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Devolution: Dumping info can make life better, maybe Uncommon Descent
A Molecular Ambulance for DNA BioTechniques
The Economist replies to Steve Meyer, seemingly Uncommon Descent
A Surprise Source of Life's Code Scientific American
Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science by Richard Dawkins – review The Guardian
Dark Matter May Be More Complex Than Physicists Thought Wired
Discovering DNA's secrets New York Times
Some argue planet Jupiter formed from pebbles Uncommon Descent
Rules of communication in the nucleus: genes and nuclear pores need 'interpreters' Science Daily
The other Big Bang: What caused the Cambrian explosion? Economist
A barcode for shredding junk RNA Science Daily
Quantum 'spookiness' passes toughest test yet Nature
Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says New York Times
Human genome decay and origin of life
Were cave symbols early writing attempts? Uncommon Descent
Study delivers bleak verdict on validity of psychology experiment results The Guardian
Research identifies a protein that helps determine the fate of RNA Science Daily
Evidence suggests subatomic particles could defy the standard model Science Daily
Simulating the genesis of life in a $5 toaster oven
Dr. Hawking, relax, this is the auto-eject model Uncommon Descent
Dr. Hawking, your black hole is ready now Uncommon Descent
Epigenetics: The carnies have caught up Uncommon Descent
Darwin's fast-evolving finches use a natural insect repellent New Scientist
Plant species' genetic responses to climate change Science Daily
Pigments, organelles persist in fossil feathers said to be 150 myo Science Daily
Earth's extremes point the way to extraterrestrial life: Exploring the limits of life in the universe Science Daily
More Flaws in Darwin's Mechanism Creation Evolution Headlines
Are Human Hands More Primitive Than Chimps'? Answers in Genesis
Opinion: Engineering the Epigenome The Scientist
Current State of the Sea Ice Cover NASA Cryosphere
Free chapter on macroevolution from $80 2012 book Uncommon Descent
Pushback against accepting non-evidence-based science? Uncommon Descent
Black holes are a passage to another universe, says Stephen Hawking The Independent
Algorithm helps identify elusive genes that express like clockwork Science Daily
Are we facing a 'world without wild bees'? Genetic Literacy Project
Arguing for separate but same eel species Uncommon Descent
Adaptive mutation mechanism may explain some forms of antibiotic resistance: Retromutagenesis: Mutations occur in RNA first Science Daily
Epigenetic Change: Lamarck, Wake Up, You're Wanted in the Conference Room! Evolution News and Views
Stephen Hawking says he has a way to escape from a black hole New Scientist
The Widening World of Hand-Picked Truths New York Times
How did 20-30 myo salamander in amber get IN there? Uncommon Descent
World’s first flower (?) 125-130 mya Uncommon Descent
Can new genes arise from junk DNA? Uncommon Descent
Re-thinking “adaptive radiation” Uncommon Descent
Was Einstein the First to Invent E = mc2? Scientific American
What is our Universe made of? BBC
Dead Reckoning in Human Beings: An Example of Excellent Design Reasons to Believe
Why we're smarter than chickens Science Daily
Giant Galaxy Ring Shouldn't Exist ICR
Paul Nurse: Science under attack SciBlogs
Richard Dawkins: No moralist like an atheist moralist Uncommon Descent
Christians in science org dismisses ID but who cares now? Uncommon Descent
Physicists are more preposterous than fundies? Uncommon Descent
So we can’t upload our consciousness to the Internet? Uncommon Descent
Still chipping away at the sense of self Uncommon Descent
Increasing the heat energy leads to decreasing the information Uncommon Descent
Eibi Nevo: Evolution theory is an evolving theory Uncommon Descent
Tree of Life: Sir, the dog ate my Darwin textbook Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Jumping genes make the Tree of Life a bush Uncommon Descent
Cell Feature Resembles Power Grid ICR
Darwinists debate human exceptionalism Biologic Institute
Inside an astrobiology meeting, with Rob Sheldon Uncommon Descent
The Case for Complex Dark Matter Quanta Magazine
Origin of complex cells: Can energy create information? Uncommon Descent
The Search for Dark Matter Just Got Interesting Real Clear Science
Watery time capsule hints at how life got started on early Earth New Scientist
Give Early Man More Credit Creation Evolution Headlines
Breaking: Parrots, as well as chimps, becoming like us Uncommon Descent
Scientists reject claims of lab-grown mini human brain New Scientist
How variations in our molecular make-up are controlled within our DNA Science Daily
Chameleons' swiveling eyes not as independent as once thought Science Daily
Unexpected resistance mechanism found in pathogenic bacteria Science Daily
Humans are 'unique super-predator' BBC
Darwin's Tree Am-Bushed Creation Evolution Headlines
Homeschoolers fear government Darwinists? Uncommon Descent
Earth is outside the habitable zone? Uncommon Descent
BBC announces: Chimps have entered Stone Age Uncommon Descent
Biologist investigates how gene-swapping bacteria evade antibiotics Science Daily
Good Fossils, But Where's the Evolution? Creation Evolution Headlines
Honey bees rapidly evolve to overcome new disease Science Daily
Female fish genitalia evolve in response to predators, interbreeding Science Daily
Animal sex signals can adaptively disappear Science Daily
Earliest baboon ever found Science Daily
The amazing adaptability of brain's vision center Science Daily
Did Jupiter Form From Pebbles? Real Clear Science
How New Genes Arise from Scratch Quanta Magazine
We Will Never Be Able to Upload Our Consciousness Althouse
Oldest hand hints we came down from trees earlier than thought New Scientist
Frogs mount speedy defence against pesticide threat Nature
What makes a planet habitable? BBC
Amazon’s “purposeful Darwinism” Uncommon Descent
Mathematicians and Their Gods: Interactions Between Mathematics and
Religious Beliefs (New Book)
Oxford University Press
Meteorite impacts can create DNA building blocks Science Daily
Key genetic event underlying fin-to-limb evolution Science Daily
The Tree of Life may be a bush Science Daily
Dog Ancestors Evolved From Mongoose-Like Forest Dwellers Discovery
Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age BBC
Linguist comments on latest Ape speaks! claims Uncommon Descent
Water worlds can’t host life? Uncommon Descent
Life's X Factor The Scientist
Ancient underwater plant 'could be world's first flower' BBC
'Dark photons': another cosmic fudge factor John Gideon Hartnett
Astrobiology: The Joy of Being Wrong Creation Evolution Headlines
Why water worlds won't host life Science
Stone tools confirmed from 3.4 mya? Uncommon Descent
Richard Dawkins' moralizing atheism: Science, self-righteousness and militant belief - and disbelief Salon
Consciousness evolved for the greater good, not just the self New Scientist
Darwinism: The Joy of Being Clueless Creation Evolution Headlines
Science Reporters Don't Even Try to Be Politically Neutral Creation Evolution Headlines
Seeing past Darwin to a plausible history of life Uncommon Descent
Bonobos prefigure language? Agenda so obvious Uncommon Descent
What Science Can Tell Us About Bad Science The Atlantic
Settled science part 1: Is science ever actually settled? The Logic of Science
National Geographic: Bonobo peeps point to human language origin Uncommon Descent
Seeing Past Darwin James A. Barham Blog
Mass extinctions can accelerate evolution? Uncommon Descent
Apes close to speaking? No. Uncommon Descent
Planets Defy Bottom-Up Assembly Creation Evolution Headlines
Silly season: Vast sums to be spent seeking space aliens Uncommon Descent
Paul Davies: Search for alien life on Earth Uncommon Descent
Stripes offer no advantage to zebra? Uncommon Descent
First it was epigenetics, now epigenomics Uncommon Descent
Geology abstracts from Origins 2015
Biology abstracts from Origins 2015
Ribosomes can translate 'untranslated region' of messenger RNA Science Daily
Be careful what you say to aliens New Statesman
No evidence for multiverse offered, but none sought Uncommon Descent
Beneficial Aspects of Bacteria Answers in Genesis
How beneficial bacteria protect intestinal cells Science Daily
OOL: Computing the origin and evolution of the ribosome from its structure Science Direct
Flies that fight off parasites produce offspring with greater genetic mix Nature
Comet yields 'rich array' of organics BBC
Evolutionists Struggle to Explain Language Creation Evolution Headlines
is a Divine Intelligent Designer Just a God of the Gaps? Cold Case Christianity
Multiversal truths - Is the universe alone? The Economist
Horizontal gene transfer: Sorry, Darwin, it's not your evolution any more Evolution News and Views
Mystery of Australia's five-legged animals cracked New Scientist
Evolution peaks on tropical mountain Science Daily
Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals Science Daily
Computer scientists find mass extinctions can accelerate evolution Science Daily
Are we alone in the universe? Paul Davies on the search for extraterrestrial life ABC
Nature: More info on why octopus is smart Uncommon Descent
Multilevel selection theory and the evolutionary functions of transposable elements Oxford Journals
Stripes might not offer protection for animals living in groups, such as zebra, as previously thought EurekAlert
How many forms can an ape take? ABC
Newly discovered brain network recognizes what's new, what's familiar Science Daily
Octopus genome holds clues to uncanny intelligence: DNA sequence expanded in areas otherwise reserved for vertebrates Nature
Big Bang Antimatter Problem Deepens Creation Evolution Headlines
Ancient Tissue Revolutionizing Historical Science Creation Evolution Headlines
Life on Earth 2.0 - Really? The discovery of Kepler-452b
Golden jackals: Two distantly related species look the same Uncommon Descent
The damage false consensus does to science Uncommon Descent
Did large eyes make the Neanderthals weird loners? Uncommon Descent
Good and bad arguments for fine-tuning? Uncommon Descent
Boxfish shell inspires new materials for flexible electronics Printed Electronics World
Competition from cats drove extinction of many species of ancient dogs Science Daily
Following Humbly where Nature Leads: How Scientists Embody Humility Slate
Loss of the "altruistic" worker caste in ants is not accompanied by a loss of genes Science Daily
Evolutionary Enigmas Creation Evolution Headlines
The Lost World of Adam and Eve: A Review Essay Themelios
Cosmic Conundrums Creation Evolution Headlines
Patrick Matthew - the Scot who pre-empted Darwin
How Did We Get Our Teeth? Anwsers in Genesis
Re-thinking ‘adaptive radiation’ - one of biology’s most important concepts pos-darwinista.blogspot
Yeast double genome through interspecies mating? Uncommon Descent
New call for an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis Uncommon Descent
The physics of butterfly wings Word Press
A tale of two museums World Magazine
Experts: "Epigenetics can drive genetics” Uncommon Descent
The Case Against Scholarly Consensus Chronicle of Higher Education
The extended evolutionary synthesis: its structure, assumptions and predictions The Royal Society Publishing
What if We All Decide that God Exists? New Scientist
New water mite genus discovered Science Daily
Gene deletions, duplications reveal our genetic storyline Science Daily
Bonobo "Baby Talk" Reveals Roots of Human Language National Geographic
Messages in the Noise The Scientist
Larry Moran misses the point about Gunther Witzany Uncommon Descent
Steve Pinker on faitheism Uncommon Descent
Can neuroscience tell us anything about the mind? Uncommon Descent
Human Evolution: 550 Million Years in 40 Seconds Real Clear Science
AI will make religion obsolete soon? Uncommon Descent
Science and philosophy not in competition Uncommon Descent
Serious discussion: Is science broken? Uncommon Descent
Natural selection can IMPEDE new species? Uncommon Descent
A Mendelian myth tested, and flunks Uncommon Descent
How yeast doubled its genome, by mating between species Science Daily
15-23 myo scorpion Real Clear Science
The mystery of Neanderthals' massive eyes BBC
Ediacaran reproduction fossilized? Uncommon Descent
What to Teach Your Kids about Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design YouTube
Teaching Your Kids about Creation with Jurassic World and Pokemon YouTube
This again? Yup. Our universe might be a fake. Uncommon Descent
Philosopher of science: Schoolbook Darwinism needs replacement Uncommon Descent
MIT claims to have found a "language universal" that ties all languages together ars technica
Debunking the biggest genetic myth of the human tongue PBS
Horse facial expressions similar to human ones? Uncommon Descent
Bioethics accused of doing more harm than good Nature
Is Our Universe a Fake? Space
Mr. Epigenetics The Scientist
Genomic Elements Reveal Human Diversity The Scientist
Neo-Darwinism Inadequate; Needs “Extension” and “Expansion” Creation/Evolution Headlines
New Scientist asks What if we could talk to animals? Uncommon Descent
The secret to the success of insects Science Daily
Natural selection can impede formation of new species Science Daily
How to Evaluate the Certainty in Scientific Discoveries Reasons to Believe
Before the Big Bang: an outrageous new perspective and its implications for particle physics (Roger Penrose, 2008) Proceedings of EPAC
What if Intelligence is a Dead End? New Scientist
Environment affects evolution via epigenetics Science Daily
Milky Way-like galaxies may have existed in the early universe Science Daily
Stability Implies Computational Tractability: Locating a Tree in a Stable Network is Easy Cornell University Library
Human Enhancement: Destiny or Disaster? (YouTube) Science, Technology, Future
New book - "HUMANS: The fascinating story of how early Homo sapiens became modern humans" My God, Your God?
Spectacular Discovery Reveals Power Grid in Muscle Cells; Design Implications Are Profound Evolution News and Views
New book - "Who Designed the Designer?" Ignatius Press
Sometimes, NASA’s promotion is fun but shameless Uncommon Descent
The mystery of particle generations Symmetry Magazine
Largely brain absent man functions normally Evolution News and Views
The Healthy Man Who Was Missing a Brain Real Clear Science
Giant Mystery Ring of Galaxies Should Not Exist Discovery
Scientists solve structure of the eukaryotic MCM2-7 complex Science Daily
Bonobo noise challenges human uniqueness? Uncommon Descent
Four legged-snake
The Prescient Placenta The Scientist
Researchers are borrowing designs from the natural world to advance biomedicine The Scientist
Fifty psychology terms to lose? Uncommon Descent
A review of Peter Harrison's "The Territories of Science and Religion" LA Review of Books
Don’t bog down bioethics in social justice! (?) Uncommon Descent
Ancient Viruses as Gene Therapy Vectors The Scientist
Caution urged over editing DNA in wildlife (intentionally or not) Nature
New insights into the production of antibiotics by bacteria Science Daily
Updated fossil hominin body mass estimates Science Daily
Flexible vocalizations in wild bonobos show similarities to development of human speech Science Daily
Is modern science broken? ABC
More DNA Evidence Against Human Chromosome Fusion ICR
Carbon-Dating Fossils ICR
Origin of Life for Dummies Creation/Evolution Headlines
Basic Geology Disproves Creationism? Answers in Genesis
Introduction to Design Arguments: A review of a review worth viewing Darwin's God
Cosmic Inflation: It Really Happened Reasons to Believe
New atheists hardly open-minded says old-fashioned atheist Uncommon Descent
More multiverse blather Uncommon Descent
Whatever Happened to Intelligent Design? (mp3) Reasonable Faith
Organic molecules, not previously observed, found in comets? Uncommon Descent
Think Your Conscious Brain Directs Your Actions? Think Again SingularityHUB
Reconstructing the reproductive mode of an Ediacaran macro-organism Nature
Molecular Architecture of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor in Cells American Chemical Society
How do we know that evolution is really happening? BBC
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