Foundational Philosophical Alternatives Uncommon Descent
Natural selection has limits? Who knew? Uncommon Descent
Dan Graur’s 12 principles of Evolutionary Truth Uncommon Descent
Debate between Stephen Meyer and Charles Marshall Detecting Design
Existence of sex poses a deep question The Economist
Engineering a life form to fail Uncommon Descent
Why Specificity In Intelligent Design Is Useless – Guest Post by Smilodon’s Retreat Patheos
The selfish gene: Stay in bed if you have a cold Uncommon Descent
Kevin Padian assesses a study on how animals came to fly, wade, creep and glide Nature
Cosmic Void Dwarfs Are a Thing and There's a Problem With Them Nautilus
Kenneth Miller reflects on intelligent design case Brown Daily Herald
Information jumps again: some more facts, and thoughts, about Prickle 1 and
taxonomically restricted genes
Uncommon Descent
How plants protect photosynthesis from oxygen Science Daily
Can ID be an argument for religion? Uncommon Descent
Excerpt from A Brief History of Creation features Carl Woese Uncommon Descent
The Evolution of Mitochondria Detecting Design
Quantum Darwinism Is Where Natural Selection Meets Quantum Mechanics Inverse
Earth May Be a 1-in-700-Quintillion Kind of Place Discover Magazine
Before RNA world: Motivated soup world Uncommon Descent
Karl Popper on “adaptive” as a tautology Uncommon Descent
700 quintillion reasons to deny Earth is unusual Uncommon Descent
Our genes are in part what we ate? Uncommon Descent
Dog-like carnivores, some primate species may have a magnetic compass similar to that of birds Science Daily
Neuroscience News: Are humans hardwired for transgressions? Uncommon Descent
Bonobos know when others are being treated unfairly - and react New Scientist
NatGeo interview: Plant intelligence ignored Uncommon Descent
Debate whether Lenski's experiments support evolutionary theory The Scientist
Neanderthal Concept Has Imploded Creation-Evolution Headlines
New Scientist: Plants have “evolved” forgetfulness Uncommon Descent
Denton vs. Moran on structuralism Uncommon Descent
Book Review: The Genesis Creation Account and Its Reverberations in the Old Testament Bible Archaeology
More scientists doubt materialism explains consciousness Uncommon Descent
BioLogos' serpentine retelling of Genesis Creation
“Intelligent evolution” book defends life from space Uncommon Descent
Physicist David Snoke’ review of Denton Uncommon Descent
Reviving frozen creatures Vox
Octopus Genome as Large as Human Genome ICR
Jerry Coyne and Faith in out of date “Facts” Uncommon Descent
Cheats and Deceits: The story of how to stay alive New Scientist
What values are important to scientists?
There Is Such a Thing as Plant Intelligence National Geographic
Researchers: Atheism natural to humans Uncommon Descent
Salon on science’s long road to atheism Uncommon Descent
Extra RNA letter found; helps explain epigenetics Uncommon Descent
Breaking: Earth special after all Uncommon Descent
Quantum weirdness may hide an orderly reality after all New Scientist
Rolling stones, turbulence connect evolution to physics Science Daily
Redefining part of 300 year-old classification system for grouping members of the animal kingdom Science Daily
The Most Common Misunderstandings About Evolution Real Clear Science
Fine tuning in cosmology and biology meet Uncommon Descent
Exoplanet Census Suggests Earth Is Special after All Scientific American
What sparked the Cambrian explosion? … again Uncommon Descent
A Little Timeline on the Second Law Argument Uncommon Descent
Humans, primates split 2 mya earlier than thought? Uncommon Descent
Michael Denton: The laws of nature are uniquely fine-tuned Uncommon Descent
Is this the new Intelligent Design creationist strategy? Pharyngula
What Sparked the Cambrian Explosion? Scientific American
Oxygen was present in the atmosphere much earlier than previously assumed Science Daily
Is Social Science Politically Biased? Scientific American
Even Michael Shermer thinks social science is politically biased. Uncommon Descent
Barry Arrington’s chapter by chapter review of Denton at your fingertips Uncommon Descent
Artificial molecular machines Royal Society of Chemistry
Turning the 2nd law thermo into a “principle of reasoning” Uncommon Descent
Why do our cell's power plants (mitochondria) have their own DNA? Science Magazine
A response to Larry Moran on Denton Evolution News and Views
Protein structure illuminates how viruses take over cells Science Daily
New molecular alarm clock found in vertebrates Science Daily
500 million-year-old fossils show how extinct organisms attacked their prey Science Daily
Principles of assembly reveal a periodic table of protein complexes Science
Disbelieve it or not, ancient history suggests that atheism is as natural to humans as religion University of Cambridge
Genetic Ancestry Is Basically a Horoscope Real Clear Science
Evolution silences harmful mutations Science Daily
Humans mated with Neandertals much earlier and more frequently than thought Science Magazine
New RNA letter regulates gene expression: Discovery brings RNA to the fore of epigenetics Science Daily
Genes that come from nowhere? So it seems. Uncommon Descent
How to Build Life in a Pre-Darwinian World Quanta Magazine
Is “race” a justified category for grouping humans? Uncommon Descent
Understanding Natural Selection: Clarifying the Confusion Answers in Genesis
Jawless fish brains more similar to ours than previously thought Science Daily
Fossil analysis pushes back human split from other primates by two million years Science Daily
Barry Arrington: Is the Royal Society Finally Catching Up with Our Own
Upright Biped?
Uncommon Descent
Eugene Koonin on biological information Royal Society Publishing
Physicist Hossenfelder on theory vs. wishful thinking Uncommon Descent
On Animal Emotions The Scientist
Footprints of primitive reptiles and amphibians from 280-290 million years ago Science Daily
The Interrelationships of Placental Mammals and the Limits of Phylogenetic Inference Science Daily
Gravitational waves: How LIGO forged the path to victory Nature
15 myo extinct plant species discovered in amber BBC
Gene editing called a WMD threat Technology Review
Honesty isn’t that big a deal in science? Uncommon Descent
The Real Meaning of Einstein's Gravitational Waves The Atlantic
Baylor U doc not Darwinist. But sky didn’t fall? Uncommon Descent
As (believing) in Adam, all sinned? Uncommon Descent
A real world case of randomness creating information? Uncommon Descent
BBC: Bacteria “see” like tiny eyeballs Uncommon Descent
New findings on evolution and probability Uncommon Descent
Ants socialized and fought 100 mya Uncommon Descent
Faith, Fact, and False Dichotomies The New Atlantis
Good for Nothing - A review of "Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible" by Jerry Coyne Inference Review
Omnibus of Fallacies - Another review of "Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible" by Jerry Coyne First Things
Biology of the Baroque released today on YouTube Uncommon Descent
New website for Darwin correspondence Darwin Project
When Einstein Was Wrong NY Times
Ants were socializing -- and sparring -- nearly 100 million years ago Science Daily
Could the food we eat affect our genes? Study in yeast suggests this may be the case Science Daily
Giant flightless bird wandered the Arctic 50 million years ago Science Daily
For Darwin Day: Cannibalism, like suicide, is adaptive Uncommon Descent
Darwin Day: Church and state issues? Uncommon Descent
Neuroscience of Early-Life Learning in C. elegans The Scientist
Neanderthals' Genetic Legacy The Scientist
South Africa's Sterkfontein Caves produce two new hominin fossils dated to 2.18 million years ago Science Daily
Review of Giberson's Saving the Original Sinner - Heresy Does Not Happen Overnight The Gospel Coalition
Is Michael Ruse going to celebrate Darwin Day? Chronicle of Higher Education
Gravitational Waves Discovered at Long Last Quanta Magazine
Misuse of Term 'Natural Selection' Continues Creation-Evolution Headlines
Memory ensembles: To preserve its memories, the brain must regulate its neural networks Science Daily
Gravitational waves paper from Physical Review Letters Physics APS
Pinpointing the "Accident" That Let Multicellular Life Evolve Answers in Genesis
Gravitational waves story updated with comments, major sources Uncommon Descent
Gravitational waves reliably detected Uncommon Descent
Gravitational waves have been reliably detected MIT
One random mutation powers multicellular life? Uncommon Descent
Fossil record disappears at different rates Science Daily
On not letting transparency damage science… Uncommon Descent
“Spectacular” convergence between ancient mammal and dinosaur Uncommon Descent
Unraveling the Mysterious Function of the Microbiome Technology Review
Wood on Madueme's review of three books on Adam and Eve Todd C. Wood
More than half of Kepler’s planets are false positives? Uncommon Descent
BioLogos distances itself from views of founder? Uncommon Descent
Atheistic assumptions hinder science
Conversations with Michael Denton: What Is Structuralism? Evolution News and Views
Review of Michael Denton’s book new book, Evolution:Still a Theory in Crisis,
by Barry Arrington
Uncommon Descent
Natural Life: Cosmological Fine-Tuning as an Argument for Structuralism - Michael Denton Evolution News and Views
Are De Novo Genes Real? Evolution News and Views
Are Our Bodies the Product of "Unintelligent Design"? Evolution News and Views
Darwin's Beliefs - Anthony O'Hear Ian Ramsey Centre
Distinguished philosopher on Darwinism undermining itself Uncommon Descent
Ex-new atheist leftist warns of new atheism’s dangers Uncommon Descent
Evaluating Our Importance In The Universe NPR
Michael Hanby's No God, No Science? Theology, Cosmology, and Biology The Public Discourse
Critic of Lee Spetner’s Evolution Revolution continues debate at Amazon Uncommon Descent
Discovery of 'Jurassic butterflies' Science Daily
How bacteria invented gene editing BBC
Bacteria 'see' like tiny eyeballs BBC
Consistency of Earth's magnetic field history surprises scientists Carnegie Science
Convergent evolution - ancient wildebeest-like animal shared 'bizarre' feature with dinosaur Science Daily
Oscillating heavy particles as Big Bang clock? Uncommon Descent
The Two Big Bangs Forbes
Latest rumour of gravitational waves is probably true this time New Scientist
Royal Society's fall evolution rethink meet is progress in science Uncommon Descent
Living Fossils Found off Australia's Coast ICR
Chromosomes reconfigure as cell division ends Science Daily
Viruses: Nature's Perfect Machine American Council on Science and Health
Scientists Debate Signatures of Alien Life Quanta Magazine
To find alien life, quit being “terra-centric”? Uncommon Descent
New study challenges Jupiter's role as planetary shield, protecting Earth from comet impacts Science Daily
Jupiter doesn’t shield Earth, comets kickstarted life Uncommon Descent
On the origin of eukaryotes: When cells acquired mitochondria Science Daily
How do dark energy and dark matter relate to ID? Uncommon Descent
Is dark matter a superfluid? Aeon
Rob Sheldon on dark matter as a “superfluid” Uncommon Descent
Asian stone tools hint humans left Africa earlier than thought New Scientist
How does mutation-induced variation in a molecular network generate variation in the resulting phenotype? Biosignaling
Neuroscience and Free Will Are Rethinking Their Divorce NY Magazine
Neuroscience and free will rethinking divorce? Uncommon Descent
Humans split from apes later than thought? Uncommon Descent
Science Twitter on building trees! Wired
Dreadful row breaks out re cladistics Uncommon Descent
“Ecorithm”: How Darwinism creates information Uncommon Descent
Research challenges presumption that time evolution -- the unfolding of the universe over time -- is an elemental part of nature Science Daily
Major Evolutionary Blunders: Our Useful Appendix--Evidence of Design, Not Evolution ICR
Black hole size could kill general relativity? Uncommon Descent
How Do Giraffes Defy Gravity? Real Clear Science
99 myo daddy longlegs Science Magazine
The Disinviting of Dawkins Quillette
Deplatformed Dawkins defended Uncommon Descent
Are humans driving evolution in animals? BBC
BBC: Are humans driving evolution in animals? Uncommon Descent
Stephen Hawking's second Reith Lecture: Annotated transcript BBC
Life history effects on the molecular clock of autosomes, sex chromosomes Science Daily
Who wants to pay taxes for social sciences? Uncommon Descent
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