NEW ARTICLES - June 2016

Chiral Molecule in Interstellar Cloud Said to Shed Light on Life's Origins Answers in Genesis
The amazing placenta: A reply to Dr. Ann Gauger Uncommon Descent
The Road to Rationalia National Review
Table of contents of current issue of Journal of Creation Journal of Creation
Why bad ideas refuse to die The Guardian
Gap Between "Hobbits" and Modern Humans Narrows The Scientist
Neil deGrasse Tyson backs ... what? Evidence? No! Uncommon Descent
Giraffe’s adaptations point to design Uncommon Descent
Quote of the day on the Royal Society meet Uncommon Descent
Whale of a Tale: Straining at Mutational Gnats While Swallowing Genetic Camels Evolution News and Reviews
A protein coat helps chromosomes keep their distance Science Daily
Gambler's Epistemology and the NIH ENCODE/ROADMAP Projects Uncommon Descent
Our ancestors evolved faster after dinosaur extinction Science Daily
How Theoretical Physics Finally Caught Up With Ancient Philosophy Inverse
The Species Problem - Ongoing Issues INTECH
Bird Wings Found in Amber Creation-Evolution Headlines
Beautifully preserved feathers New Scientist
Forests in Andes and Amazon break long-understood rules about how ecosystems are put together Science Daily
Humans drive evolution of new species Science Daily
Are Science and Religion in Conflict? Big Questions Online
Could No New Particles At The LHC Be Exactly What Physics Needs? Forbes
Has Physics Gotten Something Really Important Really Wrong? NPR
Design is just like the Fossil Record Uncommon Descent
First amphibious centipede found is “horrific” Uncommon Descent
Cats can understand logic? Uncommon Descent
Brains vs intelligence: Not what we might expect Uncommon Descent
Quantum mechanics as a theory of information Uncommon Descent
So Hiawatha was right? Uncommon Descent
Imagination Sampling – Using Non-Naturalism to Improve Machine Learning Uncommon Descent
Why We Should Expect Algorithms to Be Biased Technology Review
Expansion of early Universe modelled in unprecedented detail Nature
Origin of life - Hydrothermal vent models transform the origins of life from unlikely to near-inevitable Nautilus
Hydrothermal vent models make life inevitable? Uncommon Descent
Influential Evolutionist Fails to See His Own Contradictions Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Challenge of Adaptational Packages Evolution News and Views
Homologies, Phylogenies, Sequence Space, and the Theory of Evolution Detecting Design
Small brain, astounding performance: How elephantnose fish switch between electrical, visual sense Science Daily
Sex is a costly molecular kind of wizardry - why evolve it? Aeon
Machine metaphors are “engines of creationism”? Uncommon Descent
BioLogos and Vitellogenin Genes - Cornelius Hunter Darwin's God Blogspot
ID in intellectual collapse? Uncommon Descent
Half billion-year-old bacteria not “simple” Uncommon Descent
String theorist thinks universe might be designed Uncommon Descent
The Placenta Problem: How Common Descent Fails Evolution News and Views
Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor Science Daily
Losing genes and surviving: When 'less is more' in the evolution of life Science Daily
Discussing the existence of God Uncommon Descent
How early mammals evolved night vision to avoid predators Science Daily
Fish may have evolved to live on land more than 30 times Science Magazine
The War is Over: We Won! Uncommon Descent
Why is devolution counterintuitive? Uncommon Descent
Multicellulars arose by “long slow dance”? Uncommon Descent
Neuron-Packed Bird Brains Point to Creation ICR
Science’s growing pains? Let’s be realistic! Uncommon Descent
At Quanta: Is infinity real? Uncommon Descent
Fancy Math Can't Make Aliens Real The Atlantic
Math can’t conjure aliens? Uncommon Descent
What Are the Odds We Are Living in a Computer Simulation? New Yorker
Special Cells Help Brain and Gut Communicate ICR
Is evil a disease? ISIS and the neuroscience of brutality New Scientist
Okay, so Darwinian biology is over now? Uncommon Descent
String theory: Welcome to the future of science Uncommon Descent
Time to bust a myth: not all mammals are warm-blooded BBC
Challenging Darwin World
A Debate on Common Descent - Gauger, Torley, and Swamidass Evolution News and Views
Why Teleology Isn't Dead Forbes
Why people still don’t believe evolutionary theory? Uncommon Descent
Amino Acids Unlikely to Survive on Mars Creation-Evolution Headlines
Tech Turns to Biology as Data Storage Needs Explode Scientific American
Scientists Turn Bacteria Into Living Hard Drives Popular Mechanics
Can we create minds from machines? Uncommon Descent
New insight into the light-dependent magnetic compass of birds Science Daily
The primate brain is 'pre-adapted' to face potentially any situation Science Daily
"Vision" in single-celled Synechocystis works by principles similar to the human eye Natural History Magazine
The Evidence Rats Out Bat Evolution ICR
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