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Nobel-Winning DNA Research Challenges Evolutionary Theory Reasons to Believe
Paul Davies - Maybe Life in the Cosmos Is Rare After All Scientific American
Paul Davies: Maybe life is rare in the universe after all Uncommon Descent
Holy Hell the Universe Is Expanding Faster Than We Thought Gizmodo
Denton, emergence and common descent The Hump of the Camel
Michael Denton on the discontinuity of nature Uncommon Descent
Junk DNA a successor to Piltdown Man? Uncommon Descent
Comet contains glycine, but so what? Uncommon Descent
The Naked Ape: BioLogos on Human Chromosome Two Darwin's God - Cornelius Hunter
James Shapiro on intelligence in nature Uncommon Descent
Shared Errors: BioLogos on Broken Genes Darwin's God - Cornelius Hunter
What's the Meaning of Life? Physics. National Geographic
Did Comets Carry Prebiotic Materials to Early Earth? Reasons to Believe
New Ad for Ark Encounter Contradicts Ken Ham’s Understanding of Biblical “Kinds” The Natural Historian
Orcas are first non-humans whose evolution is driven by culture New Scientist
Invoking Super-Speed Evolution: The YEC Post-Flood Big Bang of Bird Speciation The Natural Historian
Fake peer reviews: Missing fairly obvious clues Uncommon Descent
The Naked Ape: An Open Letter to BioLogos on the Genetic Evidence, Part II Darwin's God - Cornelius Hunter
More Than Just Apes Washington University
Leading thinker on human evolution admits: we’re more than just an ape Uncommon Descent
So to whom is it news humans are unique? Why? Uncommon Descent
'Dumb and inert mechanical parts': a history of the human machine ABC
Did human-like intelligence evolve to care for helpless babies? Science Daily
How Neanderthal DNA Helps Humanity Quanta Magazine
DNA: ‘The Power of the Beautiful Experiment’ - a review NY Books
A Surprise Source of Life’s Code Quanta Magazine
DNA 'tape recorder' to trace cell history BBC
Evolution Is Not a Designer Creation-Evolution Headlines
Dawkins: Social justice warriors are dim, just dim … Uncommon Descent
WJM: Why deny objective morality? Uncommon Descent
Scientists illuminate a hidden regulator in gene transcription MIT
Scientists illuminate hidden regulator in gene transcription Science Daily
Neanderthals Underestimated Again Creation-Evolution Headlines
Neandertals Continue to Surprise in the South of France Human Genesis
Editing Genomes to Record Cellular Histories The Scientist
Darwin’s boys try enforcing against the Royal Society Uncommon Descent
Marine reptiles evolved more rapidly than thought Uncommon Descent
Neanderthals built cave structures - and no one knows why Nature
The gene's still selfish: Dawkins' famous idea turns 40 BBC
Dawkins sees no need to rethink evolution in the light of modern
Uncommon Descent
Big Darwin will go down fighting Uncommon Descent
Will journals accept papers written by a ... computer? Uncommon Descent
Prebiotic chemistry and a young Sun Nature
Rare evolutionary event detected in University of Texas lab Scienmag
Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Invades the School Restroom Uncommon Descent
The Oldest Actinopterygian Highlights the Cryptic Early History of the Hyperdiverse Ray-Finned Fishes Science Daily
Astronomers Might Have Just Solved a Key Mystery About the Origin of Life Gizmodo
Dino Extinction Story Is a Fable, Paleontologist Says Creation-Evolution Headlines
Strange sea-dwelling reptile fossil hints at rapid evolution after mass extinction Science Daily
Liberal Fascists Strike Again (Barry Arrington) Uncommon Descent
A Subjective Definition of "Death" Would Unleash Great Evil First Things
Supersymmetry now needed to “save physics” Uncommon Descent
Nature tries to referee Horgan vs. the Skeptics Uncommon Descent
Epigenetics Has Become Dangerously Fashionable Nautilus
Epigenetics is “dangerously fashionable” Uncommon Descent
How plants conquered the land Science Daily
Scientific sceptics hit back after rebuke Nature
Rapid rise of the Mesozoic sea dragons Science Daily
Who Are the Real Deniers of Science?
Researchers chart landscape of genetic, epigenetic regulation in plants Science Daily
Shedding light on the 'dark matter' of the genome Science Daily
Dear "Skeptics, " Bash Homeopathy and Bigfoot Less, Mammograms and War More Scientific American
Robots and Rationality Free Thinking Ministries
Where did building blocks of life come from? Science Daily
Complex life on Earth began billion years earlier than previously thought The Guardian
Your brain is not a computer Aeon
New ID book by Douglas Axe from HarperCollins Uncommon Descent
Major Evolutionary Blunders: Berra's Blunder ICR
“Inactive” gene helps prevent strokes Uncommon Descent
Defining Determinism - Assessment of theories Oxford Journals
Is the Origin of Life a Scientific Question? Answers in Genesis
Teachers Squeamish About Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Transition between arm, hand occurs thanks to a genetic switch Science Daily
Researchers develop new way to decode large amounts of biological data Science Daily
How do some birds get such bright red feathers? Science Daily
Mendel's legacy holds back the teaching of science Nature
Mendel holds back genetics teaching? Uncommon Descent
Why Earth's atmosphere became oxygenated Rice University
What researchers are learning as they sequence, map, and decode species' genomes The Scientist
How neurons reach their final destinations Science Daily
Giraffe Genome Too Distinct for Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Giraffes got their long necks thanks to a few dozen gene changes New Scientist
How did the giraffe get its long neck? Clues now revealed by new genome sequencing Science Daily
Gene thought to be inactive in adults turns out to be important Science Daily
John Horgan is "Skeptical of Skeptics" Neurological Blog
OOL Without Bluffing Is Nothing Creation-Evolution Headlines
Authors: There is a worrying amount of outright fraud in psychology Uncommon Descent
Granville Sewell: Why Evolution is Different Uncommon Descent
Secret Genome Meeting The Scientist
How differences in male, female brains emerge Science Daily
Building blocks for 'RNA world' made from simple ingredients Nature
Let's talk about Homo naledi Todd C. Wood Blogspot
Darwin and Malthus Were Wrong: Cooperation Is Key to Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Further evidence that life might have started with RNA The Scientist
How far can we go in the universe? Uncommon Descent
Woese: Darwin was trying to get personal credit by barging in. Uncommon Descent
Multiverse booted in 1614? Uncommon Descent
Darwinism explains beetles’ same sex behaviour? Uncommon Descent
The early Earth oxygen debate: Will the shooting stars please rise? Uncommon Descent
A historian’s careful view of debunking Darwin Uncommon Descent
Stone axes in Australia earlier than thought Uncommon Descent
Cambrian weed rewrites plant history? Uncommon Descent
Kepler finds 100 Earth-size planets BBC
Bat Flight May Teach Us How To Build Better Drones Foxtrot Alpha
Vincent Torley: Origin of Life: Professor James Tour points the way forward for Intelligent Design Uncommon Descent
Cornelius Hunter's takedown of Swamidass's Argument for Evolution Dawkin's God Blogspot
'Intelligent design' professor earns tenure at Ball State The Star Press
Shooting stars show Earth had oxygen eons before we thought New Scientist
Peter Woit on Sean Carroll and science as religion Uncommon Descent
World's oldest known ground-edge stone axe fragments found in Western Australia ABC
Dehorning the Darwinian Dilemma for Normative Realism PhilSci Archive
Early Earth's air may have been thinner than on Everest today
New Scientist
'Hammerhead' creature was world's first plant-eating marine reptile Science Daily
Human Genesis 2016 Journal of Creation Theology and Science
The skinny on the minimal cell Uncommon Descent
God of the Gaps and ID Uncommon Descent
Crocodile eyes “fine-tuned” for lurking Uncommon Descent
Great stuff by on BioLogos BioLogos
Cornelius Hunter: How Did Birds Get Their Wings? Bacteria May Provide a Clue to the Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Innovation, Say Evolutionists Uncommon Descent
Structuralism: A term ID folk need to learn more about Uncommon Descent
Lele flagella motor research develops novel insights in cellular mechanics
The God of the gaps, natural theology and Intelligent Design - Erkki Vesa Rope Kojonen The Journal of Analytic Theology
Kojonen's Ph. D. Dissertation on ID
How did birds get their wings? Bacteria may provide a clue Science Daily
Why do some of the oldest species just go on surviving? Uncommon Descent
Why physicists crave a grand unified theory Uncommon Descent
These are the simple steps that made us human BBC
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