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The Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism

Phillip Johnson

InterVarsity Press, hardback, 188 pp., 2000

Item# B037
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Are there serious, foundational cracks in the naturalistic direction within science? You bet there are! With The Wedge of Truth, Phillip Johnson exposes these cracks and exposes these flawed naturalistic ideologies. Johnson logically intersperses the historical, the societal, and the narrative to demonstrate the devastating consequences naturalistic philosophy has inflicted personally and corporately.

According to Johnson, the results of honestly questioning the naturalistic claims made by materialists is misinformation and marginalization--from the media's misrepresentation of the Kansas School Board controversy, to summarily casting scientists as "non-scientists" because they do not adhere to a pure materialist interpretation. Johnson wants us to realize that if the flaws in naturalistic science are not challenged by good science and reason, serious consequences will ensue.

Johnson's crisp logic once again illuminates the smoke and mirrors that naturalists present as fact. He doesn't just tell us "to accept the inevitable," he instructs and exhorts us to use reason and stand up for the truth.

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