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By Design: Science and the Search for God

Larry Witham

Encounter Books, (hardcover), 200 pages, 2003

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Larry Witham provides us with a reporter�s view in his new book By Design: Science and the Search for God. Witham is the winner of national awards for reporting on religion and society, and has written on science and religion for Scientific American, Nature and Christian Century. He is author of five books, including Where Darwin Meets the Bible (Oxford).

Witham�s approach is to document the development of the two inter-related movements of the �science-religion dialogue� and Intelligent Design. He does this through an impressive list of first-person interviews including: Paul Davies, John Leslie, Allan Sandage, George Coyne, Charles Thaxton, Dennis Wagner (hey that�s me!), Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, William Dembski, Jon Buell, Phillip Johnson, Bruce Chapman, John West, Guillermo Gonzalez, Stephen Jay Gould, Francis Collins, W. Ford Doolittle, Paul Nelson, John Polinghorne, and Robert Newman. ARN�s emergence in the mid 70�s as the student organization �Students for Origins Research� is described on page 116 and accurately reflects my interview with Witham, which confirms my assumption that he is a careful reporter of the facts.

Endorsements for By Design include:

�In a highly engaging style, Larry Witham recounts the history of the intelligent design movement. He shows how ideas and personalities mix to challenge deep scientific presumptions.� � Michael J. Behe, Professor of Biochemistry, Lehigh University.

�Witham presents an entertaining and informative summary of the history and positions of the major protagonists in the debates and controversies in the dialogue between science and religion. This book is a delight to read and would make a good introductory text for students desiring a current overview.� � Walter Shropshire Jr., United Methodist minister and retired physicist, Smithsonian Institution

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