NEW ARTICLES - October 2016

What if origin of life research rested on a mistake? Uncommon Descent
Cosmic coincidences?: New Scientist say multiverse is best explanation! Uncommon Descent
Pigliucci - The Neo-Platonic Argument for Evolution Couldn't Be More Wrong Nautilus
The secret of how life on Earth began BBC
You're not lost in a directionless universe Bible Science Forum
Conference on fine tuning, multiverse, and life, November 24-25, 2016, Sydney, Australia Uncommon Descent
In Spanish paper, Tom Wolfe calls “Theory of Evolution” a fairy tale? Uncommon Descent
Major Evolutionary Blunders: Haeckel's Embryos Born of Evolutionary Imagination ICR
Why Hasn't Natural Selection Eliminated Heritable Disease? Nautilus
Voluntary human extinction movement? Uncommon Descent
Space and time may spring up from the quantum entanglement of tiny bits of information? Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Life could get started quite easily in our Cosmic Zoo Uncommon Descent
Physicist Rob Sheldon: What ID is really about Uncommon Descent
Earth's vertebrates fall 58% in past four decades Nature
Darwin freakout 2016: ID as threat to education Uncommon Descent
What Counts as Science? Nautilus
Geneticist Boasts of His Just-So Story Creation-Evolution Headlines
Ancient human history more complex than previously thought Science Daily
Atheists blocked Not Ashamed trailer from YouTube Uncommon Descent
Torturing the data till it really scares people Uncommon Descent
Space is full of gigantic holes that are bigger than we expected New Scientist
Dark energy: Gigantic holes in space bigger than expected Uncommon Descent
Why We Shouldn't Call Exoplanets 'Earth-like' Just Yet Discover Magazine
Stephen Hawking is wrong. Humans won't compete with AI – we will merge with it The Telegraph
Michael Behe and Revolutionary: The Truth Will Out, Today Evolution News and Views
Order found in a process once presumed random Uncommon Descent
The Cosmic Zoo: The (Near) Inevitability of the Evolution of Complex, Macroscopic Life MDPI
Beyond Irreducible Complexity - Caution: Organs at Work: Part V: Vision ARN
Mathematical analysis reveals architecture of the human genome Science Daily
Why did life develop on the surface of the Earth in the Cambrian? Science Direct
Did a Commenter at BioLogos Find a Damning Error in Meyer's Signature in the Cell? Nope. Evolution News and Views
Team finds order in a process previously assumed to be random Science Daily
How Earth's oldest animals were fossilized Science Magazine
Rob Sheldon on Roger Penrose, and physics gone off the rails Uncommon Descent
Single cell animals were primed to go multicellular? Uncommon Descent
Is science literacy a catechism or a literacy test? Uncommon Descent
Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete accepted for conference The Guardian
Niwrad on key difference between archaeology and biology Uncommon Descent
Unconventional cell division in the Caribbean Sea: Bacterium breaks cell biology dogma Science Daily
Focus: Evolution Thins Out Distracting DNA Physics
Many Evolutionary Paths Lead to Same Bird Trait The Scientist
Galileo Fought Dirty With His Fellow Scientists The Atlantic
Three Puzzles Evolution Can't Solve Answers in Genesis
Another accidental use for “junk DNA” Uncommon Descent
Universe has ten times more galaxies than researchers thought Nature
Drivers of evolution hidden in plain sight Science Daily
Hagfish Eyes Debunks Claim About Eye Evolution Answers in Genesis
When Data Doesn't Fit the Consensus Creation-Evolution Headlines
When evolution ran backwards? Uncommon Descent
Loss and Re-emergence of Legs in Snakes by Modular Evolution of Sonic hedgehog and HOXD Enhancers Cell
Why do science issues seem to divide us along party lines? The Conversation
Animal hybrids may hold clues to Neandertal-human interbreeding Science News
A Plan To Defend Against the War on Science Scientific American
Oh dear: Defending against the enemies of science Uncommon Descent
Mystery of bacteria's antibiotic resistance unravelled Science Daily
Consciousness now tied to “entropy” Uncommon Descent
Required: A moral vision for gene editing New Scientist
Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Molecular Machines Quartz
The Left Has Enslaved Science Creation-Evolution Headlines
A short jump from single-celled ancestors to animals Science Daily
Single-Celled Life Primed to Go Multicellular The Scientist
Animal hybrids explain Neanderthal genome in our mix? Uncommon Descent
Was the secret spice in primal gene soup a thickener? Science Daily
Taking Exception to Human Eugenics Genetics
Lawrence Krauss debates "A Universe From Nothing" with an astrophysicist Wintry Knight
Cosmologist Larry Krauss explains a universe from nothing to an astrophysicist Uncommon Descent
Be extraordinarily cautious about the newest alien claim Astronomy
A radical revision of human genetics - Why many 'deadly' gene mutations are turning out to be harmless Nature
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Drive Emergence and Inheritance of Biological Traits Cell
Quantum superposition now clocked at as long as a second Uncommon Descent
What to expect from the Royal Society’s public evolution summit November 7-9 Uncommon Descent
Anti-Biblical Bias Shaped Geological Opinion Creation-Evolution Headlines
Modeling floods that formed canyons on Earth, Mars Science Daily
Rethink the links between genes and disease Nature
Big Pharma: How science, misused, can “create” an epidemic Uncommon Descent
How an Asexual Lizard Procreates Alone National Geographic
Impact! New Moon Craters Are Appearing Faster Than Thought Space
OOL researchers: A little goo will do to get RNA and DNA to progress toward self-replication. Uncommon Descent
Plant discovered that neither photosynthesizes nor blooms Science Daily
Astroglia zip the two halves of the brain together Science Daily
Bonobos can crack nuts with stones: Nothing science story of the year? Uncommon Descent
Bumblebees can learn to pull strings for a reward, pass on skill Uncommon Descent
Wild chimpanzee mothers teach young to use tools Science Daily
Evolution is becoming a history, therefore messy, and not a dogma Uncommon Descent
You Can't Upload Your "Self" Into Virtual Reality Nautilus
It's time for science to abandon the term 'statistically significant' Aeon
Union of Concerned Scientists inconsistent as apocalypse marketing agency Uncommon Descent
As DNA reveals its secrets, scientists are assembling a new picture of humanity STAT News
African clawed frog genome contains 2 full sets of chromosomes from 2 extinct ancestors Science Daily
Nobel award for design of molecular machines Uncommon Descent
Not Religion v. Science First Things
Will Embryonic Stem Cells Ever Cure Anything? MIT Technology Review
Two models of planet formation now “duking it out” Uncommon Descent
Methane muted: How did early Earth stay warm? Science Daily
Science IS Intelligent Design Uncommon Descent
Magic Words Can't Explain Strange Fossil ICR
RNA and DNA arose at the same time? Uncommon Descent
5 Times Evolution Ran in 'Reverse' National Geographic
Evolution of a species also involves the bacteria it carries Science Daily
Fossil sheds light on evolution of birdsong BBC
Neandertal infant burial in Spain? Todd C. Wood Blog
New theory links flow of time with Big Bang Uncommon Descent
80% of the data in Chinese clinical trials have been fabricated Science Alert
Hugh Ross: Worldview implications of gravitational waves Uncommon Descent
Adam: protoplast or archetype?
Ribosomal quality control Science Daily
Suzan Mazur’s new book: Royal Society Public evolution summit Uncommon Descent
Was the exposed Piltdown Man fraudster framed? Uncommon Descent
Young-Earth Creationist Wins Lawsuit Dr. Wile Blog
Mark Armitage Wins Legal Victory Creation-Evolution Headlines
Armitage “creationist” settlement: Science vs religion? Uncommon Descent
Creationist receives six-figure legal settlement from public university The College Fix
Armitage settlement: Nuclear chemist Jay Wiles’s thoughts Uncommon Descent
Opposition to Galileo based on science, not just religion? Uncommon Descent
Human neurons continue to migrate after birth: Previously unrecognized stage of brain development discovered Science Daily
Protozoans with no dedicated stop codons? Uncommon Descent
How 'dead' bacteria return to life Science Daily
Meet Granddad: Weird, Ancient Reptile Gave Rise to Mammals Live Science
Understanding of dark matter muddier due to new findings? Uncommon Descent
Hints of tool use, culture seen in bumble bees Science Magazine
How Editing RNA Could Keep Us Young Real Clear Science
The Perplexing Argument of Atheistic Materialism Uncommon Descent
Can great apes read your mind? The Conversation
Apes can tell when you've been duped Nature
Assisted intelligence vs. artificial intelligence Uncommon Descent
Consciousness is tied to 'entropy' Physics World
How gecko feet got sticky: Small morphological changes can lead to large changes in function Science Daily
Decoding of tarsier genome reveals ties to humans Science Daily
The amazing recovery of Yosemite's yellow-legged frog Science Daily
What happens when animals go back to the wild? Uncommon Descent
Evolutionists Can't See Eye Design ICR
Internal Telomere-like Sequences Are Abundant and Functional ICR
New Findings Muddy Understanding Of Dark Matter Inside Science
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