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The Naked Emperor: Darwinism Exposed

Dr. Antony Latham

Janus Publishing Company, 257 pp., 2006

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Antony Latham was weaned on Darwinism, and by age 13 he had learned the rudiments of evolutionary theory. Through his teen years, university, and life as a doctor, he was a skeptic of religion and enjoyed disputing Christians about evolution. Then, in his third year of being a doctor in a remote area of Kenya, he became a Christian. This began a ten-year journey of reevaluating the evidence for evolution: "I have looked long and hard at the empirical scientific evidence for evolution in the areas of cosmology, paleontology, genetics, biochemistry, anthropology and psychology�. You will find that I come to a clear conclusion that the appearance of life in all its forms is not accident."

In the preface, Latham states that his book is not written primarily for Christians: �It is for anyone who genuinely wants another scientific view on nature.� I am rather tired with the bland and patronizing statements we receive from various experts in the media. I believe strongly that the story of how we got here is the property of the human race�not of a few scientists. I want here to de-mystify some of the facts, take them out of the ivory towers, and allow you, the reader, to make your own mind up.�� Over the next 14 chapters he reviews the evidence from cosmology to fossils to genetics and convergence.� The information presented is not new, but it is a great summary that is both scientifically accurate and written to be accessible to the lay audience. What is new is his final chapter in which he deconstructs Richards Dawkins� The Blind Watchmaker chapter by chapter. It is a fitting end to a great book from a medical doctor in the UK, for as he points out �because if I cannot out-argue Dawkins then there is not much point in spending time writing all of this.�

About the Author
Antony Latham is a doctor working in the general practice in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.� After qualifying in medicine in Trinity College Dublin, he worked for nine years in East Africa before settling with his family on the Isles of Harris.

What People are Saying about The Naked Emperor

�In The Naked Emperor Dr. Antony Latham showcases the powerful scientific argument that the universe and life were purposely designed. His deconstruction of Richard Dawkins� reasoning is made even more compelling by the fairness and the moderation of his critique�
--Michael Behe, Professor of Biochemistry, Lehigh University



  1. A Fine-tuned Universe
  2. The First Life on Earth
  3. An Explosion of Life
  4. The Fossil Record of Invertebrates
  5. The Fossil Record of the Vertebrates
  6. Human Origins
  7. The Genetics of Darwinism
  8. Irreducible Complexity
  9. The Impotence of Natural Selection
  10. Human Nature and Darwinism
  11. Darwinian Myths
  12. The Puzzle of Homology
  13. Convergence
  14. Darwin and His Time
  15. The Watchmaker
  16. Conclusions


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