'Evolution vs. Intelligent Design' Radio Debate

Peter S. Williams (MA, MPhil)

To hear my debate about intelligent design theory with Pete Hearty of the British ‘national secular society’ on Premier Christian Radio, click this link for an MP3 File of the programme on Pete Hearty’s website:


I enjoyed my experience debating ID on Premier Christian Radio’s Saturday lunch-time ‘Unbelieveable’ show (11th February 2006). I enjoyed talking with Peter Hearty of the national secular society both on and off air, and our host Justin Brierly did a good job of keeping a level playing field. The format inevitably meant picking the simplest/shortest response to questions rather than the most comprehensive, and I did have to let a lot of points slide, so the process was not without its frustrations. With this in mind, here are the ‘footnotes’ I would add to the show if one could do such a thing!

Footnotes & Recommended Reading

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