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Giant shipworm found alive is example of devolution Uncommon Descent
Science of the gaps
Homo naledi similar age to Neanderthals? BBC
Homo naledi is only 250,000 years old - here's why that matters New Scientist
Will the real date of Homo naledi please stand up? Todd C. Wood Blogspot
Templeton Prize Winner: Alvin Plantinga, Who Proved God's Not Dead in Academia Christianity Today
Plantinga sees no conflict with evolution
Information vs. meaning: Why physicalism fails Uncommon Descent
Dark Matter is Still Very Dark and Very Mysterious Creation-Evolution Headlines
'First arrival' hypothesis in Darwin's finches gets some caveats Science Daily
Paleontologists identify new 507-million-year-old sea creature with can opener-like pincers Science Daily
508-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Had 50 Legs and Giant Claws Live Science
A chicken-egg question: Where do baby genes come from? Science Daily
We still haven't heard from aliens - here's why we might never New Scientist
The discovery of alien life may be close. How will religion survive it? The Guardian
Finding Adam in the Genome: A Response to Adam and the Genome Answers in Genesis
This cosmic Cold Spot challenges our current cosmological model Astronomy
We could detect alien life by finding complex molecules New Scientist
Instinct: 'Somehow' Is Not an Evolutionary Explanation Creation-Evolution Headlines
Is Time Travel Possible, According To Science? Forbes
Where did language come from? Uncommon Descent
Study revises the development, evolutionary origin of the vertebrate brain Science Daily
Primeval Chronology Restored: Revisiting the Genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 Bible Archaeology
Researchers store computer operating system and short movie on DNA
Sagan fan on how the “Carl Sagan” culture ruined science Uncommon Descent
Galaxy Evolution Crisis: Start Over Creation-Evolution Headlines
Genes that enable rainbow trout to use Earth's magnetic field Science Daily
Ancient-human genomes plucked from cave dirt Nature
Tailbone "serves no purpose"? New York Museum of Natural History misleads the public
First Americans may have been Neanderthals 130,000 years ago New Scientist
Science-Denier Bill Nye: Is It Time To 'Penalize People For Having Extra Kids?' Daily Wire
Why Psychiatry Needs Neuroscience Scientific American Blogs
The Fake "War Between Neuroscience and Psychiatry" Discover Magazine Blogs
The evolution of dog breeds now mapped Science Daily
The Secret Power of the Cell's Waste Bin: How Lysosomes Regulate Genes Quanta Magazine
Barry Arrington: More Astonishing Things Materialists Say Uncommon Descent
The 100-year-old challenge to Darwin that is still making waves in research Nature
Texas Science Standards Update Uncommon Descent
Popper’s Shifting Appraisal of Evolutionary Theory University of Chicago Press Journals
Popper didn’t repent and believe Darwin after all Uncommon Descent
Twelve hallmarks of good theories in science Uncommon Descent
Perception: Our useful inability to see reality Nature
The March for Science is Really a March for Conformity Stream
BioLogos gravitating to full-on naturalism? Uncommon Descent
Lost in Translation: Science and Faith - the problem with theistic evolution Shadow of Oz
Ben Witherington's review of Venema's new book "Adam and the Genome" Patheos
Cornelius Hunter - Response to Venema's new book Darwin's God Blogspot
The De-Professionalization of the Academy Quillette
The cardinal difficulty of naturalism - still a difficulty Uncommon Descent
Adam and the genome versus nylonase Darwin's God Blogspot
Australopithecus sediba may be ousted from the human family Science
Taxonomically-Restricted Essential Genes Uncommon Descent
Breaking: Texas science standards survive the mother of all gravy bombs Uncommon Descent
Texas Education Board Reaches Compromise on Science Standards The Scientist
God's Fingerprints are Everywhere Townhall
Design Disquisitions: A Dialogue Between Peter S. Williams & Denis Alexander Uncommon Descent
What can happen when a paleontologist actually reads ID theorists Uncommon Descent
A guide to why your world is a hallucination New Scientist
Science has outgrown the human mind and its limited capacities Aeon
Would physics improve “with large doses of theology”? Uncommon Descent
A Unifying Principle for the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis Uncommon Descent
Convergent evolution: “Emerging view” that evolution is predictable? Uncommon Descent
Where did language come from? Nautilus
Review National Geographic's Origins Answers in Genesis
Flagellum: Nature, it turns out, is an engineer Uncommon Descent
Study overturns seminal research about the developing nervous system Science Daily
Is Nature now giving space to structuralism? Uncommon Descent
Why are some evolutionary relationships so controversial? Nature Ecology and Evolution
Op-ed on the March for Science - Jonathan Wells Washington Times
National Academy of Sciences notices research integrity problem Uncommon Descent
Same but different: how bacteria with the same genotype can show a different phenotype Science Daily
Scientists Are Exploring a Link Between Our Minds and the Quantum World Futurism
Science philosophers ask: Is defining life pointless? They think not. Uncommon Descent
The Limits of Information The New Atlantis
Evolutionary molecular genetic clocks - a perpetual exercise in futility and failure Journal of Creation
ReMine's review of Wagner's Homology, Genes, and Evolutionary Innovation Journal of Creation
Scientists, Stop Thinking Explaining Science Will Fix Things Slate
Sometimes, one must take a bath in how Darwinism has corrupted popular culture to understand it. Uncommon Descent
Texas: The icons of evolution are STILL on welfare after all these years? Uncommon Descent
Laland on "Schism and Synthesis at the Royal Society" Trends in Ecology & Evolution
Grand Views of Evolution Trends in Ecology & Evolution
Niwrad: Consciousness is made of atoms too? Uncommon Descent
The worldviews level challenge — what the objectors to design thought are running away from Uncommon Descent
The Untold Story Behind DNA Similarity Answers in Genesis
3rd edition of Faith, Reason, and Earth History -- free download! Adventist Learning Community
Pretending Intelligent Design Is Like Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Getting a handle on brain organization Science Daily
Unholy? Atheists should embrace the science of religion New Scientist
Dark matter image captured? Live Science
When a Secular Palaeoentomologist (and the Spokesman for the Darwin Museum Exhibit) Began Reading Intelligent Design Literature Gospel Coalition
The war on intellectual freedom: How political correctness morphed into a monster Uncommon Descent
Closer look at brain circuits reveals important role of genetics Science Daily
DNA's secret weapon against knots and tangles Nature
What Your Biology Teacher Didn't Tell You About Charles Darwin Gospel Coalition
Naturalistic origin of the moon comes under hard times Journal of Creation
Tracing the puzzling origins of clinging jellyfish Science Daily
How nature engineered the original rotary motor Science Daily
Does bias enter evolutionary algorithms? Uncommon Descent
The earlier bird-line archosaurs and the assembly of the dinosaurs body plan Nature
Sponges vs. jellies: Comb jellies still the “oldest” complex life form, researchers say Uncommon Descent
Octopuses can turn off Darwinism and edit their own genomes Uncommon Descent
Drug resistance evolves readily but vaccine resistance does not? Why? Uncommon Descent
Viral fossils reveal how our ancestors may have eliminated an ancient infection Science Daily
Mimicking an impact on Earth's early atmosphere yields all 4 RNA bases ars technica
Neurosurgeon defends Aristotelian dualism Uncommon Descent
Dembski: Claims for artificial intelligence are overblown Uncommon Descent
The unreasonable effectiveness of math vs evolution Uncommon Descent
Distantly related fish find same evolutionary solution to dark water Science Daily
Why does drug resistance readily evolve but vaccine resistance does not? Royal Society Publishing
Origin of Life Foolishness Is Out of Control Creation-Evolution Headlines
Barry Arrington: Astonishing Things Materialists Say Uncommon Descent
Laszlo Bencze: Who decides what is “extraordinary” evidence? Uncommon Descent
Luciano Floridi: Information has been the Cinderella of philosophy Uncommon Descent
Floridi vs. Dembski: Informational structural realism vs. informational realism Uncommon Descent
The Rise of Machine Learning and the Future of Human Work - Bill Dembski TBS Magazine
Can we pinpoint the origin of oxygen photosynthesis? Uncommon Descent
Quantum effects cloak impossible singularities with black holes New Scientist
The liver's amazing multitasking capacity is due at least in part to a clever division of labor among its cells Science Daily
At BioLogos: One shouldn’t use fine-tuning as an argument for God’s existence Uncommon Descent
BioLogos: Wayne Rossiter’s successful prediction re attack on fine-tuning Uncommon Descent
Rossiter: The philosophical missteps in the “ignore fine-tuning” argument at BioLogos Uncommon Descent
Biology program without the Darwin worship Uncommon Descent
Evolutionists Rattled Over Battle for Earliest Animal Creation-Evolution Headlines
Humans and sponges share gene regulation Science Daily
Neuroscience tries to be physics, asks Is matter conscious? Uncommon Descent
Why we need many worlds: A Boltzmann brain existing is more probable than a universe existing Uncommon Descent
Laszlo Bencze: “Sculpting” of life forms is an accident, of course Uncommon Descent
Forget sponges: The earliest animals were marine jellies Science Daily
Promiscuous birds challenge the idea that more sexual partners speeds up evolution The Conversation
Surprise, surprise, early human cannibalism not just for calories Uncommon Descent
Glimmer: Information is not physical, not like matter or energy Uncommon Descent
David Deming: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” misused due to ambiguity Uncommon Descent
kairosfocus: Charles unmasks the anti-ID trollish tactic of attacking God, Christian values and worldview themes Uncommon Descent
Joshua Gidney: Design Disquisitions: Critic’s Corner-Elliott Sober Uncommon Descent
New Study Confirms Harmful Role of Mutations ICR
Illogic Is Rife in Science Media Creation-Evolution Headlines
David Hume and divine design
More confusion over at BioLogos: Hesp’s Review Shadow of Oz
7 Reasons the Multiverse Is Not a Valid Alternative to God [Part 1] Apologetics Press
We can tell how far our culture has bought into the multiverse when… Uncommon Descent
Luke Barnes, "Testing the Multiverse: Bayes, Fine-Tuning and Typicality" Cornell University Library
Is dark energy an illusion? Science Magazine
Has the dark matter mystery been solved?
Take back Nobel prizes for accelerating expansion of universe? Uncommon Descent
Life of a Universe - Part 2 - End of Days
Toward a philosophy of information The New Atlantis
Feather Design Is Better than Thought Evolution News and Science Today
Durston reviews the Matlock and Swamidass paper (Formal Review) Kirk Durston
Durston reviews the Matlock and Swamidass paper (Layman's Discussion) P2C Students
Durston reviews the Matlock and Swamidass paper (Evolutionary Simulation) Kirk Durston
Protein families are still improbably astonishing - retraction of Matlock and Swamidass paper in order? Uncommon Descent
Programming by Accident – The Darwinian Paradigm Uncommon Descent
New Scientist on information: More fundamental than matter and energy? Uncommon Descent
The Materialist “Extraordinary Claims” Double Standard Uncommon Descent
'Smart' cephalopods trade off genome evolution for prolific RNA editing Science Daily
How is there a Physics of Information? On characterising physical evolution as information processing Phil-Sci Archive
Molecular Mechanisms and Physiological Significance of Organelle Interactions and Cooperation Frontiers Media
Can Many-Worlds Theory Rescue Us From Boltzmann Brains? Nautilus
Is Matter Conscious? Nautilus
Is consciousness just an illusion? BBC
How the brain's ability to time travel may have led to speech New Scientist
Complexity of genome reorganization occurring during the first hours after fertilization in the single-cell mammalian embryo Science Daily
Dark energy made by black holes? Uncommon Descent
Correcting the "Self-Correcting" mythos of science Douglas Allchin
For better science, dismiss the rubbish that “science is self-correcting” in principle Uncommon Descent
Researchers uncover a potent genetic element in Earth's smallest life forms: Discovery expands the tree of life Science Daily
GP on the Origin of Body Plans [OoBP] challenge Uncommon Descent
Scientists Blind to Their Failings Creation-Evolution Headlines
Latest gene-editing findings don't match up with the results of other techniques Nature
Robot epigenetics: Adding complexity to embodied robot evolution Science Daily
Compass protein attracts heap of criticism Nature
First ever cavefish discovered in Europe evolved super-fast New Scientist
Cephalopod Genomes Contain Thousands of Conserved RNA Editing Sites The Scientist
Evolution recast as “survival of the friendliest” Uncommon Descent
Dictionary of Christianity and science features ID contributors Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Two-thirds of psychology papers should be distrusted? Uncommon Descent
Scientism Fails Another Defense Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Academy's Assault on Intellectual Diversity - The Chronicle of Higher Education Chronicle of Higher Education
The precise point in the evolution of cyanobacteria at which oxygenic photosynthesis arose Science Daily
Source of photosynthesis genes a mystery Inside Science
Is Science Special? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Peter (“Higgs boson”) Higgs on how to survive in science today Uncommon Descent
New Scientist: We need more censorship because free speech is censorship Uncommon Descent
Expanding space bubbles could doom dark energy? Uncommon Descent
Where does your blood actually come from? Science Daily
Squid and octopus can edit and direct their own brain genes New Scientist
Massive RNA Editing and the Octopus - Evolution has been utterly demolished Darwin's God