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Welcome the ARN Expelled movie resource page.  Here you will find articles about the movie, links to trailers and previews, contests to win free tickets, books about and by people featured in the movie, and great resources to help you understand more about Intelligent Design and Darwinian Evolution.  And be sure to sign up for our ARN email newsletter to get your free screensaver and keep up to date on the latest ID news.

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Sample of Positive Expelled Reviews

Is Ben Stein the Rosa Parks of ID? by Kevin Wirth, ARN
3 Stars – Thought Provoking, Cinema in Focus
American Spectator
by Tom Bethell
American Thinker by Bruce Walker
Ben Stein’s Intelligent Adventure by Kate Wright, American Thinker
PluggedIn Online
Student Review by Skylar Wagner
Dove Foundation
Ben Stein smart-bombs Darwinian Bunker by Jack Cashill, WorldNetDaily
Expelled – Ben Stein’s Brilliant and Subversive Documentary review by William Mayer
Expelled: 4.5 out of 5.0, review by Vic Holtreman, Screen Rant
The Difference “Expelled” Will Make by William Dembski
Expelled Exposes Hypocrisy by Benjamin Hawkins, Baptist Press
Expelled: A Must-See Movie by Michael Foust, Baptist Press
Expelled Movie Review by John P. Meyer, Pegasus News
Expelled Movie Review by Mary Ann Kreitzer, Spero News
Stein Turns the Tables on Darwinists by Chris Weinkopf, Los Angeles Daily News
Intelligent Critique by Dave Berg, National Review Online
Seriously Funny by Marvin Olasky, World Magazine
Reviewing the “Reviews” of Expelled by William Dembski,
Breaking Down the Wall by Douglas Groothuis, The Constructive Curmudgeon

Sample of Negative Expelled Reviews

Orlando Sentinel by Roger Moore
Scientific American
NCSE Expelled Exposed
Rotten Tomatoes (multiple reviews)
New York Times by Jeannett Catsoulis
Los Angeles Times by Mark Olsen
Intelligent design film far worse than stupid, Arthur Caplan, MSNBC
Expelled: Creationist Porn by John Derbyshire, National Review Online
Expelled: How Science Gets Swiftboated by Alan Doyle, MSNBC Cosmic Log
Expelled: Anti-Science Propaganda by Paul Kurtz, Center for Inquiry

Responses to Expelled Critics

NCSE Exposed: Ignoring the Expelled Facts, Discovery Institute
Michael Shermer’s Fact-Free Attack on Expelled by Casey Luskin, Discovery Institute
Responding to Misinformation about Expelled by Chuck Colson
Response to Expelled at Scientific American by David Tyler, ARN
Expell-ing the Outrage: Hitler and Darwinism by Denyse O’Leary, ARN
Is the ‘Science’ of Richard Dawkins Science Fiction?, Jonathan Wells, Discovery Institute
Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez And Academic Persecution, Discovery Institute
Sternberg, Smithsonian, Meyer, And The Paper That Started It All
The Truth About the Dover Intelligent Design Trial, Discovery Institute
A Rebuttal to Arthur Caplan's MSNBC Review of Expelled by John West, Discovery Institute
The Dang Thing: John Derbyshire and the movie he hasn’t seen by David Berlinski, National Review Online
Darwin and Hitler: In Their Own Words, by Benjamin Wiker, Human Events
Darwin, Nietzsche, and Hitler: Evolution of the Ubermensch by Benjamin Wiker, Human Events
Response to Inaccuracies in NCSE Expelled Exposed by Caroline Crocker (click on Reply to Exposed link)
Expelled Critics: So Bored They Can’t See Straight by Martin Cothran, ENV
Reponse to Larry Arnhart’s Expelled Review by Martin Cothran, ENV
Media Response to Expelled and Academic Freedom Bills, by Casey Luskin, Discovery Institute

Blogger Expelled Fans

B3’s Blog
Carlito’s Way
Focus Points
F3 Coalition Podcast
Conservative Donnybrook
CommaKazi Speek
Rev Cwirla Blogospher
Dean’s World
Benison Blog
Real Debate Wisconsin
Dinesh D’Souza

Expelled News

Expelled On Its Way to Top 10 Documentary List, Alexander J. Sheffrin, Christian Post 5/6/08
Expelled Boxoffice Results Compared to Other Documentaries

Film puts Baylor dust-up over intelligent design in the cinematic limelight by Tim Woods Waco Tribune-Herald 4/29/08
Video Interview with Expelled Educator, Dr. Carolyn Crocker,, 4/28/08
Local Professor Documents “Expelled” Stories,by David Yonke, Toledo Blade 4/28/08
Response to Movie "Expelled" Proves Its Point: Man Has Not Evolved by Nina May, 4/22/08
Expelled Posts 3rd Best Opening of a Documentary Ever, Evolution News and Views 4/21/08
Why the Darwin-Hitler Link is so Sensitive by Tom Gilson, Thinking Christian 4/19/08
AAAS Denounces Expelled Movie 4/18/08
Worldviews influencing wide range of Expelled Reviews by Tom Magnuson, ARN 4/18/08
Expelled Plays to Large Crowds in Iowa, WHO TV News (video story here) 4/18/08
An Intelligent Discussion About Life by Bruce Chapman, Seattle Times 4/17/08
Darwin and the Nazis by Richard Weikart, The American Spectator 4/16/08
Expelled Producers File Lawsuit over Copyright Infringement Claims Business Wire 4/15/08
Expelled Movie Press Release Motive Entertainment 4/14/08
Stein Goes to Bat for Intelligent Design by Bruce Bennett, The New York Sun 4/11/08
American Right to Life Holds Expelled Movie Marathon PRNewswire 4/11/08
Expelled from “Expelled” by Jill Stanek, WorldNetDaily 4/10/08
Is Film’s Marketing Intelligently Designed? by Stacey Vanek-Smith American Public Media 4/4/08
Atheists Infiltrated Events for Expelled Film, Kevin Mooney and Josiah Ryan, CNSNews 4/2/08
PZ Myers Expelled from private movie screening but Crashes Press Telecon Jeffrey Overstreet 3/20/08
I Can’t Wait to be Expelled by Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily 3/4/08
Ben Stein Confronts Dominance of Darwinian Thought by Katherine T. Phun, Christian Post 9/28/07
Scientists Feel Miscast in Film on Life's Origin Cornelia Dean New York Times 9/27/07
Hollywood Jesus Steinwatch: Daily News Updates about Ben Stein’s Expelled

Expelled Interviews

Podcast Interview with Ben Stein on The Dennis Prager Show
The O’Reilly Factor Interview with Ben Stein about Expelled
RC Sproul Interveiws Ben Stein
The Stanford Review Interview with Expelled Producer Mark Mathis

Podcast Interview Part 1 with Expelled Executive Producer Walt Ruloff
Podcast Interview Part 2 with Expelled Executive Producer Walt Ruloff

Podcast of Expelled Teleconference January 22, 2008
Podcast of Expelled Teleconference March 28, 2008 (featuring uninvited guest PZ Myers)


Richard Dawkins – The Age of the Machine

Movie Resources

Movie Resources for students, teachers and leaders at

Shout Out. Read the personal accounts submitted to the official movie website of students and teachers who have been discriminated against because they challenged Darwinism.

Free Downloadable Expelled Movie Discussion Guide

Order a free Movie Resource Kit with Leader Discussion Guide and movie clip DVD (postage required)

ARN Expelled Top 10 Challenge

Find out how to get Expelled shown in your local theater and help launch Expelled into the Top 10 theater documentaries.

More info about people featured in the film

Books, videos and articles available from ARN about or by people featured in Expelled:

Peter Atkins

Douglas Axe

David Berlinski

Michael Behe

Biola University

Biologic Institute

Walter Bradley

Bruce Chapman

Caroline Crocker

William Dembski

Daniel Dennett

Discovery Institute

Michael Egnor

Steve Fuller

Maciej Giertych

Guillermo Gonzalez

Richard Dawkins

John Lennox

Robert Marks

Stephen C. Meyer

PZ Myers

Paul Nelson

Philip Pettit

John Polkinghorne

William Provine

Gerald Schroeder

Jeffrey M Schwartz

Eugenie Scott

Michael Shermer

Ben Stein

Richard Sternberg

Jonathan Wells

Richard Weikart

Larry Witham

Sign the Academic Freedom Petition  

If you agree with Ben Stein that teachers and students should be protected from being fired, harassed, intimidated, or discriminated against for objectively presenting the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian theory then stand up and be counted by signing the academic freedom petition.

Student Resources on Darwin and Design

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