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Welcome to the ARN web page for the Darwin or Design radio show. This page is your portal to everything related to information, special product offers, and news related to the show. The show officially launched on October 24th with Kevin's interview of ARN Executive Director Dennis Wagner.

Ther purpose of this project is to educate the public about various aspects of ID by bringing people on the show from the areas of science, science education, jurisprudence, and discrimination against Darwin doubters to the airwaves. Kevin Wirth, ARN Director of Product Development, is the co-host of the show along with Dr. Tom Woodward, currently broadcasting out of Tampa Bay, Florida and downtown New York and other regions of NY and NJ. The combined reach of these stations puts the show within earshot of over 10 million potential listeners and untold more as the shows are broadcast over the internet and made available as podcasts. The show is listener supported, so if you'd like to partner with us, we'd greatly welcome your financial support. We can't move forward with this effort without that. ARN has committed to raise donor support for half the cost of producing the show (about $1,000 per month at this point). Once that goal is reached, our vision would be to expand the reach of the show into even more cities. To read more details about this exciting venture, and how you can partner with ARN, please be sure to read the prospectus for the show. Your partnership is vital to ensure that we can move forward with this opportunity to present the public with vital information about ID.


Kevin Wirth

co-host of the Darwin or Design radio show


Featured Resource of the week for  January 16, 2010 (Interview with Dennis Wagner on Top 10 Science News Stories for 2009)
Signature  in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design by Stephen Meyer
Darwin’s Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record Documentary DVD by Illustra Media

Featured Resource of the week for November 14, 2009 (Interview with Dr. Stephen Meyer)
Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design by Stephen Meyer
Darwin, Design, and Public Education, Stephen Meyer Editor
The Cambrian Explosion, lecture by Stephen Meyer and Marcus Ross
The Cambrian Explosion Study Kit, (SAVE 10%:  Includes Video lecture and book)

Featured Resource of the week for November 7, 2009 (Interview with Dr. David Berlinski)
The Devil’s Delusion by David Berlinski
The Deniable Darwin & Other Essays by David Berlinski
The Incorrigible Dr. Berlinski  Interview DVD
The Berlinski Study Kit Bundle (SAVE 20%: includes the two books and DVD above)

Featured Resources for the week of October 31, 2009 (Interview with Dr. Rebecca Keller)
RealScience-4-Kids Curriculum for Grades 1-8 by Dr. Rebecca Keller

Featured Resources for the week of October 24, 2009 (Interview with ARN Executive Director Dennis Wagner):


(V070SK): This is the Phillip Johnson DVD Collection.  Ten of the best of Phillip Johnson videos produced by ARN, including interviews, lectures, debates and a special tribute to Phil from his friends and foes.  Normally these videos sell for $25 each, but you can save 50% when you purchase the entire collection of ten DVDs for only $125 U.S ($175 Foreign). To purchase this special offer, go to the following link: http://www.arn.org/arnproducts/videos/v070sk.htm. And remember - you can't get these videos anywhere else because they were produced by ARN.

The Phillip Johnson DVD collection includes:

V001 – Focus on Darwinism: An Interview with Phillip Johnson
V002 – Darwinism on Trial, Lecture at UC Irvine
V004 – Darwinism: Science or Naturalistic Philosophy: Debate with William Provine at Stanford University
V008 – Can Science Know the Mind of God? Lecture at Princeton University
V009 – Blind Watchmaker: Lecture at the University of Wales
V028 – How Darwinists Think: Lecture at Northern Michigan University
V029 – Raising Questions about Evolution in the Schools: Lecture at Northern Michigan University
V036 – The Right Questions: An Interview with Phillip Johnson
V040 – An Evening with Phillip Johnson: A Tribute to Phil from his Friends and Foes
V057 – One Nation Under Darwin: Lecture by Phillip Johnson

 OFFER #1:

(B037) ARN is offering 45% discount off Phil Johnson’s The Wedge of Truth hardback book.  Dr. Phillip Johnson is one of the founding fathers of the intelligent design movement and there is no better place to start learning about ID than this book.  Normal price is $18 US $28 Foreign. Sale price for this hardback edition is only $10 U.S which includes FREE shipping! ( $20 Foreign). To view this offer, please visit the following link: http://www.arn.org/arnproducts/php/book_show_item.php?id=38

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