NEW ARTICLES - August 2016

Study reveals culprit behind Piltdown Man, one of science’s most famous
Science Magazine
Smarter brains are blood-thirsty brains Science Daily
Tiny pterosaur claims new perch on reptile family tree Nature
Douglas Axe - How Curiosity Overcomes the Yuck Factor: A Positive Take on Negative Reviews
Evolution News and Views
Barry Arrington: Gobsmackingly Stupid Things Materialists Say Uncommon Descent
ID vs. natural selection — in health care? Uncommon Descent
Chronicle Higher Ed review of Wolfe’s Kingdom of Speech Uncommon Descent
New fossil discovery could help scientists understand how first flying animals evolved Independent
Tasmanian devils evolve to resist deadly cancer Science Daily
Using Turing Oracles in Cognitive Models of Problem-Solving - Jonathan Bartlett The Blyth Institute
American Scientist: Stop using word “pseudoscience” Uncommon Descent
Mashable: Quit promoting just any new planet as Earth-like Uncommon Descent
Dogs understand both vocabulary and intonation of human speech Science Daily
Science Mag: Dogs understand vocabulary, intonation Uncommon Descent
Darwinism Remains Bankrupt Explaining Human Kindness Creation-Evolution Headlines
Evolutionary Psychology Hits New Lows Powerline Blog
Illusion of Choice: The Myth of Free Will Psychology Today
Rob Sheldon on the new Earth-like planet Uncommon Descent
NPR’s interview with Tom Wolfe on his new book Uncommon Descent
New class of galaxy mainly dark matter? Uncommon Descent
Jerry Coyne noticed Tom Wolfe's book Why Evolution Is True Blog
University of Chicago Strikes Back Against Campus Political Correctness New York Times
Semen reshapes immune system to boost chances of pregnancy New Scientist
Most Scientific Findings Are Wrong or Useless Reason
Most science findings wrong or useless? Uncommon Descent
Bill Nye, the leftist politics guy (Barry Arrington) Uncommon Descent
String theory defeated in bet but never wrong Uncommon Descent
Earlier than thought: Oxygen on Earth Uncommon Descent
Condescension news: Why the public does not “trust” “science” Uncommon Descent
Flying Spaghetti Monster vs. ID Uncommon Descent
Field Museum study challenges long-standing scientific theory Nature
Whiskers help animals know where a smell is coming from Science Daily
String theorists admit defeat, sort of Columbia University
Our Solar System "Is in a Unique Place in the Universe -- Just Right for Life" Daily Galaxy
Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles Washington Examiner
Self-Assembling iPhone inspired by the Cell Techcrunch
If humans are just animals, why should a ban on eating meat apply to humans but not cats? Uncommon Descent
Barry Arrington: Materialists Believe “The Earth Orbits the Sun” May Not Be Objectively True. Uncommon Descent
Johnny Bartlett: Questions for proponents of methodological naturalism Uncommon Descent
Popper wrong on falsification? Uncommon Descent
Why are materialists such Pollyannas? (Barry Arrington) Uncommon Descent
Why Einstein was considered daring Uncommon Descent
Physicist: “T violation” could be origin of time Uncommon Descent
Zircons as earliest evidence of life on Earth? Uncommon Descent
Questions for Critics of Methodological Naturalism Uncommon Descent
Hawaiian fruit flies had multiple ancestors Science Daily
Tool or weapon? Research throws light on stone artifacts' use as ancient projectiles Science Daily
Falsification: Was Karl Popper Wrong About Science? American Council on Science and Health
Biologists are close to reinventing the genetic code of life Science
Since you asked: A response to Professor Coyne Uncommon Descent
New Scientist: Life got started many times Uncommon Descent
Whale ultrasonics "surprisingly" old Uncommon Descent
Cosmology: Distribution of Lithium-6 in Universe Stumps Science PBS
Universe’s abundance of lithium a mystery Uncommon Descent
Secularists Use Intelligent Design Reasoning Creation-Evolution Headlines
Just How Random Are Mutations? Answers in Genesis
Streamlining the E.coli Genetic Code The Scientist
Reinterpreting the fossil record on jaws Science Daily
'Radically rewritten' bacterial genome unveiled Nature
Did fingers evolve from fish fins? Christian Science Monitor
What Is the Earliest Evidence for Life on Earth? Real Clear Science
Kirk Durston: Earth most special planet after all? Uncommon Descent
The latest on why we have spines Uncommon Descent
Meet Nanotyrannus, the dinosaur that never really existed BBC
Simulated black hole experiment backs Hawking prediction BBC
CRISPR's hopeful monsters: gene-editing storms evo-devo labs Nature
Largest Human Genetic Variation Repository Yet The Scientist
How we escaped the Big Bang: New theory on moving through time Science Daily
Hot news: Hydrothermal vents top primordial soup Uncommon Descent
Royal Society’s verdict on Piltdown hoaxer: Dawson Uncommon Descent
New fifth force of nature found? Uncommon Descent
Consciousness after death? Uncommon Descent
Secularists Battle Over Which Life Theory Is More Wrong Creation-Evolution Headlines
Rob Sheldon: A deep depression falling over science? Uncommon Descent
Extinct bird may change geological theories Uncommon Descent
Has Occam’s Razor distorted history of science? Uncommon Descent
Twenty-five little bones tell a puzzling story about early primate evolution Science Daily
Scientists take big step toward recreating primordial 'RNA world' of 4 billion years ago Science Daily
Has a New, Fifth Force of Nature Been Found? Space
New Dual-Function Brain Cell Found ICR
How mechanical force triggers blood clotting at the molecular scale Science Daily
Why we have a spine, when over 90% of animals don't BBC
Life Probably Didn't Start in "Primordial Soup" Real Clear Science
Will Embryonic Stem Cells Ever Cure Anything? Technology Review
New Earth-like planet? Uncommon Descent
Mystery: The deuteron, just like the proton, is much smaller than previously thought Science Daily
Occam's Razor Has Distorted the History of Science The Atlantic
Non-Darwinian Biological Change Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Design of the Mosquito and Its Dangers Answers in Genesis
How big is a proton? No one knows exactly, and that's a problem New Scientist
Epigenetic regulation in prokaryotes different from eukaryotes Uncommon Descent
Our ancestors: More gorilla than chimp Science Daily
AI still can’t master language Uncommon Descent
Discover Mag: Psychology’s replication crisis Uncommon Descent
Rob Sheldon: Does Bad Metaphysics Lead to Moribund Physics? Uncommon Descent
Human brain not exceptional? Uncommon Descent
VIDEO: Doug Axe presents the thesis of his new (and fast-selling) book, Undeniable Uncommon Descent
It's Easy to be an atheist if you ignore science
Methodological Naturalism and Its Creation Story (AM-Nat Video) Uncommon Descent
Piltdown review points decisive finger at forger Dawson BBC
DNA's dynamic nature makes it well-suited to serve as the blueprint of life Science Daily
First mass extinction "engineered" by animals? Uncommon Descent
Parasitism Evolved at Least 223 Times Among Animals? Uncommon Descent
Rabbi Moshe Averick on alleged “primitive” life Uncommon Descent
What is the association between religious affiliation and children’s altruism? Cell
Human Vision Can Sense a Single Photon ICR
Evidence from China shows how plants colonized the land Science Daily
Must science be testable? Aeon
Do Walking Fish or the SHH Gene Reveal How Life on Land Evolved? Answers in Genesis
Tracing the evolution of bird reproduction Science Daily
Simple lab life makes an evolutionary leap in a few generations New Scientist
Genius crow's tool-bending behaviour may be natural to its kind New Scientist
Total number of neurons -- not enlarged prefrontal region -- hallmark of human brain Science Daily
Mouth formation during embryonic development Science Daily
Nightmare in particle physics? Uncommon Descent
No new particles means what for physics? Uncommon Descent
Barry Arrington: How Progressive Gnosticism Leads to Liberal Fascism Uncommon Descent
Vincent Torley: Tool-making crows are just acting naturally Uncommon Descent
William Murray: The benefit of arguments at UD Uncommon Descent
Granville Sewell on death and judgment Uncommon Descent
Large proteins with multiple domains may have more stable conformations than previously believed Science Daily
Whales' ultrasonic hearing has surprisingly ancient history, fossilized ear shows Science Daily
Induction, falsificationism, scientific paradigms and ID vs Evo Mat Uncommon Descent
Atheism Is Religion Answers in Genesis
AI's Language Problem Technology Review
Replication of Big Bang reveals flaws in theory of atom formation
What No New Particles Means For Physics Quanta Magazine
Spider spins silk cast for broken leg Uncommon Descent
Defending Darwinian view of speciation Uncommon Descent
Long-term evolution experiment looks at genetic changes in bacteria Science Daily
Back to Basics of ID: Induction, scientific reasoning and the design inference Uncommon Descent
Universal ancestor only half alive? Uncommon Descent
High rate of “false discoveries” mars science Uncommon Descent
The evolutionary reason for the female orgasm The Guardian
Turtles: Shells evolved for digging, not protection? Uncommon Descent
Ancient human ancestor find in South Africa deepens evolution mystery The Globe and Mail
Major Evolutionary Blunders: The 'Degenerate' Genetic Code? ICR
Two Recent Fossils Confront Gradual Evolution ICR
Evolutionary Crisis and the Third Way ICR
Big Science Succumbs to Political Correctness Creation-Evolution Headlines
Platypus Evolution "Remains a Mystery" Creation-Evolution Headlines
Decoding Human Accelerated Regions The Scientist
The link between language and cognition is a red herring - Frans de Waal Aeon
Primatologist Frans de Waal on human language Uncommon Descent
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