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Cosmology Has Some Big Problems Scientific American Blogs
Cosmology's Only Big Problems Are Manufactured Misunderstandings Forbes
At Forbes: Cosmology’s crisis is merely “manufactured misunderstandings” Uncommon Descent
At Scientific American: Understanding the cosmology crisis Uncommon Descent
Rob Sheldon: The real reason there is a crisis in cosmology Uncommon Descent
Cosmology's Biggest Conundrum Is A Clue, Not A Controversy Forbes
The universe may be a billion years younger than we thought. Scientists are scrambling to figure out why. NBC News
The Sun Is Stranger Than Astrophysicists Imagined Quanta Magazine
At Quanta: Sun “stranger than astrophysicists imagined” Uncommon Descent
10 things you should know about black holes Back Reaction
The “water world” exoplanets are NOT habitable ocean planets Uncommon Descent
Exoplanets: Those water worlds would have sterile oceans too… Uncommon Descent
Rob Sheldon: That “sterile exoplanet ocean” paper is bunk! Uncommon Descent
When it comes to planetary habitability, it's what's inside that counts Carnegie Science
Researchers: What’s INSIDE a planet determines habitability Uncommon Descent
How did the Solar System form? Creation
Multiple measurements close in on dark energy Cosmos Magazine
The Newest Finding on the Expansion of the Universe Answers in Genesis
Quantum Mechanics is wrong. There, I've said it. Back Reaction
Sabine Hossenfelder: “We know that quantum mechanics is wrong.” Uncommon Descent
When particle physicists collide, some are transformed into children Uncommon Descent
Sabine Hossenfelder: Black holes vs. quantum mechanics = something has to give Uncommon Descent
Big Bang Hubble Contradiction Confirmed ICR
Axions may or may not exist - but we're not just making things up New Scientist
Theoretical physicist reassures public, they’re not just making it up Uncommon Descent
The Future Of Particle Physics Discussed In Granada Science 2.0
Does the Higgs-boson exist? Back Reaction
What does it mean to say, in physics, that something like the Higgs boson “exists”? Uncommon Descent
Could Fundamental Constants Be Neither Fundamental nor Constant? Inside Science
Researchers: Maybe fundamental constants are not constant Uncommon Descent
Could Parallel Universes Be Physically Real? Forbes
In this version of the multiverse, you are unique Uncommon Descent
This Little-Known Quantum Rule Makes Our Existence Possible Forbes
Should we call the Pauli Exclusion Principle quantum fine-tuning? Uncommon Descent
Is the Universe a Hologram? Future Telescopes Could Tell Us Physics Central
More Excuses for Missing Dark Matter Creation-Evolution Headlines
This Is Why It's Meaningless That Dark Matter Experiments Haven't Found Anything Forbes
Yale's David Gelernter: Darwin's Doubt Is "One of the Most Important Books in a Generation" Evolution News
Cambrian Explosion Continues to Perplex Evolutionists ICR
Amber—a moment in time 100 mya Uncommon Descent
Billion-year-old fossils set back evolution of earliest fungi Nature
Fossilized Fungus Dates Back 1 Billion Years Ago The Scientist
How Long Do Fossils Take to Form? Geoscience Research Institute
The Cambrian Explosion at Qingjiang Geoscience Research Institute
Paleontologist Günter Bechly: "No Well-Established Tree of Fossil Humans" Evolution News
First birds: Archaeopteryx gets company Science Daily
Magma is the key to the moon's makeup Science Daily
New theory of moon’s formation addresses huge discrepancy Uncommon Descent
Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory rests on data that are bad Powerline Blog
Tooth Fossils Fill 6-Million-Year-Old Gap in Primate Evolution UNLV
Unusual Fossils Call for Unusual Explanations Creation-Evolution Headlines
Mind-Blowing Marine Ammonite in Tree Resin ICR
Why One-Third Of Biologists Now Question Darwinism The Federalist
Biology evolves: One third of biologists now question Darwinism Uncommon Descent
Suzan Mazur: World Science Festival is purveying an out-of-date Darwinism Uncommon Descent
What is mutation? A chapter in the series: How microbes “jeopardize” the modern synthesis PLOS Genetics
Giving Up Darwin Claremont Review of Books
PLOS paper admits to nonrandom mutation in evolution Uncommon Descent
Darwinian Jerry Coyne vents his spleen at Darwin-doubting Yale computer scientist Uncommon Descent
Designed Selection Is Not Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Game of Thrones: As Darwinism Dissolves, Top Evolutionists Scramble for a Successor Evolution News
Cells have signalling circuit boards. Only much more advanced than ours Uncommon Descent
Inserting Darwin Where He Doesn't Belong Creation-Evolution Headlines
Complex life may only exist because of millions of years of groundwork by ancient fungi The Conversation
Plant expert: Very ancient fungi made life possible for plants on Earth Uncommon Descent
The trickster microbes that are shaking up the tree of life Nature
At Nature: Carl Woese’s archaea are “shaking up the tree of life” Uncommon Descent
How Life Looks and How It Works: Thoughts on Eberlin's Foresight Evolution News
Marcos Eberlin shouldn’t exist Uncommon Descent
Jerry Coyne is already mad at Marcos Eberlin Uncommon Descent
Illustra Media Celebrates Animal Diversity Creation-Evolution Headlines
Dozens of genes previously thought to have similar roles across species are in fact unique to humans Science Daily
The new “unique human genes” findings contradict previous research Uncommon Descent
Newly discovered Medusavirus turns evolutionary theory to stone Creation
Orderly Disorder: A Molecular Motor Regulated by IDP Evolution News
Automatic Emergency Brake Found on Molecular Motor Creation-Evolution Headlines
More than a protein factory: A role for ribosomes in regulating human gene expression Science Daily
Spatial DNA organization forms first, then the rest Science Daily
Ancient DNA Yields Clues to Past Biodiversity Quanta Magazine
Complex Eyes of 'Simple' Clams Confound Darwin Creation-Evolution Headlines
Remember junk RNA? Cell division requires a balanced level of it Uncommon Descent
Self-Assembly of Protein Machines: Evidence for Evolution or Creation? Reasons
Epigenetics: Worm memories passed down 14 generations Uncommon Descent
Tardigrades too tough for evolution Creation
Astonishing duplicity continues around Haeckel’s embryos Uncommon Descent
Scallops’ 200 eyes “even more complex” than realized Uncommon Descent
Backing down on Darwinian fundamentalism? Uncommon Descent
Book review of Doug Axe's Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed. Geoscience Research Institute
Creating a global map of the protein shape universe Science Daily
Muller Two-Step Model: A Refutation of Behe on Irreducible Complexity? Evolution News
The doomsday extinction rhetoric ignores the speciation mess Uncommon Descent
Polar Bear Seminar: New Evidence that Michael Behe Is Right Evolution News
God's DNA-detangling motors
Extreme Fine Tuning in Body Cells, Part I Creation-Evolution Headlines
Extreme Fine Tuning in Body Cells, Part II Creation-Evolution Headlines
Opinion: How to Define Life The Scientist
Key step in cell protein production Science Daily
Researchers unravel mechanisms that control cell size Science Daily
Cambridge scientists create world’s first living organism with fully redesigned DNA News Break
Clever Designs in Nature Worth Imitating Evolution News
The immune cells, it turns out, have secret police Uncommon Descent
New type of highly sensitive vision discovered in deep-sea fish Science Daily
Scientists’ Definition of Life Excludes AI, but Includes Embryos Mind Matters
Book Review: Stuart A. Kauffman's A World Beyond Physics: The Emergence and Evolution of Life Nature
New Origin of Life book: Life rests on physics but can’t be derived from it Uncommon Descent
Gold Rush of Discovery Points Beyond Blind Evolutionary Process - to Foresight Evolution News
Behe's Last Stand The Lion of Intelligent Design Roars Again Skeptic
Why Water Is Weird Nautilus
Shedding some light on water’s weird qualities Uncommon Descent
Something new to learn about water? Uncommon Descent
What Does It Look Like to "Turn On" a Gene? The Scientist
So it’s come to this: Turmoil over what genes really do Uncommon Descent
Seven Big Misconceptions About Heredity Skeptical Inquirer
Genes are more like a river than a string of beads… Uncommon Descent
When did the folk at Skeptical Inquirer become creationists? Uncommon Descent
Engineered Adaptability: Blockchain-Like Process May Produce Adaptive Traits ICR
Photosynthesis: Darwin's Great Mystery Is Still a Mystery Creation-Evolution Headlines
How Bacteria Become Drug-Resistant While Exposed to Antibiotics The Scientist
How the Injured Brain Heals Itself: Our Amazing Neuroplasticity Mind Matters
Embryo stem cells created from skin cells Science Daily
The heart 'talks' to fat cells Science Daily
Narwhals have endured a million years with low genetic diversity, and they're thriving Science Daily
New giant virus may help scientists better understand the emergence of complex life Science Daily
Can the giant Medusa virus help explain the evolution of complex life? Uncommon Descent
Genetic adaptation to climate change Science Daily
Global Biodiversity Assessment Reports "Unprecedented" Declines The Scientist
“Jumping genes” threaten the world’s antibiotics Uncommon Descent
Dolphin ancestor's hearing was more like hoofed mammals than today's sea creatures Science Daily
Hybridization and evolution Creation
Try This Tree of Life Instead of Darwin's Evolution News
Welcome to the Electric Cell Evolution News
Bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago Science Daily
Talk about stasis! Bedbugs are 100 million years old Uncommon Descent
Stasis Is Not Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Bombshell study explodes myth that same-sex parenting makes ‘no difference’ Dr. Will Jones
Fossil Points to a Vanished Human Species in Himalayas Wall Street Journal
New Analysis Debunks Controversial Claim About the Origin of Humanity Gizmodo
Statistical study finds it unlikely South African fossil species is ancestral to humans Science Daily
Researchers: Sediba is not a human ancestor after all. Back to Lucy, but… Uncommon Descent
Australopithecus sediba Not Likely Humans' Ancestor: Study The Scientist
Australopithecus sediba Dismissed as Human Ancestor Ceation-Evolution Headlines
Another Human Ancestor "Falsified": Study Puts Australopithecus sediba Back in the Ground Evolution News
The Denisovan Mandible and Human Diversity Todd C. Wood Blog
Neanderthals and modern humans diverged at least 800,000 years ago Science Daily
Neanderthals and Modern Humans Diverged Earlier than Thought The Scientist
Researchers: Tooth studies show that Neanderthals “split” from modern humans 800 kya, not 300-500 kya Uncommon Descent
The Neanderthal Brain-Clues About Cognition Sapiens
Researchers: Early human toolkit (400 kya) showed precision toolmaking Uncommon Descent
The great split between science and philosophy must be repaired Aeon
Science philosopher attempts to repair split between science and philosophy Uncommon Descent
Science would be well advised to avoid picking fights with religion Irish Times
The Utility of Design Analogies Placozoan Ponderings
An Atheist Argues Against Reason Mind Matters
Understanding Unbelief Atheists and agnostics around the world University of Kent
Most atheists believe in the supernatural, despite trusting science New Scientist
Creation isn't science? Creation
Yes, Determinists, There Is Free Will Nautilus
Two New Studies Demonstrate How Not to Do Science Real Clear Science
Forensic Experts Fight Over the Problem of Junk Science The Intercept
How to live without free will Back Reaction
Can physics prove there is no free will? Mind Matters
Younger Thinkers Now Argue That Free Will Is Real Mind Matters
On Book Tour, Marcos Eberlin Sparks Thought About the ID Movement Evolution News
A Disproof of God's Existence Skeptic
Disproofs of God’s existence are falling on hard times these days Uncommon Descent
Darwinism as Pantheism or Vitalism Evolution News
Making a mess of understanding eternity Uncommon Descent
Is science “broken” or has it just accumulated a lot of baggage? Uncommon Descent
An attempted serious look at whether we can be good without God Uncommon Descent
Self-censorship on Campus Is Bad for Science The Atlantic
If no one is really a Darwinist any more… Uncommon Descent
An Unintended Endorsement of Marcos Eberlin's New Book, Foresight Evolution News
Professor James Tour: A "Liar for Jesus"? Evolution News
Is chemist James Tour a “liar for Jesus?” Uncommon Descent
I was forced out of my PhD program because of my open faith in Jesus Christ. Here's my story. The College Fix
Christian PhD driven out by the raging Woke Uncommon Descent
The Peculiar Blindness of Experts The Atlantic
Fun: Why do experts suffer from a “peculiar blindness”? Uncommon Descent
Farewell to John Lukacs: A Great Historian, and an Unequivocal Darwin Doubter Evolution News
Astronomer Martin Rees reacts to Suzan Mazur’s Darwin Overthrown Uncommon Descent
Religious Nones: The bigger picture shows increasing polarization Uncommon Descent
Granville Sewell: Why Evolution Is Different Uncommon Descent
Evolutionist Responds to Eric Metaxas on the "Meaning" Question Evolution News
New view on the mechanisms of how the brain works Mind Matters
Huge floating logs transported Jurassic life forms around the world? Uncommon Descent
The Creativity of AI Is Massively Underwhelming Mind Matters
How we make complex decisions Science Daily
A Critic of the Evangelical Statement on AI Misunderstands the Issues Mind Matters
Why AI *fails to* actually create things Mind Matters
What One Thing Do AI, Evolution, and Entrepreneurship All Need? Mind Matters
Michael Medved talks with Robert J. Marks about animal vs human vs. AI minds Mind Matters
Logic & First Principles, 20: What Is Law? Uncommon Descent
Logic & First Principles, 21: Insightful Intelligence Vs. Computationalism Uncommon Descent
National Review publishes pro-evolution misinformation piece by Khan Creation
Darwinian conservative has a troubling history re racist links Uncommon Descent
“Race realism” (Darwinian racism) pops up again: the John Derbyshire commemorative edition. Uncommon Descent
David Klinghoffer: Racism is integral to Darwinian thinking, “like an irremediable birth defect” Uncommon Descent
The Disturbing Resilience of Scientific Racism Smithsonian
Effacing the role of Darwinism in racism - Smithsonian edition Uncommon Descent