NEW ARTICLES - February 2019  
Have We Mismeasured the Universe? Scientific American
Addressing Challenges to the Ancient Universe Michael G. Strauss
A Different Kind of Theory of Everything New Yorker
Philosophy: What exactly is a black hole? Science Daily
Dark matter may not actually exist - and our alternative theory can be put to the test The Conversation
Dark matter vs. dark energy in a world where neither has been discovered Uncommon Descent
The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics and the Origin of the Universe Answers in Genesis
Theoretical Physicist weary of people telling her 2+2 = 5 Uncommon Descent
Astronomers Detect Organic Molecules Around a Newborn Star 1,300 Light-Years Away Science Alert
What would a multiverse really be like, and why should we care about it? Arc Digital
What would a multiverse really be like? Uncommon Descent
Evidence of new physics could have been under our noses all along New Scientist
Never again confuse Dark Matter with Dark Energy Back Reaction
The 'WIMP Miracle' Hope For Dark Matter Is Dead Forbes
How Our Universe Could Emerge as a Hologram Quanta Magazine
How is the hologram universe coming? Uncommon Descent
Exoplanets and the Fermi Paradox Evolution News
A Different Kind of Theory of Everything Uncommon Descent
The Surprisingly Swift End to Evolution's Big Bang The Conversation
Researchers: Cambrian explosion ended surprisingly quickly Uncommon Descent
Trilobite evolutionary rates constrain the duration of the Cambrian explosion PNAS
New Fossil Feathers Affirm Created Kinds ICR
If Rocks Could Talk World Magazine
First discovered fossil feather did not belong to iconic bird Archaeopteryx Science Daily
Earth's Magnetic Field Nearly Disappeared 565 Million Years Ago Live Science
Soft tissue preservation in two new enantiornithine specimens (Aves) from the Lower Cretaceous Huajiying Formation of Hebei Province, China Science Direct
What Drives the Flat-Earthers? Neurologica Blog
Flat Earth Myth: A Favorite with ID Critics Evolution News
Recent Amber Fossil Finds Answers in Genesis
Scientists discover oldest evidence of mobility on Earth EurekAlert
Controversial fossils suggest life began to move 2.1 billion years ago New Scientist
“Super-Ancient mobile organisms” push mobile life back to 2.1 billion years ago Uncommon Descent
Fossilized Tubes Point to Super-Ancient Mobile Organisms The Scientist
Do volcanoes or an asteroid deserve blame for dinosaur extinction? Science Daily
Half-a-billion-year-old weird wonder worm finally gets its place in the tree of life Science Daily
500-million-year old worm 'superhighway' discovered in Canada Science Daily
A Dentist in the Sahara: Doug Axe on the Rarity of Proteins Is Decisively Confirmed Evolution News
At Last, the Details of How Proteins Evolve? Evolution News
NASA creates the origin of life Uncommon Descent
Signals on the scales: How the brain processes images Science Daily
Mechanism behind DNA damage control uncovered Science Daily
Radiation-resistant E. coli evolved in the lab give view into DNA repair Science Daily
Cell mechanism delays and repairs DNA damage that can lead to cancer Science Daily
How the bacterial replicative helicase opens to start DNA replication process Science Daily
Researchers: “profound yet intuitive: Every species has evolved backup plans” Uncommon Descent
Amazing Preservation Fails to Shock Evolutionists Creation-Evolution Headlines
Skepticism About Darwinian Evolution Grows as 1,000+ Scientists Share Their Doubts Evolution News
Scientific Dissent from Darwinism Dissent from Darwinism
"Dissent from Darwinism" List: The Tip of an Iceberg Evolution News
More Than 1,000 Ph.D. Scientists Are 'Skeptical' of Darwinian Evolution PJ Media
Could the 2.1 billion-year-old organism have been like a slime mold? Uncommon Descent
More Wonders to Be Thankful For Creation-Evolution Headlines
Behe on Darwin Dissent List: "Overselling Darwinism Means Downplaying Its Difficulties" Evolution News
Michael Behe: Darwinists Are "Famously Slow to Recognize Problems for Their Theory" Evolution News
Darwin Debate Heats Up Creation-Evolution Headlines
Even the axons in our nerve cells are "smart PCs" Mind Matters
The End of Evolution? - A review of Behe's Darwin Devolves Science
"Woo Hoo" - Behe's first response to the Lents/Swamidass/Lenski review of Darwin Devolves Evolution News
I Agree with Behe - S. Joshua Swamidass Peaceful Science
A Review of Darwin Devolves by Robert Newman Books at a Glance
A review of Behe’s Darwin Devolves that looks at what Behe actually says Uncommon Descent
A Fair Hearing for Behe - S. Joshua Swamidass Peaceful Science
Science Mag’s hit on Michael Behe’s Darwin Devolves avoids his main point Uncommon Descent
Early Science Review of Darwin Devolves - A Panic Attack? Evolution News
First Review of Darwin Devolves Relies Heavily on Circular Reasoning Evolution News
Darwinists Devolve: Review by Swamidass, Lenski, and Lents Borders on Fraud Evolution News
From Swamidass on Chloroquine Resistance, a Response that Doesn't Respond Evolution News
Train Wreck of a Review: A Response to Lenski et al. in Science Evolution News
Lenski comments again on Behe’s book Telliamed Revisted
My response to Swamidass et al - Denyse O'Leary Uncommon Descent
Perplexing: Michael Behe's Critics Falsely Claim He Ignores Exaptation Evolution News
More criticisms of Behe’s new ID book Why Evolution Is True
Mung’s Quixotic Correction - on Darwin Devolves Peaceful Science Discourse
On Chloroquine Resistance, Nathan Lents Severely Misrepresents Behe's Arguments Evolution News
Näsvall et al. Demonstrates the Effectiveness of Intelligent Design Evolution News
In the Controversy over Intelligent Design, Seeking Genuine Dialogue Evolution News
Histone Code: A Challenge to Evolution, an Inference to Design Evolution News
Natural Selection Theory Makes Scientists Lazy Creation-Evolution Headlines
A Theory in Crisis: Darwinian Anomalies Accumulate Evolution News
Suzan Mazur’s new book details how mechanobiology dooms Darwin Uncommon Descent
Molecular Machine Paper Ignores Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Graduate Level Baloney Detecting About Natural Selection Creation-Evolution Headlines
Establishing the molecular blueprint of early embryo development Science Daily
Plants: How cell walls are assembled Science Daily
Bacteria walk (a bit) like we do Science Daily
The Wonders of Genomic Acrobatics: Ciliated Protozoa as a Case Study Evolution News
Species evolve ways to back up life's machinery
Claim of New Antifreeze Gene by Natural Selection Melts Under Analysis Creation-Evolution Headlines
Researchers identify a new form of brain communication Mind Matters
Could DNA be hacked, like software? Mind Matters
Science Review Offers False Accusations about Chloroquine Resistance Evolution News
Researchers: Cells have a repair crew that fixes local leaks Uncommon Descent
Becoming: Design in action Uncommon Descent
Massive database traces mammal organ development, cell by single cell Science Daily
Biology’s language is poorly adapted to Darwinism Uncommon Descent
Life thrived on Earth 3.5 billion years ago Science Daily
Researchers: Life didn’t just hang on but throve 3.5 billion years ago Uncommon Descent

New technique pinpoints milestones in the evolution of bacteria

Science Daily
Physicists pinpoint a simple mechanism that makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics Science Daily
New Squid Genome Shines Light on Symbiotic Evolution Quanta Magazine
Co-evolution: How does the need to sync development affect a system’s complexity? Uncommon Descent
Symbiotic organs shaped by distinct modes of genome evolution in cephalopods PNAS
Fruit fly wing research reshapes understanding of how organs form Science Daily
Grasses found to cheat evolution by stealing genes from their neighbors New Atlas
Evolution crime: Grasses are “stealing” genes from neighbors, researchers tell us Uncommon Descent
Convergent gene losses illuminate metabolic and physiological changes in herbivores and carnivores PNAS
Yeasts reach across tree of life to domesticate suite of bacterial genes Science Daily
New 'interspecies communication' strategy between gut bacteria and mammalian hosts uncovered Science Daily
“Interspecies communication” strategy between gut bacteria and mammalian hosts’ genes described Uncommon Descent
Diversity on land is not higher today than in the past University of Birmingham
In defense for living fossils PhilSci Archive
Unusual microbes hold clues to early life Science Daily
Evolution: Larger datasets unravel deep roots Science Daily
Forthcoming book - Glass House: Shattering the Myth of Evolution Answers in Genesis
Sponges really are older than comb jellies, researchers say Uncommon Descent
Does the war on cancer reveal limits to random mutation? Uncommon Descent
Bats and Dolphins Evolved Echolocation in Same Way Science Magazine
Detailed bat and dolphin convergence in echolocation Uncommon Descent
How Emergent is the Brain? Discover Magazine Blogs
The Brain Exceeds the Most Powerful Computers in Efficiency Mind Matters
Silent Neurons: The Dark Matter of the Brain? Discover Magazine Blogs
Male Y chromosomes not 'genetic wastelands' University of Rochester
Researchers: Male Y chromosome not a genetic wasteland after all Uncommon Descent
How the immune system 'thinks' Science Daily
Researchers: How the immune system “thinks” Uncommon Descent
Animal Polyploidy: A Mechanism for Evolution? Answers in Genesis
Hearing, The Cochlea, The Frequency Domain And Fourier’s Series Uncommon Descent
Clutter Created You Creation-Evolution Headlines
Kangaroo Fossil Leaps Over Darwinian Storytellers Creation-Evolution Headlines
Mixing it up in the web of life Knowable Magazine
Many plankton behave like both plants and animals, challenging biological concepts Uncommon Descent
Re-conceptualizing the origins of life Royal Society Publishing
Membraneless protocells could provide clues to formation of early life Science Daily
Evolution in vertebrates Science Daily
Research explains how snakes lost their limbs Science Daily
Snake Bites Darwin Creation-Evolution Headlines
Over 800 new genome regions possibly relevant to human evolution identified Science Daily
How Earth's changing ecosystems may have driven human evolution New Scientist
The Wild Experiment That Showed Evolution in Real Time The Atlantic
Inhibition of 'jumping genes' promotes healthy ageing Nature
Is Plant Polyploidy a Viable Mechanism for Evolution? Answers in Genesis
How proteins become embedded in a cell membrane Science Daily
Scientists Are Totally Rethinking Animal Cognition The Atlantic
Spinal cord is 'smarter' than previously thought Science Daily
Our spinal cords are smarter than previously thought Uncommon Descent
The Samurai Crab - Myth-information about natural selection
Study challenges old theories about animal mimicry Science Daily
How bird feather patterns form Science Daily
Scientists Have Created Synthetic DNA with 4 Extra Letters Live Science
Four new DNA letters double life's alphabet Nature
DNA's Coding Power Doubled The Scientist
Molecular Classification and Comparative Taxonomics of Foveal and Peripheral Cells in Primate Retina Science Daily
NASA is investing more in pre-biotic chemistry Uncommon Descent
Computing the origin of life
Cultural evolution theories “challenged” by multiple dwelling cave Uncommon Descent
Trail of feathers to the Neanderthal mind Nature
The “dumb Neanderthal” myth dies hard Uncommon Descent
How Neanderthals got the role of The Subhumans Uncommon Descent
Neanderthals Are Evolving Creation-Evolution Headlines
Neanderthals Were Inbreeding. Did it Help Cause Their Extinction? Discover Magazine Blogs
Neanderthals Walked Upright just like the Humans of Today University of Zurich
Approximate Bayesian computation with deep learning supports a third archaic introgression in Asia and Oceania Nature
African fossils show ancient advances in walking on two legs Science News
Motivated Reasoning Is Disfiguring Social Science Quillette
Why speech is a human innovation Knowable Magazine
Why speech is unique to humans Uncommon Descent
Extinct humans known as Denisovans is helping to rewrite our understanding of human evolution Nature
Is there a God? - a response to Hawking
Is the gospel of Mark early? Is it based on eyewitness testimony? Wintery Knight
What difference does the resurrection of Jesus make? Wintery Knight
Daniel Ang: A Scientist Looks at the Resurrection Peaceful Science
PBS Unmasks Darwinian Eugenics Creation-Evolution Headlines
At Last, Common Ground for Atheists and Intelligent Design Advocates Stream
But is determinism true? Mind Matters
Reality Over Theater - Peaceful Science and ID Advocates Together Peaceful Science
How can mere products of nature have free will? Mind Matters
Why Philosophical Proofs for God Are Better Than "Scientific" Proofs J. Brian Huffling, PhD
Are philosophical proofs for God better than science ones? Uncommon Descent
Some personal beliefs and morals may stem from genetics Science Daily
The Crisis of Modern Science The American Interest
Rare trial of open peer review allays common concerns Nature
Of Statues and Sponges - Progress in My Conversation with a Theistic Evolutionist Evolution News
Darwin, the Idol of Richard Dawkins and His Followers Creation-Evolution Headlines
Richard Dawkins’s Darwin Day lecture, 2019 Uncommon Descent
The three living New Atheist figureheads deny that New Atheism is dead Uncommon Descent
A philosopher's take on "naturalness" in particle physics BackReaction
What Science Can Learn From Religion NY Times
Is evolution a message of hope for humanity?
Why neither weak nor strong scientism can ground ethics Uncommon Descent
Testing Scientific Hypotheses Using Specified Complexity Evolution News
Critical Analysis of Hugh Ross' Progressive Day-Age Creationism Through the Framework of Young-Earth Creationism Answers in Genesis
Eugenics: The Disturbing Skeleton in the Secular Closet The Gospel Coalition
The replication crisis may also be a theory crisis ars technica
Researchers: Double down on a theory like “natural selection” to solve replication crisis Uncommon Descent
10 Theses We Cannot Support Answers in Genesis
The Greatest Scandal In the History of Science Powerline Blog
Lying with Science: A Guide to Myth Debunking Spectator
Book review of Paul Gosselin’s Flight from the Absolute: Cynical Observations on the Postmodern West Touchstone Magazine
Manfred Eigen (1927-2019) Nature
Logic And First Principles, 11: The Logic Of Ultimate Mind As Source Of Reality Uncommon Descent
The concept of probability is not as simple as you think Aeon
A new approach to probability? Uncommon Descent
The "All Outcomes Are Equiprobable" Argument Evolution News
Design in Chemistry Explained by a PhD Chemist Creation-Evolution Headlines
Necessary trips? Endangering careers to oppose Darwin World Magazine
New Pew Survey creates a huge middle on evolution Uncommon Descent
The Sciences and Christian Formation: Helping Today’s Students Find Deeper Faith in a Science-Dominated World T&F Online
Design Advocates Are Decades Ahead of Darwinists Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Evidence Is In: We're Alone in the Universe Answers in Genesis
Water is more homogeneous than expected Science Daily
Why Do We Celebrate Darwin Day? Psychology Today
How Many Creationists Are There in America? Scientific American
Appreciate Your (Un-Evolved) Body Evolution News
Could your computer be transgender? Mind Matters
Morality Is Not Scientific The Gospel Coalition
Scientific quest for morality ends in moral nihilism Uncommon Descent
Tales of an invented god Mind Matters
Jerry Coyne has another reason to be mad at Templeton Uncommon Descent
Jerry Coyne on how mathematician John Lennox embarrasses himself Uncommon Descent
Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor has become Darwinian Jerry Coyne’s “archenemy” Uncommon Descent
Answering the Premier Christianity article by Michael Roberts - 10 questions to ask a young earth creationist - Part 2
AI will never conquer humanity. It's too rational Cosmos Magazine
Why I Doubt That AI Can Match the Human Mind Mind Matters
FIRE’s Ten Worst Colleges for Free Speech Uncommon Descent

YAF Wins Landmark Free Speech Lawsuit - UC Berkeley to Pay $70, 000 and Rescind Unconstitutional Policies

Peace Through ETs? John Zmirak's Puckish Proposal Evolution News
Machines cannot take over Mind Matters
AAAS: Machine learning 'causing science crisis' BBC
Blame Academia for Junk Science and Media Hype? American Council on Science and Health
Is academia to blame for pop science hype? Uncommon Descent

US Schools Are Leaving Students Ill-Equipped to Compete with Artificial Intelligence

Foundation for Economic Education