IN THE NEWS - September 2015 SOURCE
20 myo flea Science Daily
Mislabeled Genomes to be Fixed The Scientist
Op-Ed on Homo naledi Christian Post
Chimpanzee personality linked to anatomy of brain structures Science Daily
Why are we the only human species still alive? BBC
How a Fossil Can Reveal the Color of a Dinosaur The Atlantic
Should Scientific Truth Be Subjected to a Vote? Real Clear Science
A 'protoplanetary system' in formation? John Hartnett
Scientists think they know how to test the parallel universes theory - for real Science Alert
Science won’t make us better people? Uncommon Descent
Theoretical astrophysicists have discovered that millions of planets are more habitable than we realized Quartz
Bat drinks using 'tongue-pump' trick Nature
10 Tiny Creatures You Didn't Realize Were Controlling Your World
Eleven-year cosmic search leads to black hole rethink Science Daily
Study adds to evidence that viruses are alive Science Daily
Oldest known vertebrate species Devonian Times
Ex-Nasa scientist William Borucki: We are alone in our galaxy International Business Times
Natural selection?: Die poor if you hold that stock Uncommon Descent
Newly identified mechanism solves enduring mystery of key element of cellular organization Science Daily
New theory of stealth dark matter may explain universe's missing mass Science Daily
Stem cell research hints at evolution of human brain Science Daily
Discovery: Spine Signals Ears to Maintain Balance ICR
We can't rely on science alone to make us better people New Scientist
Bioinformaticians make the most efficient search engine for molecular structures available online Science Daily
Spontaneous rare mutations cause half of autism Science Daily
Why did Neanderthals capture birds? BBC
New DNA Storage System Can Store 490 Exabytes Per Gram and Allows Data to Be Rewritten Real Clear Science
Bleak and radical prospect: Naturalism is dead Uncommon Descent
Crunchy granola alert!: Butterflies may be GMOs Uncommon Descent
New synthesis method imitates the way molecules were formed at the dawn of life on Earth Science Daily
Physiologists uncover a new code at the heart of biology Science Daily
Researchers fail to replicate STAP study; computational analysis reveals genomic inconsistency Science Daily
Enamel evolved in the skin and colonized the teeth much later Science Daily
Superbug study reveals how E. coli strain acquired deadly powers Science Daily
New duck-billed dinosaur found in Alaska Associated Press
Group thought, aka sheep on steroids Uncommon Descent
Sensationalist Science - Breakpoint Commentary with John Stonestreet Breakpoint
The Pressure of Group Thought NAS
Living fossil nautilus re-emerges after 30 years of hiding New Scientist
Frog's strange evolutionary path from ultraviolet to violet vision Science Daily
Do You Know How Lucky You Are to Live on Earth? Creation-Evolution Headlines
“Landscape” approach to human evolution Uncommon Descent
Roll dice twice, see what turns up Uncommon Descent
The Myth of Evolution's 'Missing Link' Real Clear Science
Before you bet on homo Naledi, read this Uncommon Descent
Sex Would Be Simpler if We Were Bonobos Real Clear Science
New lineage of prehistoric, plankton-eating sharks discovered Science Daily
Propping Up Darwin's Tree of Lie Creation-Evolution Headlines
Exact values of constants said to drive physicists crazy Uncommon Descent
Water’s unique sense of time Uncommon Descent
Encyclopedia of the tree of life Uncommon Descent
Climate change shaped “key moments” in human evolution? Uncommon Descent
Making the solar system to scale Uncommon Descent
Rolling the Dice Twice: Evolving Reconstructed Ancient Proteins in Extant Organisms
Africa's earliest known coelacanth found in Eastern Cape Science Daily
Evaluating Homo naledi John Hawks Weblog
Evaluating Homo naledi Evolution News and Views
365 Million-Year-Old Fossil Catches Trilobite in the Act of Molting Real Clear Science
Is a Global Flood Scientifically Possible? Reasons to Believe
'Tree of life' for 2.3 million species released Science Daily
Seeing the Master Designer Through a Microbe's Eye Answers in Genesis
The waiting time problem in a model hominin population BioData Mining
PNAS Tree of Life PNAS
South Africans See Racism in New Evolution Discovery Breitbart
Ancient marine animal is evolving genetically despite little change in appearance Science Daily
How molecules are speedily transported into and out of the cell's nucleus Science Daily
Why liquid water is unique Science Daily
Evaluating Homo naledi Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why is the speed of light what it is? Aeon
12 wrong human evolution theories (offered by National Geographic) Uncommon Descent
Darwinist PZ Myers at his level best Uncommon Descent
A Common Design View of ERVs Encourages Scientific Investigation Reasons to Believe
What is consciousness? Uncommon Descent
Latest evo theory features shoulder not hand Uncommon Descent
Parasite's Genes Persist in Host Genomes The Scientist
If viruses transfer wasp genes into butterflies, are they GM? New Scientist
Key moments in human evolution were shaped by changing climate New Scientist
Pre-reptile may be earliest known to walk upright on all fours Science Daily
John Gray: No general theory of evolution Uncommon Descent
Evidence-based medicine lacks solid supporting evidence Science News

Only New Scientist could come up with this (Earth not "typical" planet to support life.)

Uncommon Descent
Why the Naledi find wasn’t published in Nature… Uncommon Descent
Exploring the Human Genome: Can We Make Predictions from Infancy? Reasons to Believe
Why need anything have come before Big Bang? Uncommon Descent
Scientists dispute 'new' species discovery World Magazine
Protoplanetary Disc Model Falls Flat ICR
Differences Between Chimp and Human DNA Recalculated Answers in Genesis
Why do some male hairstreak butterflies lack scent organs? Science Daily
Birds reveal the evolutionary importance of love Science Daily
Earth's composition might be unusual for a planet with life New Scientist
variation in genome size may be much more important than previously believed Uppsala Universitet
How the Body's Trillions of Clocks Keep Time Quanta Maagazine
Did Homo naledi bury their dead? National Geographic
John Gray debunks Matt Ridley's new social darwinism book The Guardian
20-30 myo flea Science Daily
Evolution shown in real time: Focusing on guppies, study illustrates interaction between ecology, evolution Science Daily
Earliest evidence for ambush hunting by early humans in the Kenyan Rift Science Daily
Reproducibility will not cure what ails science Nature
Genetics: Dawkins, redux Nature
Black holes may be brick walls that bounce information back out New Scientist
Evolution: The whole story proves no lifeform is dull New Scientist
Major specimens of the new species of Homo from South Africa MorphoSource
12 Theories of How We Became Human, and Why They're All Wrong National Geographic
Viewer warning! On the Naledi find Uncommon Descent
A Response to Lawrence Krauss's "All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists" National Review
Homo naledi as Spin Detector Evolution News and Views
Building the Face of a Newly Found Ancestor (video) National Geographic
Evolutionary psychology is by definition self-refuting Uncommon Descent
Is Homo naledi a New Species of Human Ancestor? Answers in Genesis
But IS it life? Some aren’t certain. Uncommon Descent
Do centrioles carry biological information? Uncommon Descent
Human evolution: “Taxonomic and undefinable mess” Uncommon Descent
Large eyes come at a high cost Science Daily
What can we learn about Homo naledi? Todd Wood Blog
Astonishing fossil find in South Africa: Homo naledi Todd Wood Blog
Questions re recent human evolution find Uncommon Descent
Why the Homo Naledi Discovery May Not Be Quite What it Seems Newsweek
Why Homo naledi didn't knock at Nature or Science's doors? Uncommon Descent

Nathaniel Comfort takes issue with the second instalment of the Dawkins's autobiography

Mapping phylogenetic trees to reveal distinct patterns of evolution
Duck-Shaped Comet Confounds Astronomers Scientific American
Genomics is about to transform the world Aeon
Did cosmic inflation really happen?
What is consciousness? The Economist
This Face Changes the Human Story. But How? National Geographic
God's Crime Scene by J. Warner Wallace - New Book Cold Case Christianity
New Homo Species Found The Scientist
Homo naledi: Unanswered questions about the newest human species New Scientist
New species of extinct human found in cave may rewrite history New Scientist
Oxygen is not definitive evidence of life on habitable extrasolar planets Science Daily
Genetic mutants alter entire biological communities Science Daily
Scientists home in on origin of human, chimpanzee facial differences Science Daily
Brain cells get tweaked 'on the go' Science Daily
Moving From Creation Of The Cosmos To Human Life NPR
New Homo Species Found The Scientist
Widespread convergence in toxin resistance: evolution can be highly predictable Science Daily
Crowdsourcing digs up an early human species Nature
Uncovering an Evolutionary Secret - the reuse of gene regulatory networks University of Pittsburgh
Human ancestor claims driven by politics Uncommon Descent
Should we rethink the concept of “species”? Uncommon Descent
Defining the genus Homo Evolution News and Views
Insight on fundamental process of DNA repair: Discoveries point to previously unknown functions of histone H2AX Science Daily
Capturing introns: Targeting rapidly evolving regions of the genome for phylogenetics Science Daily
A new method sweeps through structural biology Nature
National Center for Science Education Whitewashes Scientific Racism Evolution News and Views
Hybrids and evolution? Meet the Savannah cat Uncommon Descent
Life continues to ignore what evolution experts say Uncommon Descent
Who on earth is Eric Metaxas? Uncommon Descent
Parallel universes TESTED? Uncommon Descent
Darwinism Versus the Octopus: An Evolutionary Dilemma Christian Headlines
"Freeloading" from Religion: Nancy Pearcey on Materialism and Human Rights ID the Future
Are Humans Simply Robots? Nancy Pearcey on the "Free Will Illusion" ID the Future
Resistance to toad toxin shows evolution can repeat itself New Scientist
Shouldering the burden of evolution Science Daily
10 Mysteries of the Human Microbiome Revealed Mental Floss
The gene tree delusion Science Direct
Molecular bodyguards for immature membrane proteins Science Daily
120 myo sea turtle Science Daily
Common molecular tool kit shared by organisms across the tree of life Science Daily
The theory of parallel universes is not just maths - it is science that can be tested The Conversation
Why Christian Darwinism is a dead duck Uncommon Descent
Summation to date re Darwinian evolution is not a valid research program Uncommon Descent
Rethinking the Bacterial Genetic Regulation Biochemistry & Analytical Biochemistry
Five Myths About Gravitational Waves Real Clear Science
Journal of Creation Aug 2014 issue now online Journal of Creation
What is a “species” anyway? Uncommon Descent
A handy primer of Darwinblather Uncommon Descent
Seeing past Darwin: What’s wrong with life as “machine” Uncommon Descent
Claim that we can test string theory Uncommon Descent
Most Neanderthal genes found in modern human to date Uncommon Descent
Hint at how life got started on early Earth? Uncommon Descent
Subatomic particles could defy standard model? Uncommon Descent
Will Provine (1942-2015): A Personal Remembrance by Paul Nelson Evolution News and Views
How Do We Fix the Liberal Slant in Social Psychology? Scientific American
Beyond genes: Are centrioles carriers of biological information? Nature
Where does quantum weirdness end? New Scientist
Before nature selects, gene networks steer a course for evolution: developmental sources of variation within, between species Science Daily
What Sparked the Mammal Explosion? Creation/Evolution Headlines
Confusing Building Blocks with Life Creation/Evolution Headlines
Neuroscientist on the paradigm shift in biology Uncommon Descent
Eukaryotic origins: progress and challenges Royal Society Publishing
Why traveling through time is irreversible The Economist
Ancient sub seafloor life and ET life Uncommon Descent
Did New Scientist come before the Big Bang? Uncommon Descent
Team finds Earth's mineralogy is unique in cosmos Uncommon Descent
Study reveals the genetic start-up of a human embryo Science Daily
Why Is the Universe Dominated by Matter? Answers in Genesis
Biochemist Larry Moran Denies Darwin's Doubt, and We Doubt His Arguments Evolution News and Views
Ann Gauger on why Darwinism = information loss Uncommon Descent
What came before the big bang? New Scientist
Change in environment can lead to rapid evolution Science Daily
Answering one of Darwin's mysteries: Why do we see so little evolution in some fossils? Science Nordic
Giant 460 mya sea scorpion found in Iowa Uncommon Descent
Remembering William Provine (1942–2015) Uncommon Descent
Biomimetics inspires superior nanotechnology Nature
Another NASA Scientist Decries the Abandonment of the Scientific Method American Thinker
Ancient hybridization key to domestic dog's origin, wolf conservation efforts Science Daily
The tiniest Lego: a tale of nanoscale motors, rotors, switches and pumps Nature
Psychology, we are told, is NOT in crisis Uncommon Descent
Many current mutterings about dark matter Uncommon Descent
Human body has gone through four stages of evolution Science Daily
DNA division can slow to a halt Science Daily
Evolution of ears in land vertebrates The Scientist
An early modern human from Romania with a recent Neanderthal ancestor Nature
A Leaky Faucet: Why Darwinian Evolution Leads to Loss of Information Evolution News and Views
Earth's mineralogy unique in the cosmos Science Daily
Defining the genus Homo Science Magazine
Evolutionary Predictions Fail the Reality Test ICR
Evidence of Ancient Life Discovered in Mantle Rocks Deep Below the Seafloor Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
How to test string theory Symmetry Magazine
Non-Evolution of Stop Codons The Skeptical Zone
DNA has a molecular ambulance Uncommon Descent
Humans are “unique super-predator”? Uncommon Descent
But why is the quantum world thought spooky anyway? Uncommon Descent
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