NEW ARTICLES - April 2019  
Fine-Tuning Really Is a Problem in Physics Forbes
At Forbes: Fine-tuning really IS a problem for cosmology, about which nothing can be done Uncommon Descent
New Hubble measurements confirm universe is expanding faster than expected Science Daily
New Hubble Measurements Confirm Universe Is Outpacing All Expectations of its Expansion Rate Johns Hopkins University
Hugh Ross: How recent measurements support the Big Bang theory Uncommon Descent
A realist takes on quantum mechanics Nature
Have quantum physics’s problems been disgracefully swept under the carpet? Uncommon Descent
Make Physics Real Again The New Atlantis
Falsifiability and physics Symmetry Magazine
Yes, scientific theories have to be falsifiable. Why do we even have to talk about this? Back Reaction
Is the universe a hologram? Gravitational wave interferometers may tell us. Back Reaction
Sabine Hossenfelder: Can gravitational wave interferometers tell us if we live in a hologram universe? Uncommon Descent
Space: The Final Illusion Scientific American Blog
Is space really “the final illusion”? Rob Sheldon comments Uncommon Descent
Why does matter, not antimatter, dominate our universe? Physicists don’t know. Uncommon Descent
Dark Matter is Real. "Dark Matter" is a Terrible Name for It Discover Magazine Blogs
Science editor: Dark matter is real! The crisis is the words we use! Uncommon Descent
Dark matter is not made up of tiny black holes Science Daily
Dark Matter Gets a Reprieve in New Analysis Quanta Magazine
Black hole pictured for first time - in spectacular detail Nature
10 Deep Lessons From Our First Image Of A Black Hole's Event Horizon Forbes
First ever image of a black hole
When the Link Between Space and Time Will Be Intuitive Nautilus
The Mystery of Time's Arrow Nautilus
On the Mystery of Time's Arrow Uncommon Descent
Sabine Hossenfelder: Has the Large Hadron Collider “broken physics”? Uncommon Descent
The Dark Side of Dark Matter Hunts Creation-Evolution Headlines
Was a theory of everything bound to fail? Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Universe’s proposed first chemical detected for the first time Uncommon Descent
Finding helium hydride today confirms its presence from within 100,000 years of the Big Bang Uncommon Descent
How Old Are Saturn's Rings? The Debate Rages On Live Science
Rapid destruction of Earth-like atmospheres by young stars Science Daily
Researchers: Most life-friendly planets orbiting young stars would quickly lose atmosphere Uncommon Descent
The day Stephen Hawking undercut the multiverse Uncommon Descent
Life May Have Evolved Before Earth Finished Forming Space
Did life get started on planetesimals before Earth formed? Uncommon Descent
Gunter Bechly: Ediacaran fossil is NOT an animal. He calls the paper making that claim “junk science” Uncommon Descent
Cambrian Explosion Excuses: Theme and Variations Evolution News
Is the fossil record 'overwhelming evidence for evolution'?
When Earth’s magnetic field nearly disappeared Uncommon Descent
Ancient, four-legged whale with otter-like features found along the coast of Peru
An Ancient Four-Legged Whale Looked Like a Giant Otter Real Clear Science
Otter Not Call This a Walking Whale Creation-Evolution Headlines
Peruvian Walking Whale Answers in Genesis
Learning more about the asteroid that doomed the dinosaurs Uncommon Descent
Jurassic crocodile discovery sheds light on reptiles' family tree Science Daily
Evolution imposes 'speed limit' on recovery after mass extinctions Science Daily
Is there a fixed time limit for recovery after mass extinctions? Uncommon Descent
Mass extinction recovery governed by "morphospace" Cosmos Magazine
Mars methane hunt comes up empty, flummoxing scientists Nature
A seismically induced onshore surge deposit at the KPg boundary, North Dakota PNAS
Magma is the key to the moon's makeup Science Daily
Coupling feedback genetic circuits with growth phenotype for dynamic population control and intelligent bioproduction  
Globally famous chemist James Tour on the origin of life Uncommon Descent
With Three Nobel Endorsements, Chemist Marcos Eberlin Advances Case for Intelligent Design Evolution News
Extreme Compartmentalization in a Drosophila Amacrine Cell Cell
New deep-learning approach predicts protein structure from amino acid sequence Science Daily
Darwin Devolves, Again: Study Finds Bacteria Eject Their Flagella to Avoid Starvation Evolution News
Vindicated by Behe: Devolution Is Natural, Evolution Is Not Evolution News
Testing Behe's Principle that Darwin Devolves Evolution News
In His Latest Review of Behe's Darwin Devolves, Nathan Lents Misses the Forest for the Trees Evolution News
Meet Callichimaera perplexa, the platypus of crabs Yale University
Polar Bear Seminar: The APOB Gene and Damaging Mutations Evolution News
Polar Bear Seminar: Why Behe Is Right Evolution News
Polar Bear Seminar: Unacknowledged Discrepancies, Inconsistent Standards Evolution News
Polar Bear Seminar: A Fake Scandal About a Chart Evolution News
Polar Bear Seminar: On Retracting - and Not Retracting - Errors Evolution News
Behe on Darwinism's "Socially Inherited Dependence on Classical Yet Irrelevant Math" Evolution News
To protect stem cells, plants have diverse genetic backup plans Science Daily
Plants protect stem cells via diverse backup plans Uncommon Descent
The Origin of Sexual and Asexual Reproduction Answers in Genesis
Taming the genome's 'jumping' sequences Science Daily
Domestication bottleneck paradigm replaced by genomic deterioration? Nature
Listen: Paul Nelson and Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig on Randomness in Natural Selection Evolution News
Darwinism flunks science criteria, says biomedical engineer Uncommon Descent
Increasing skepticism (regarding Neo-Darwinian theory) among secular scientists Uncommon Descent
On Universal Darwinism Evolution News
Fake Darwinism in an International Test of Experimental Evolution  Evolution News
Natural Selection: Darwin's All-Purpose Magic Wand Creation-Evolution Headlines
Researchers: Microbes jeopardize neo-Darwinism (and Jon Bartlett’s response) Uncommon Descent
Meerkats: Another classic Darwinian just-so story Uncommon Descent
DNA is managed like climbers' rope to help keep tangles at bay Science Daily
DNA uses “climbers’ ropes method” to keep tangles at bay Uncommon Descent
Bringing information into the cell Science Daily
Folding Molecules Give Insight to Origin of Life Answers in Genesis
Taming the genome's 'jumping' sequences Uncommon Descent
Despite Dozens of Authors, PNAS Paper Fails to Explain Bird Evolution Evolution News
Richard Weikart: Is life a cosmic accident? Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Origin of life more likely in ponds, assisted by lightning, than oceans Uncommon Descent
Origin of Coding RNA from Random-Sequence RNA Liebert Publishers
Cell biology: The complexity of division by two Science Daily
The self-inflicted demise of the evolutionary paradigm
Extended evolutionary synthesis: Struggling with change in evolutionary biology Uncommon Descent
The amazing energy efficiency of cells Uncommon Descent
Does T-urf13 Refute Irreducible Complexity? A Response to Arthur Hunt Evolution News
Watch: Behe and Metaxas Talk Evolution, Design, Implications, and Academic Freedom Evolution News
Stress-Induced Evolutionary Innovation: A Mechanism for the Origin of Cell Types Wiley Online Library
Move over, DNA. Life's other code is more subtle and far more powerful New Scientist
Building blocks of DNA and RNA could have appeared together before life began on Earth Science Daily
Prebiotic chemistry: Stable majorities Science Daily
Earliest life may have arisen in ponds, not oceans Science Daily
More Natural Selection Fails Creation-Evolution Headlines
Rethinking the Ancestry of the Eukaryotes Quanta Magazine
First bacterial genome created entirely with a computer Science Daily
What does it look like to "turn on" a gene? Knowable Magazine
Chemical synthesis rewriting of a bacterial genome to achieve design flexibility and biological functionality Proceedings of the NAS USA
Engineered Adaptability: New Distributed Problem-Solving Model for Population Adaptation ICR
Scientists discover first organism with chlorophyll genes that doesn't photosynthesize Science Daily
What makes a jellyfish? Uncommon Descent
Four Fascinating Facts About Kneecaps Real Clear Science
Evolution of kneecaps a bit of a mystery Uncommon Descent
Lizard produces eggs and live young Cosmos Magazine
Plants turn out to have a “nervous system” Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Yes, plants have nervous systems too Mind Matters
In addition to DNA, our cells have an instruction language written in sugar Uncommon Descent
Genetic paradox explained by nonsense Nature
How white blood cells choose the quickest path through your body Nature
"Toffee Planets" Hint at Earth's Cosmic Rarity Scientific American
The Dark Matter of the Human Proteome The Scientist
Coral symbiosis is a three-player game Nature
DNA as a “master of resource recycling” Uncommon Descent
The BBC unwisely jumps on the epigenetics bandwagon Why Evolution Is True
Why hasn't evolution dealt with the inefficiency of ageing? Aeon
New view on the mechanisms of how the brain works Science Daily
Monkeys Genetically Edited to Mimic Human Brain Development The Scientist
Astronaut twins study spots subtle genetic changes caused by space travel Nature
Faint hopes easily revived! “Life may be evolving” on closest exoplanet Uncommon Descent
Genome analysis shows the combined effect of many genes on cognitive traits Science Daily
Genetics behind the evolution of flightless birds Science Daily
Mice Inherit Cancer Susceptibility Via Epigenetic Changes in Sperm The Scientist
Simple sea anemones not so simple after all: Tube-dwelling anemones have largest mitochondrial genome on record Science Daily
This Is the First-Ever Simulation of an Entire Gene Popular Mechanics
Parasitic algae from the dinoflagellate lineage have organized their genetic material in an unprecedented way Science Daily
Biological machinery of cell's 'executioner' yields secrets of its control Science Daily
How, exactly, do damaged or diseased cells “commit suicide” to protect the body? Uncommon Descent
The recent finding that bacteria can make individual decisions may help design better antibiotics Mind Matters
The body's tiny cargo carriers Knowable Magazine
New giant virus may help scientists better understand the emergence of complex life Science Daily
New Fossil Human Species Thwarts Core Darwinian Predictions Evolution News
What Do We Really Know About Neanderthals? Smithsonian Magazine
Smithsonian belatedly asks, What do we really know about Neanderthals? Uncommon Descent
Modern analysis of ancient hearths reveals Neanderthal settlement patterns Science Daily
Did the ancestor of all humans evolve in Europe not Africa? New Scientist
Complex artefacts don't prove brilliance of our ancestors Science Daily
Researchers: Complex tools don’t show ancient humans were smart Uncommon Descent
Shakeup! New human find from over 50,000 years ago shows our ancestors were smarter than once thought Uncommon Descent
Do humans have a 'ghost' ancestor? Artificial intelligence thinks so Genetic Literacy Project
Researchers: Warm weather made cannibals of Neanderthals Uncommon Descent
Recent Humans with Archaic Features Upend Evolution ICR
Has the Liberal Bias in Psychology Contributed to the Replication Crisis? British Psychological Society
Does "liberal bias" deepen replication crisis in psychology? Uncommon Descent
Digging ancient signals out of modern human genomes Science Daily
Questionable Categories of Human Ancestors: The Denisovans Creation-Evolution Headlines
Multiple Deeply Divergent Denisovan Ancestries in Papuans Cell
The Denisovans May Have Been More Than a Single Species Discover Magazine Blogs
Researchers: Neanderthals shared genes with woolly mammoths Uncommon Descent
The Human Brain Has been Getting Smaller Since the Stone Age Discover Magazine Blogs
Evidence of New Human Species Found in Philippines Wall Street Journal
Unknown human relative discovered in Philippine cave Nature
Homo luzonensis Shakes the Hominin Family Tree - Again Sapiens
The history of humanity in your face Science Daily
Asian Diversity and the Seafaring Hominin Human Genesis
New Species of Human, Homo luzonensis, Identified in the Philippines The Scientist
Human ancestors were 'grounded:' New analysis shows: Primates adapted to living on the ground Science Daily
Neanderthals May Have Taught Humans to Join a "Cult" 130, 000 Years Ago Inverse
Is Secular Humanism a Religion? Quillette
At Quillette: Is secular humanism a religion? Uncommon Descent
Jerry Coyne - Secular Humanism is Not a Religion Quillette
Rise in “religious Nones” masks growth in evangelicalism Uncommon Descent
Book Review: Unbelievable by Michael Newton Keas Apologetics 315
ID-friendly scientist’s book features three Nobel Prize winners’ endorsements Uncommon Descent
On Fantasy in Modern Science Evolution News
Kirk Durston: What do we do when Darwinism looks less like science all the time? Uncommon Descent
Yes, scientific theories have to be falsifiable. Why do we even have to talk about this? Back Reaction
Sabine Hossenfelder on the flight from falsifiability Uncommon Descent
Adam, Eve, and Evidence John Sanford
New Evangelical Statement on AI is Balanced and Well-Informed Mind Matters
Themelios review of Jack's Reading Genesis Well: Navigating History, Poetry, Science, and Truth in Genesis 1-11 Themelios
Themelios review of Early Christian Readings of Genesis One: Patristic Exegesis and Literal Interpretation Themelios
Is Evolutionary Ethics Compatible with Christian Ethics - Richard Weikart FOCL Online
Is evolutionary ethics compatible with Christian ethics? Uncommon Descent
For the first time, “No Religion” is the most popular choice for Americans Uncommon Descent
No, Non-Believers Are Not Increasing In America The Federalist
Science Says: Religion Is Good For Your Health Forbes
Why an Evolutionist Disses Evolutionary Psychology Evolution News
Philosophers Want Back into Science Evolution News
Faith and Science: Part II -- Inferential science ... what can go wrong? Kirk Durston
Steve Meyer’s new book: Return of the God Hypothesis Uncommon Descent
Swedish mathematician explains why he sees design in nature (and became a Christian) Uncommon Descent
God Help Us: Atheism Becomes Largest Religion In U.S. Daily Wire
Intelligent Design advocates finally sneak God back into their “science” Why Evolution Is True
The replication crisis is good for science The Conversation
Logic & First Principles, 16: The Problem Of Playing God (When We Don’t — Cannot — Know How) Uncommon Descent
Was Thomas Kuhn not so “evil” after all? Uncommon Descent
How Did Religion "Evolve"? Evolution News
The Problem with the Way Scientists Study Reason Nautilus
Skeptic vs Denier Theness
The myth of rational thinking Vox
What If It's Just Us? Forbes
Forbes’ cosmology commentator: Maybe we ARE alone Uncommon Descent
From The Poached Egg: How Darwinism dumbs us down Uncommon Descent
On Academic Freedom Laws, National Law Review Takes a Tumble Evolution News
Are there things about human beings that you cannot write code for? Mind Matters
Still no space aliens? That’s because they are keeping us in a zoo! Uncommon Descent
Walter Bradley: Tell people about AI, not sci-fi Mind Matters
Consciousness: A Battle Between Your Beliefs and Perceptions? Real Clear Science
Does “alien hand syndrome” show that we don’t really have free will? Mind Matters
Why AI can’t win wars as if wars were chess games Mind Matters
New software tool could provide answers to some of life's most intriguing questions Science Daily
Human Exceptionalism with a Human Face Areo Magazine
Common sense statements about human vs animal intelligence Uncommon Descent
Why apes are not spiritual beings Mind Matters
At Nature: Surviving the “reproducibility apocalypse” Uncommon Descent
Researcher: Why finding extraterrestrial life “now seems inevitable,” maybe soon Uncommon Descent
BBC as the Noble Liar promoting a liberal agenda
The Human Brain: Even Basic Facts Are Hotly Contested Mind Matters