ARTICLES - September 2020  
Does physics today point to mind rather than matter only? Mind Matters
Can Evolution Explain Physics? The Gospel Coalition
If The Big Bang Wasn't The Beginning, What Was It? Forbes
Some Physicists See Signs of Cosmic Strings from the Big Bang Quanta Magazine
A 5D universe is plausible given the data Medium
Black Holes From the Big Bang Could Be the Dark Matter Quanta Magazine
'It's mindboggling!': astronomers detect most powerful black-hole collision yet Nature
Science with Sam: Is our reality just one part of a multiverse? New Scientist
The Rise of the Modern Geocentric Theory Movement Answers in Genesis
A New Cosmic Tension: The Universe Might Be Too Thin Quanta Magazine
Physics and information theory give a glimpse of life's origins Aeon
Australian telescope finds no signs of alien technology in 10 million star systems Science Daily
Ten million star systems: No alien tech Uncommon Descent
Paul Ashby on Thermodynamics, Information, and Life's Molecular Machines Evolution News
Physicist: The Entire Universe Might Be a Neural Network Futurism
Physicist: The whole universe may be a neural network  Uncommon Descent
A question of reality Science Daily
New Hubble data suggests there is an ingredient missing from current dark matter theories Science Daily
Dark Matter Believers Panicking Creation-Evolution Headlines
New calculation refines comparison of matter with antimatter Science Daily
Rob Sheldon on the latest effort to pretend that nothing is wrong in cosmology Uncommon Descent
Gravity causes homogeneity of the universe Medienportal
Bechly Series: No Ancestors for Cambrian Animals; Darwin's Doubt Remains Evolution News
Evidence that prehistoric flying reptiles probably had feathers refuted University of Portsmouth
Isn't the Whale Transitional Series a Perfect Example of Evolution? Answers in Genesis
A Bridge Too Far? In Search of Precambrian Sponges Evolution News
Kimberella - A Checkered History Evolution News
Kimberella - Conflicting Evidence from Taphonomy Evolution News
Kimberella - Four Phases of Interpretation Evolution News
Kimberella and Controversial Relationships - A Chronological Synopsis, Continued Evolution News
Reconstructing Kimberella - The Disputed Anatomy in Detail Evolution News
Three-dimensional reconstructions of the putative metazoan Namapoikia show that it was a microbial construction PNAS
Earliest fossil evidence of an insect lichen mimic Science Daily
Insects were mimicking lichens 165 million years ago Uncommon Descent
New fossil ape discovered in India: 13-million-year-old gibbon ancestor fills major gaps in the primate fossil record Science Daily
Why Birds Survived, and Dinosaurs Went Extinct, After an Asteroid Hit Earth Smithsonian Magazine
At Smithsonian Magazine: Why birds survived but not dinosaurs Uncommon Descent
New Evidence Hurts Feathered Dinosaur Theory ICR
Newly discovered mass extinction event triggered the dawn of the dinosaurs The Conversation
Denton "Takes the Fine-Tuning Argument to a Whole New Level" Evolution News
New Book by Biologist Michael Denton on Nature's Miraculous "Primal Blueprint" Evolution News
New Research Finds Molecular Machines Are Even More Amazing than Behe Realized Evolution News
Complex interplay among cells guides them to where they need to go Science Daily
Less Is More, Natural Loss-of-Function Mutation Is a Strategy for Adaptation Science Direct
Computational design of genes encoding completely overlapping protein domains: Influence of genetic code and taxonomic rank BioRxiv
(Reformed) New Scientist 3: The selfish gene is no longer cool Uncommon Descent
(Reformed) New Scientist 4: There is more to inheritance than just genes Uncommon Descent
Why does science embrace the “talking animals” myth? Mind Matters
Bird genes are multitaskers Science Daily
Biodiversity hypothesis called into question Science Daily
Life on Earth may have begun in hostile hot springs Science News
Another futile attempt at a natural origin of life Science News
New origin of life theory emphasizes a hostile OOL environment Uncommon Descent
Famed Biologist Jørn Dyerberg Explains His Turn to Intelligent Design Evolution News
At New Scientist: We must rethink the (Darwinian) theory of nature Uncommon Descent
Design on Time - Paley's Watch Was Inside Him Evolution News
Uncovering the clock that sets the speed of embryo development Science Daily
Placenta is initiated first, as cells of a fertilized egg divide and specialize Science Daily
Structural biology: Ribosomes and Russian dolls Science Daily
Building bridges: PARP enzymes bring broken DNA together Science Daily
The human brain has given researchers a big surprise Mind Matters
The surprising organization of avian brains: A research team clears up 150 years of false assumptions Science Daily
'Cellular compass' guides stem cell division in plants Science Daily
Newly Discovered Brain Structure May Grant Birds Impressive Intelligence Real Clear Science
Plastic-Eating Microbes - "Rapid Evolution" May Not Be Darwinian at All Evolution News
Why do cells care if they break when rocks don’t? Uncommon Descent
Scientists find 'secret molecule' that allows bacteria to exhale electricity Live Science
Scientists identify gene family key to unlocking vertebrate evolution Science Daily
Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Zenodo
Structure of ATPase, the world's smallest turbine, solved: First complete structure of mammalian F1Fo ATP-synthase Science Daily
Complete structure of the world’s smallest turbine, ATP, now described  Uncommon Descent
Human white blood cells use molecular paddles to swim EurekAlert
We have more than 6 trillion metres (18 trillion feet) of DNA Uncommon Descent
Irreducible complexity in the Krebs cycle convinces a biologist of design in nature Uncommon Descent
James Tour: "Molecules Don't Care About Life" Evolution News
At Aeon: As a discipline, origin of life is “World’s most theoretically fertile dead end” Uncommon Descent
Rob Sheldon on origin of life as a “theoretically fertile dead end”  Uncommon Descent
Extraordinary Claim: Life on Venus? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Using statistical methods to model the fine-tuning of molecular machines and systems Science Direct
In Cells, Proofreading and Repair Testify to Intelligent Design and Foresight Evolution News
The flagellar motor of Vibrio alginolyticus undergoes major structural remodeling during rotational switching eLife
How Groups of Cells Cooperate to Build Organs and Organisms The Scientist
Cells Model Sustainable Lifestyles Creation-Evolution Headlines
Recapitulation Theory: How Embryology Does Not Prove Evolution Answers in Genesis
Mike Behe’s Darwin Devolves thesis aired at Quanta? Uncommon Descent
Paper: Paradigm shift needed in understanding evolution of complex animals    Uncommon Descent
Researchers: How two bacteria of different species become one Uncommon Descent
Do bacteria warn others while dying from antibiotics? Mind Matters
Sometimes it’s hard for researchers to avoid talking about design in nature Uncommon Descent
Mammalian Brains Prove Evolutionary Disconnect ICR
Cell division: Cleaning the nucleus without detergents Science Daily
Monumental DNA Study Reveals Secrets of North American Mastodons Gizmodo
Copying enzyme design to make industrial catalysts Creation
GTEx Consortium releases fresh insights into how DNA differences govern gene expression Science Daily
New Map Charts Genetic Expression Across Tissue Types, Sexes The Scientist
Animals' magnetic 'sixth' sense may come from bacteria Science Daily
Y chromosomes of Neandertals and Denisovans now sequenced Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
The male Y chromosome does more than we thought Science Daily
Primate brain size does not predict their intelligence Science Daily
The "Synergistic Core" of the Human Brain? Discover Magazine
Genetics Steps In to Help Tell the Story of Human Origins The Scientist
Darwin’s influence on Chinese Communism Uncommon Descent
Natural History Museum to review potentially 'offensive' Charles Darwin collection The Telegraph
Britain’s Natural History Museum is feeling the heat over Darwin’s racism Uncommon Descent
Study confirms widespread literacy in biblical-period kingdom of Judah Science Daily
Using Bonobos to Bash Human Exceptionalism Evolution News
Y Chromosome from Early Modern Humans Replaced Neanderthal Y The Scientist
Did Neanderthals Really Live in Caves? Discover Magazine
Four reasons to think that atheism is inconsistent with scientific progress Wintery Knight
What the story of Galileo gets wrong about the church and science America Magazine
Why Are Scientists So Cruel To New Ideas? Forbes
The Impending Cancellation of Charles Darwin Medium
Darwinian biologist Jerry Coyne contemplates the idea that Darwin might be Cancelled Uncommon Descent
Michael Egnor: Darwinism as Hegel’s philosophy applied to biology Uncommon Descent
Book by classical philosopher of design in nature now available after 150 years Uncommon Descent
Psychologist: Children use reason, not gut, for moral problems Mind Matters
Why is there no consensus on evolution? Uncommon Descent
Romantic Revolutionaries: The Myth that Order Arises Out of Chaos The American Vision
Theistic Darwinism's "Fully Gifted" Creation Theology Contradicts Itself, and Science Evolution News
On the Swamidass Hypothesis - The Cheese Stands Alone Evolution News
Reform It Altogether - More on the Naturalistic Parabola Evolution News
The Professor and the Con Man Jewish Review of Books
Unconscious learning underlies belief in God, study suggests Science Daily
At Scientific American: Falsifiability in science is a myth Uncommon Descent
Science Magazine gets pitched headlong into the political mud wrestle, along with Scientific American
Uncommon Descent
Elon Musk Tweet Shows Why Many Doubt Origin of Life Studies Mind Matters
Systems Engineering in Nature Cross Examined
Believers in God detect patterns more quickly Mind Matters
John D. Barrow (1952–2020) Uncommon Descent
Why Intelligent Design Had to Be the First to Face the Guillotine Evolution News
Evolutionary Textbooks Promoted Racism Creation-Evolution Headlines
Darwin Still Escaping Apologies for Scientific Racism Creation-Evolution Headlines
Richard Weikart on How Darwinism Fueled Scientific Racism Evolution News
At The Scientist: Stuff about Darwinian racism we’ve been saying for years… Uncommon Descent
Darwinians Displayed Bones of "Inferior Races" in Museums Creation-Evolution Headlines
Universities Scrub Names of Racist Leaders. The Next Step Should Be Acknowledging the Racism of the ACLU Creation-Evolution Headlines
Big Science Dodging Its Own Racism Creation-Evolution Headlines
Louis Agassiz and Alexander Winchell: Two Case Histories of Creationists Who Illustrate That Rejecting Genesis Influences the Acceptance of Racism Answers in Genesis
Richard Dawkins is getting canceled again Uncommon Descent
Wokeness Comes for Dawkins The American Conservative
Researchers have been confirming quantum entanglement in brain tissue Uncommon Descent
How do you know you are not the only human who ever existed? Mind Matters
Evolution and artificial intelligence face the same basic problem Mind Matters
Scientific American breaks with 175-year tradition, endorses Joe Biden for US President Uncommon Descent
Software developer compares Shapiro's self-org theory favorably to Darwin's NS Mind Matters
The "Hard" Problem of Consciousness Evolution News
Michael Flannery’s book on Alfred Russel Wallace has been revised and updated Uncommon Descent
The Babylon Bee stings its way into the evolution debate Uncommon Descent
Panel Lays Out Guidelines for CRISPR-Edited Human Embryos The Scientist
The Capture of Nature (i.e.the journal) Quackometer
Don’t blame AI for the British A-Level test scandal Mind Matters
Censored: Australian scientists say suppression of environment research is getting worse Nature
Only one in ten medical treatments are backed by high-quality evidence The Conversation
Did the human mind originate in telling ourselves stories? Mind Matters
Statistical significance: Computers excel at finding temporary patterns Mind Matters
Does split-brain surgery show that we have no real identity? Mind Matters
Why do you feel lonely? Neuroscience is starting to find answers Technology Review
Sleep on It: Design in the Subconscious Brain Evolution News
Reformed New Scientist 2: Evolution shows intelligence Uncommon Descent
From Nature: A new, topflight computer science journal Mind Matters
SwiftKey co-founder: Computers can’t just “evolve” intelligence Mind Matters
Can computers evolve to program themselves without programmers? Mind Matters
Will a brain-computer interface be a boon or a nightmare? Mind Matters