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Number Fifty-Five, June 1, 2006

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  • NEW BOOK: The Naked Emperor: Darwinism Exposed by Antony Latham
    According to recent university lectures by Darwinist Michael Ruse, the ID movement is nothing more than a social-political reaction to the Civil War and the North imposing its will on the South. Here is another data point for the always entertaining, but obviously over-reaching Dr. Ruse:  Antony Latham is a medical doctor working in Scotland who has just published a new book showcasing the powerful scientific argument that the universe and life were purposely designed. In the process he provides a devastating and detailed critique of Richard Dawkins’ Blind Watchmaker book.
  • VIDEO LECTURE & INTERVIEW: The Biotic Message with Walter ReMine
    For decades Darwinists have complained that opponents just criticize evolution theory and have no testable scientific theory of their own.  Walter ReMine has responded to this charge with his Message Theory as detailed in his book and this lecture & interview at the University of California, Santa Barbara entitled The Biotic Message. ReMine’s Message Theory states that life contains a message that says something about its origin. In the lecture, ReMine postulates that Message Theory is scientifically testable based on three key tenets of the theory. Whether you embrace Message Theory or not, ReMine has defined it clearly and put it on the table for discussion.  His command of the various evolutionary theories and how they contradict the actual known data is impressive and make this lecture a valuable addition to the ARN lecture series. 
  • MOVIE: The Da Vinci Code is Great Fiction!
    If you have been out to see The Da Vinci Code movie recently starring Tom Hanks, you may find the lecture video by Dr. Ward Gasque to be extremely helpful in distinguishing the facts from the fiction. Author Dan Brown leaves you with the impression that his startling conspiracy story is based on historical facts.  Theologian Ward Gasque leaves no doubt in this lecture what is fact and what is fiction.  Over two dozen factual errors have been identified in Brown’s story and Gasque covers many of the important ones in this lecture.
  • VIDEO SUMMER SPECIAL: Buy any two videos and get one video FREE!
    It's time for the ARN summer video special.  Buy any two videos (documentaries, debates, lectures, or interviews) and get the third video for free.  This offer is only good for video orders received by June 15, 2006. After you select your two videos, just indicate in the comment field when you check out which additional free video you would like us to send you.
    Speaking of ICONS, we have a new ARN T-Shirt also designed by Jody Sjogren featuring seven of the ICONs artistically arranged on a stained glass window with the tag line "i·con ('I-"kän) noun: an object of uncritical devotion." My favorite is the Black-T, but we have them in all styles and colors.


    We have a new feature on the ARN Home Page. On the top right side of the page you will see a little map of the world.  Click on the map and it will show you who has been accessing the ARN website.  The answer, as you might guess, it that you are, and YOU are all over the map!  When the Darwinists tell you that the debate over origins is a little squirmish with the religious fundamentalists in the U.S.—just point them to the ARN ClustrMap and set them straight (are you listening Michael Ruse?).                        
    A top-down systems approach to biology is yielding new information about the complexity of the DNA repair mechanism.  Many cellular processes -- including DNA replication and repair, cell cycle control, metabolism, and stress responses -- form an integrated response to DNA damage, according to a report recently in Science. The authors used a systems biology approach to create a map of transcriptional networks that are activated when yeast DNA is damaged.  Check the ARN ID News Blog for other recent developments.


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