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Proteins by Accident? Douglas Axe Replies to a Critic of The Information Enigma Evolution News and Views
For SETI Researchers, Here Is a Guide for Handling Fallacious Objections Evolution News and Views
Were Adam and Eve Real? New Anthropological Evidence in 10-Year Update to Book by Fazake Rana and Hugh Ross Christian Post
Does evolution have a predictable future? Uncommon Descent
Science Is Neither 'Settled' Nor 'Skeptical' Real Clear Science
Extraordinary conservation of novel non-coding sequences in a wide range of animals Science Daily
The Scientific Method is a Myth Discover Magazine
Reactions to Scientific Method Is a Myth Uncommon Descent
Comfortably alone in the Universe Cosmos Magazine
What about explaining biological diversity and complexity to Darwin in 140 characters? Quantum Frontiers
Brain is just a computer … ? Uncommon Descent
Which Came First-Teeth or Scales? Answers in Genesis
Rosetta finds primordial oxygen on comet Uncommon Descent
Lokiarchaeota and the Origin of Complex Life Quanta Magazine
New class of DNA repair enzyme discovered Science Daily
Nuclear membrane repairs the 'dark matter' of DNA Science Daily
Cosmos publisher thinks we are galaxy’s most advanced species Uncommon Descent
Endosymbiosis: A Theory in Crisis ICR
Will human evolve fast enough to beat AI? Uncommon Descent
Zombie physics: 6 baffling results that just won't die Nature
The penis only evolved once Science Magazine
Fossil discovery could be the last common ancestor to all apes New Scientist
Transitional species of duckbilled dinosaurs illuminate relationship between evolution and growth Science Daily
Ancestry of mammalian 'warm-bloodedness' revealed Science Daily
Predicting the human genome using evolution Science Daily
Mystery bright spots could be first glimpse of another universe New Scientist
Surprise discovery suggests 'gentle' start for Solar System BBC
Making heads and tails of embryo development: Lessons from the humble fly Science Daily
Study questions dates for cataclysms on early moon, Earth University of Wisconsin News
Science needs the freedom to constantly change its mind Aeon
Epigenetics: Sperm carry microRNAs that influence gene expression in the next generation ARS Technica
Bacteria in Ancient Andean Mummies had Gene for Antibiotic Resistance IFL Science
Double debunking: Glenn Williamson on human-chimp DNA similarity and genes unique to human beings Uncommon Descent
Novel link between microRNAs and movement control Science Daily
Speedy evolution affects more than one species Science Daily
Here's Why Most Neuroscientists Are Wrong About the Brain Nautilus
The 15 most compelling scientific findings that suggest aliens are real Business Insider
Can the laws of physics change? Sure, every six months Uncommon Descent
DNA research reveals new function of histones Science Daily
Advances in genetic studies of birds are changing ornithology research Science Daily
Are the Laws of Physics Really Universal? PBS
Replaying the tape of life in the twenty-first century Royal Society Publishing
Weirdest physics proved beyond doubt? Uncommon Descent
Unbelievable? Is God the best explanation for apparent design in nature? – Jonathan McLatchie & Cory Markum Premiere Christian Radio Debate
Alan Lightman: Life has meaning even if we are mere brains, atoms Uncommon Descent
Global cooling alarmists 40 years ago John Hartnett
Self-sacrificing immune cells spew out DNA nets to trap invaders New Scientist
Building immune system memory: Mechanism identified for enhancing immunological memory in helper T cells Science Daily
What U.S. Religious Groups Think About Science Issues Pew Internet
One of the weirdest bits of physics is proved beyond doubt (almost) The Economist
Larry Krauss: How to get something from nothing Uncommon Descent
The power of two may help explain brain design Science Daily
Cellular damage control system helps plants tough it out Science Daily
Experiment tests Einstein's 'God does not play dice' with quantum 'dice' Science Daily
Homo naledi: Claims of a Transitional Ape ICR
Is Intelligent Design "Apologetics"? Evolution News and Views
Tiny DNA building block is identical regardless of species Science Daily
Some Rules of Language are Wired in the Brain Scientific American
There’s a Mystery Machine That Sculpts the Human Genome The Atlantic
Origin-of-Life Speculation Goes Off the Rails Creation-Evolution Headlines
Genes unique to humans? Uncommon Descent
Challenging the BioLogos Claim that a Vitellogenin (Egg-Laying) Pseudogene Exists in the Human Genome Answers in Genesis
Is Life Special Just Because It's Rare? Nautilus
New Scientist: Caution urged on life at 4 billion years ago Uncommon Descent
Homo naledi: Dating the Strange Ape The Atlantic
What is irreducible complexity? One Minute Apologist - YouTube
Why is redundancy in nature a “puzzle”? It is a common feature of stable systems. Uncommon Descent
Conclusions: What the fossils told us in their own words Evolution News and Views
Life may have begun 300 million years earlier than we thought New Scientist
Queen or worker? Flexibility between roles relies on just a few genes Science Daily
UCLA researchers: Life got started shortly after planet cooled Uncommon Descent
Stasis: Life Goes On but Evolution Does Not Happen Evolution News and Views
Searching for the Genes That Are Unique to Humans The Atlantic
Is intelligent design a science? One Minute Apologist
New model derives 'handedness' (homochirality) from basic life requirements Science Daily
The Mind and Brain: Evolved or Created? Creation-Evolution Headlines
From genotype-to-phenotype in cell populations IOP Science
Humans shaped by “interbreeding”? Uncommon Descent
What is the difference between ID and creationism? One Minute Apologist
Could All Really Come From Nothing? NPR
DNA sun protection Science Daily
Homo naledi: Geology of a Claimed Missing Link ICR
Homochirality: Computers Are Not the Real World Creation-Evolution Headlines
Attenborough: Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
Tethering Transposons The Scientist
Biologos: equipping the next generation BioLogos
Did Humans Walk Like Chimps Up the Evolutionary Tree? Answers in Genesis
Researcher claims to have simplified account of eukaryote origin Uncommon Descent
Epigenetics: The role histones play leaves researchers “blown away” Uncommon Descent
125 myo rat-like mammal fossil is earliest showing fur, skin and organs The Guardian
Plant hormone 'switch' unravels chromatin to form flowers Science Daily
Published genomes are chock-full of contamination The Scientist
Some liked it hot: Dinosaurs evolved range of body temperatures New Scientist
Why We Don't Look Like Chimps Evolution News and Views
From hummingbird to owl: New research decodes bird family tree Science Daily
Evidence for functional redundancy in nature: Many species may play essentially the same role Science Daily
Scientists are slowly scaling up quantum effects from atomic to human size Nautilus
Why God Cannot Be Proven: A Star Trek Argument Real Clear Science
Reconstruction and Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry Cell
The latest in pop science: The selfish superorganism Uncommon Descent
The incredible shrinking social sciences Uncommon Descent
Making It All Up - the behavioral sciences scandal The Weekly Standard
Is ID about internal or external teleology? Uncommon Descent
Supercoiled DNA is far more dynamic than the 'Watson-Crick' double helix Science Daily
No, Scientists Have Not Found the 'Gay Gene' The Atlantic
Third Way of Evolution offers lots of non-Darwinian evolution Uncommon Descent
Earth's Strongest Species Take Root on Mars The New Yorker
Scientism : the new orthodoxy (New book) Bloomsbury Academic
But Darwin’s fall WON’T help creationists! Uncommon Descent
A note on Darwin icons lingering in textbooks Uncommon Descent
The hand of Homo naledi Nature Communications
Suzan Mazur’s new book: The Paradigm Shifters Uncommon Descent
Nature, it seems, has gotten bored with Dawkins Uncommon Descent
Is Aristotle's philosophy relevant to the intelligent design debate?
Nobel Prizes for what later proved wrong ideas Uncommon Descent
Lee Spetner on Darwin’s iconic finches Uncommon Descent
How scientists fool themselves - and how they can stop Nature
How DNA Database Statistics Can Lead To Questionable Convictions The Atlantic
Are We Ex-Apes? A Story Of Human Evolution NPR
New Thoughts on Habitable Planets Creation-Evolution Headlines
Ancient DNA reveals 'into Africa' migration BBC
What’s happened since Icons of Evolution (2002)? Uncommon Descent
Open Tree of Life Summarizes Evolutionary Beliefs Answers in Genesis
Perfectly accurate clocks turn out to be impossible Science Daily
Liquid Water on Mars? ICR
Epigenetic 'tags' linked to homosexuality in men Nature
Dark energy and the elusive chameleon—more darkness from the dark side
Scientists Should Tell Lawrence Krauss to Shut Up Already The Public Discourse
New (podium-free) film addresses origin of information Uncommon Descent
Sorry, Einstein. Quantum Study Suggests ‘Spooky Action’ Is Real. NY Times
Origin of life research still “abject failure”? Uncommon Descent
48-million-year-old horse-like fetus similar to modern day mares Science Daily
Chimpanzees shed light on origins of human walking Science Daily
Homo naledi: Hands, feet suggest 'jack of all trades' BBC
Clues on how giraffe neck evolved: Fossil evidence shows vertebrae elongated in 2 stages Science Daily
Complete Reanalysis of Chimpanzee and Human Genome-Wide DNA Similarity Answers in Genesis
Disproved Discoveries That Won Nobel Prizes Real Clear Science
Design of Life trilogy -- official trailer Illustra Media
Dover all over Uncommon Descent
Ancient alga knew how to survive on land before it left water and evolved into the first plant Science Daily
Exceptional 125-million-year-old bird discovered Science Daily
Study of Homo naledi suggests that new species walked upright and also climbed trees Science Daily
Einstein's gravitational waves remain elusive Cosmos Magazine
Probability is as useful to physics as flat-Earth theory New Scientist
Newly discovered mammal species survived dinosaur extinction BBC
The Primordial Soup Was Edible Real Clear Science
Could we all get together and evolve as a group? Evolution News and Views
Oxygen on Exoplanets May Not Mean Alien Life
Tugs and pulls: How a molecular motor untangles protein Science Daily
Could the Universe Be Lopsided? PBS
Putting Scientism in Its Place Evolution News and Views
Darwin and "Providential Design" Evolution News and Views
Time to Ditch Natural Selection? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why We Don't Look Like Chimps Evolution News and Views
Are the blueprints for limbs encoded in the snake genome? Science Daily
Are Space and Time Discrete or Continuous? PBS
Cell division: The motor protein kinesin-5 appears to help organize mitotic spindle's filaments Science Daily
Why Science Needs Metaphysics Nautilus
Ape fossils put the origin of humanity at 10 million years ago New Scientist
Why Cal Paleo Expert is So Skeptical That Homo Naledi Is New Species UC Berkeley Alumni Magazine
Evolution's Top Example Topples - Lenski's bacteria ICR
Neanderthals, Like Other Humans, Heated Water and Organized Their Homes Answers in Genesis
A global reference for human genetic variation Science Daily
Molecular switch keeps circadian clock running on time Science Daily
Brain cells have different genomes from one another Science Daily
Sex Differences in the Brain The Scientist
That Doesn't Look Like Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
A creationist responds to BBC on evolution
Another review of Ridley's Evolution of Everything Nature
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