NEW ARTICLES - October 2019  
Are the “redundant” particles of the universe evidence of fine-tuning? Uncommon Descent
Astrophysicist: Materialism is on shaky ground Mind Matters
Astrophysicist Adam Frank: Materialism is on shaky ground Uncommon Descent
The crisis in physics is not only about physics BackReaction
Sabine Hossenfelder: There is a crisis in physics and it may spread to other sciences Uncommon Descent
How the Universe Stopped Making Sense Live Science
Has the universe really stopped making sense? Uncommon Descent
Is the Search for Dark Matter an Act of Faith? Nautilus
Cosmology's fatal weakness-underdetermination Creation
What the quark?! Why matter's most basic building blocks may not exist New Scientist
Quantum vacuum: Less than zero energy: Is it possible to borrow energy from an empty space? Science Daily
Quantum Weirdness Answers in Genesis
Penrose and Craig explain the universe for us at Unbelievable Uncommon Descent
Multiverse is science based on zero evidence, science writer complains Uncommon Descent
The weirdest idea in quantum physics is catching on: There may be endless worlds with countless versions of you. NBC News
Is the multiverse “increasingly popular” among physicists? Uncommon Descent
At VICE: The multiverse is brief, tiny bubbles in our universe Uncommon Descent
What does the future hold for particle physics? BackReaction Blogs
Sabine Hossenfelder on the future of particle physics Uncommon Descent
Is everything made of particles, fields or both combined? Aeon
String Theory Does Not Win a Nobel, and I Win a Bet Scientific American Blogs
Physicist loses bet with science writer: No Nobel for string theory by 2020 Uncommon Descent
Are some galaxies more hospitable to life than others? Uncommon Descent
Exoplanets, Life, and the Danger of a Single Study Undark
Planetary 'autopsies' indicate worlds like Earth common in the cosmos Reuters
Researchers: Rocky dead planets common, therefore ET life common Uncommon Descent
How Long Will It Take to Find Proof of Alien Life? Space
How “single-study stories” build up science’s Neverland Uncommon Descent
Giant molecules in two places at the same time Scientific American
Giant molecules show quantum effects: In two places at once Uncommon Descent
Dark matter nightmare: What if we are just using the wrong equations? BackReaction Blogs
Hossenfelder: Could the problem with dark matter come down to using wrong equations? Uncommon Descent
Hossenfelder, did you know that, for some, the search for dark matter is an act of faith? Uncommon Descent
Dark energy debate reignited by controversial analysis of supernovae data Physics World
Monstrous galaxy from dawn of the universe accidentally discovered Science Daily
Martian landslides not conclusive evidence of ice Science Daily
The Origin of Time Bootstrapped From Fundamental Symmetries Quanta Magazine
Peering into the origin of time Uncommon Descent
Einstein killed the aether. Now the idea is back to save relativity New Scientist
Continuing Troubles for the Big Bang Model ICR
The World's Oldest Bird Fossil ICR
Evolution of middle ear bones in mammals from jaw bones in reptiles? Creation
Worming Evolution into the Cambrian Explosion Evolution News
Paleontologists discover complete Saurornitholestes langstoni specimen Science Daily
Trilobites buried in the same orientation Science Daily
Rare insight into trilobite behaviour 480 mya Uncommon Descent
How the earliest mammals thrived alongside dinosaurs Nature
How mammals inherited the Earth Cosmos Magazine
The mammals who crawled out after the dinosaurs died, 66 mya Uncommon Descent
Factors for fine-tuning for life, intelligent life, listed Uncommon Descent
The Three Cardinal Problems Of Biology Uncommon Descent
Darwin Devolves - Evidence Keeps Rolling In Evolution News
Darwin Got It Wrong Creation-Evolution Headlines
A Textbook Evolutionary Story Is Wrong The Atlantic
Darwinism: Past, Present, and Future Evolution News
Historian Michael Flannery: There is much more Darwin doubt now than fifty years ago Uncommon Descent
New Nature paper for Doug Axe & Ann Gauger: "Sparse occupancy of sequence space" Nature
An Icon Revisited: Flagellar Hook Shows Further Aspects of Design Evolution News
At the Atlantic: Textbook evolution story is said to be WRONG Uncommon Descent
PragerU’s new vid explains science-based doubts about evolution Uncommon Descent
An evolution in the understanding of evolution Science Daily
Most of us did not know that evolutionary histories were this speculative Uncommon Descent
Exploring Adaptation from an Engineering Perspective ICR
The Darwinian Regime Can't Hide Emerging Clues to Life's Design Evolution News
Life's Amino Acid Kit Appears Pre-ordained Creation-Evolution Headlines
'Protein-scaffolding' for repairing DNA damage Science Daily
Developmental gene regulatory networks - an insurmountable impediment to evolution Creation
What is sex really for? The Consersation
“Evolution” says: We are alone Uncommon Descent
Darwin Contradicted: Survival of the Friendliest Bacteria SciTechDaily
Bacteria thrive via non-Darwinian “survival of the friendliest” Uncommon Descent
Electroactive Bacteria: A "Mind-Blowing" Case of Intelligent Design Evolution News
Peppered Moths . . . Evidence for Evolution? Answers in Genesis
Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe The Conversation
Evolution Is a Magic Word Creation-Evolution Headlines
Natural Selection in Guppies Answers in Genesis
Teeth, Mollusks: Design in Biominerals Evolution News
Study helps pinpoint what makes species vulnerable to environmental change Science Daily
How evolution builds genes from scratch Nature
Cells and Designers Both Use Control Theory ICR
Molecular basis of vision revealed Science Daily
Human Vision: Uniqueness of Human Eyesight Answers in Genesis
An Eye for Every Occasion Answers in Genesis
Vision scientists disprove 60-year-old perception theory Science Daily
Remember This: Memory Requires Intelligent Design Evolution News
The night gardeners: Immune cells rewire, repair brain while we sleep Science Daily
Biological and Engineered Systems Employ Same Principles ICR
Unmasking natural selection Creation
Quantum Darwinism, an Idea to Explain Objective Reality, Passes First Tests Quanta Magazine
Why the language-ready brain is so complex Science Daily
Language is much more complex than once thought Uncommon Descent
Brain tunes itself to criticality, maximizing information processing Science Daily
Cells’ feedback circuitry is all in the math Uncommon Descent
Cell-Bacteria Mergers Offer Clues to How Organelles Evolved Quanta Magazine
Bacterial lifestyle alters the evolution of antibiotic resistance Science Daily
Historical contingency in the evolution of antibiotic resistance after decades of relaxed selection PLOS Biology
Industrial melanism linked to same gene in 3 moth species Science Daily
Lab-made primordial soup yields RNA bases Nature
Goofy OOL to Make Fools Drool Creation-Evolution Headlines
Glycans May Bind to RNA, Initial Findings Suggest The Scientist
Chemical evolution -- One-pot wonder Science Daily
Why we age - new theories gaining ground The Conversation
Researchers Spot a New Code in Disordered Proteins Evolution News
250-million-year-old evolutionary remnants seen in muscles of human embryos Science Daily
Human Reference Genome Doesn't Capture Full Genetic Diversity The Scientist
Massive Study Finds No Evidence of a Gay Gene Creation-Evolution Headlines
Scientists uncover genetic similarities among species that use sound to navigate Science Daily
Mechanisms and Function of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps The Scientist
Big data reveals extraordinary unity underlying life's diversity Science Daily
Horizontal gene transfer: The cholera bacterium steals 150 genes at once Uncommon Descent
4 things to know about epigenetics, including that most changes are not passed on to offspring Genetic Literacy Project
Genetic Literacy Project: Most epigenetic changes not passed on to offspring Uncommon Descent
Antibiotic Resistance Is Shared, Not Evolved Creation-Evolution Headlines
Change in just one letter of DNA code in a gene conserved through generations of evolution can cause multiple types of cancer Science Daily
Koala epidemic provides lesson in how DNA protects itself from viruses Science Daily
Scientists ask: How can liquid organelles in cells coexist without merging? Science Daily
How do liquid organelles coexist without merging? Uncommon Descent
These secret battles between your body's cells might just save your life Nature
Human Body Capabilities Uncovered Creation-Evolution Headlines
Sexual selection alone could spark formation of new species Science Daily
Claim: Sexual selection could spark new species Uncommon Descent
Sequences of African Genomes Highlights Long-Overlooked Diversity The Scientist
Protein movement in cells hints at greater mysteries Science Daily
New universe of miniproteins is upending cell biology and genetics Science Magazine
New data on the evolution of plants and origin of species Science Daily
Building blocks of all life gain new understanding Science Daily
Long strand of DNA from Neanderthals found in people from Melanesia New Scientist
Long stretch of Neanderthal DNA found in a modern population Uncommon Descent
Scientists Seek to Kill Genetic Test for Same-Sex Attraction The Scientist
Asked seriously: What if plants are smarter than we think? Uncommon Descent
How the mouse X and Y chromosomes compete with each other to control offspring Science Daily
Butterflies and plants evolved in sync, but moth 'ears' predated bats Science Daily
Organoids Don't Accurately Model Human Brain Development The Scientist
Deep inside the brain: Unraveling the dense networks in the cerebral cortex Science Daily
The dangerous junk science of craniometry is making a comeback New Statesman
Insect evolution during the Eocene epoch Science Daily
We may be getting close to building new chromosomes from scratch Genetic Literacy Project
Red algae thrives despite losing 1/4 of genes, a billion years ago Uncommon Descent
A first couple origin is possible for humanity Bio-Complexity
New Bio-Complexity Paper: We Could Have Come From Two Evolution News
A First Couple? Here's the Backstory Evolution News
More Backstory on Our First-Couple Paper: Why Wasn't This Done Before? Evolution News
From Ann Gauger and Ola Hössjer, a New Standard for the Science of a "First Couple" Evolution News
New Research: Our DNA Doesn’t Rule Out Adam and Eve The Stream
Ola Hössjer and Ann Gauger sketch genetic scenarios for Adam and Eve Uncommon Descent
Scientists ponder, how would animals show self-awareness? Mind Matters
Archaeologists uncover 2,000-year-old street in Jerusalem built by Pontius Pilate Science Daily
Book Review: Humans 2.0 by Fazale R. Rana and Kenneth R. Samples Apologetics 315
Homo erectus: The Ape Man That Wasn't ICR
Lee Berger: We have made another major discovery about early humans New Scientist
Lee Berger's New Hominid Is a Non-Starter Creation-Evolution Headlines
Turkana Boy Hurts Evolutionary Narratives Creation-Evolution Headlines
Neanderthal Locomotion Suited to Sprinting Sapiens
Neanderthal 'glue' points to complex thinking BBC
Stone Age glue: Neanderthals accused of “complex thinking” Uncommon Descent
Upcoming book leaves scientific possibility for existence of 'Adam and Eve' USA Today
Early humans evolved in ecosystems unlike any found today Science Daily
Denisovan Epigenetics Reveals Human Anatomy ICR
But if homo erectus was just an ordinary dude… Uncommon Descent
How human brain development diverged from that of great apes Science Daily
Researchers: Human neurons mature more slowly than those of chimpanzees and macaques Uncommon Descent
Scientists find early humans moved through Mediterranean earlier than believed Science Daily
Humans knew how to master fire earlier than thought Uncommon Descent
The homeland of modern humans Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Have we found the African origin of all humanity? It's complicated New Scientist
The First Modern Humans Came from What Is Now Botswana: Study The Scientist
Controversial claim: First humans came from what is now Botswana Uncommon Descent
Science, Scorn, and Cynicism: Scientism in the New Generation The Harvard Crimson
Science Does Not Reveal Truth Forbes
How science has shifted our sense of identity Nature
Humanism: Most Blood-Stained Religion Ever? Answers in Genesis
Atheists Call for Establishing Atheism as the National Religion American Thinker
Ending Religion-It's a Bad Idea. Says Richard Dawkins? Answers in Genesis
Ethical Research--The Long and Bumpy Road from Shirked to Shared Nature
Michael Ruse, a Darwinian existentialist, on the meaning of life Aeon
Darwinian philosopher Michael Ruse muses on life Uncommon Descent
Neuroscientist says our souls Are NOT Machines Mind Matters
Rob Sheldon on whether true religion and correct science can contradict each other Uncommon Descent
The science-based arguments against Copernicus and Galileo Uncommon Descent
Agnes Arber, historian of botany and Darwinian sceptic The British Journal for the History of Science
Early woman botanist failed to embrace Darwinism, fell from favor Uncommon Descent
Is this "one of the worst scientific scandals of all time"? Cosmos Magazine
Can marketplace science be trusted? Nature
Oxford philosopher: Without a soul, there is no self Mind Matters
Science, Scientism, and Steven Pinker Genotopia
Nathaniel Comfort, fresh off an op-ed in Nature, skewers pop Darwinian Steven Pinker Uncommon Descent
5 of history's strangest scientific theories Big Think
Real science vs pseudoscience—according to pop science Uncommon Descent
An Oxford neuroscientist explains mind vs. brain Mind Matters
How Science Has Shifted Our Sense of Identity Nature
Has Reductionism Run its Course? BackReaction Blogs
Sabine Hossenfelder asks if reductionism has run its course Uncommon Descent
Can process philosophy rescue naturalism? Uncommon Descent
Rob Sheldon: Why process philosophy won’t rescue naturalism Uncommon Descent
Looking at Miracles Again: A Great New Book on David Hume canon fodder
What do the Turing test and intelligent design theory have in common? Mind Matters
In debating Jerry Coyne, Michael Egnor tries philosophy… Uncommon Descent
Why are there so many creationists? BBC Radio
A Follow-Up Question on Evolutionary Ethics Evolution News
Beyond the 'replication crisis, ' does research face an 'inference crisis'? Science Daily
Nathan Lents plugs Joshua Swamidass’s book on Adam and Eve at USA Today Uncommon Descent
Reason Won't Save Us Nautilus
The promise and peril of the new science of social genomics Nature
Intolerance In Academia Daily Wire
The golden age of the web?—a dissent Mind Matters
Thiel says universities today are like the corrupt Catholic Church of old Mind Matters
Here's Why AI Can't Be Taken at Face Value Smithsonian Magazine
A type of reasoning AI can’t replace Mind Matters
Computer science prof: Computers will never be conscious Mind Matters
Consciousness is TWO hard problems, not one Mind Matters
Is a brain really needed for thinking? Mind Matters
Smart Cities?: Proceed with caution! Mind Matters
Anti-Theism Makes Cosmologists Go Crazy Creation-Evolution Headlines
What? David Berlinski and Gunter Bechly reply to Jerry Coyne … at Quillette? Uncommon Descent
Coyne, Bechly, Miller, Berlinski: Scientists Debate David Gelernter's Darwin Apostasy Evolution News
Censors Silenced Eric Hedin, but They Couldn't Silence David Gelernter: Here's Why It Matters Evolution News
There is no climate emergency, say 500 experts in letter to the United Nations AEI
Michael Egnor: The Nobels this year were another win for design in nature Uncommon Descent
In the twisted story of eugenics, the bad guy is all of us The Guardian
We may be closing in on the discovery of alien life. Are we prepared? NBC News
Once again, for the thousandth time, we are “closing in” on alien life Uncommon Descent
Intelligent Ways to Search for Extraterrestrials New Yorker
SETI aims to become more “respectable” Uncommon Descent
The Debate Over Whether We've Already Found Life on Mars, Continued Air & Space Magazine
Which Galaxies are Best Suited for the Evolution of Alien Life? Discover Magazine
Rob Sheldon dumps cold water on the “planetary autopsy” that says ET life is common Uncommon Descent
Aeon takes on multiverse and intelligent design Aeon
The Brain: Junkyard, Watch, or Antenna? Mind Matters
Once upon a time, Venus (might have) had life, say researchers Uncommon Descent
Rankled by Mount Fuji, Darwinist Jeffrey Shallit Offers Little Self-Refuting Black Holes Evolution News
The war on math targets the equals sign Uncommon Descent
Nobody Really Knows Why We Dream JSTOR Daily
'Outlandish' competition seeks the brain's source of consciousness Mind Matters
What do animal studies tell us about human consciousness? Mind Matters
There Are Two Hard Problems of Consciousness, Not One Psychology Today
Would a simulated universe even make sense? Mind Matters
Consciousness Is Not Computable Creation-Evolution Headlines
Illustrating the Corruption in Climate Science Coyote Blog
Google Claims Quantum Supremacy Nature
Google and IBM Clash Over Quantum Supremacy Claim Quanta Magazine
Tech pioneer Ray Kurzweil: We Will Merge with Computers by 2045 Mind Matters
Is Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity now nearer — or impossible? Mind Matters