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Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth?

Jonathan Wells

Regnery Publishing, paperback, 362 pp., 2000

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Jonathan Wells has news for you. Everything you were taught about evolution was wrong. Every iconic image--from the "primordial soup" to the changing colors of moths in industrial England, to the ascent of man--is, says Dr. Wells, either inconclusive, incomplete, or even outright fraudulent. Wells commands readers to sharpen their critical thinking and challenge the integrity of scientific thought, while arguing for greater honesty in the continuing, contentious debate over evolution. Wells argues that the most famous case studies for evolution "no longer convey the spirit or substance of science, but have become instruments of indoctrination--the icons of evolution." These icons deserve to be toppled for the falsehoods that they are. Icons of Evolution is a book that will light the fires of controversy and force scientists to give us a more honest and objective report on what we've truly discovered about evolution in the past 100 years.

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