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Phillip Johnson

Ten of the best of Phillip Johnson videos including interviews, lectures, debate and a special tribute to Phil from his friends and foes.  Normally these videos sell for $25 each, but you can save 50% when you purchase the entire collection of ten DVDs for only $125 U.S ($175 Foreign).


The Phillip Johnson DVD collection includes:


V002 – Darwinism on Trial, Lecture at UC Irvine
V004 – Darwinism: Science or Naturalistic Philosophy: Debate with William Provine at Stanford University
V008 – Can Science Know the Mind of God? Lecture at Princeton University
V009 – Blind Watchmaker: Lecture at the University of Wales
V028 – How Darwinists Think: Lecture at Northern Michigan University
V029 – Raising Questions about Evolution in the Schools: Lecture at Northern Michigan University
V036 – The Right Questions: An Interview with Phillip Johnson
V040 – An Evening with Phillip Johnson: A Tribute to Phil from his Friends and Foes
V057 – One Nation Under Darwin: Lecture by Phillip Johnson
V001 – Focus on Darwinism: An Interview with Phillip Johnson

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