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Number Sixty-seven, October 31, 2007

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It’s been several months since we’ve sent out an update and there are many new ID resources available at ARN. In this announce we are only including brief summaries.  Click the links for further details or to place your order.  We hope you enjoy the goodies we’ve included in your ARN Trick or Treat bag below. Be sure to leave us a treat if you do. – Dennis


  • NEW BOOK: The Spiritual Brain by Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary
  • ARN VIDEO Clips Now Available on YouTube
  • Edge of Evolution: Critics Lash Out, Behe Responds (Where He Can)
  • Redeeming Darwin: New Video Study Kit (and free definition Reference Guide)
  • Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Coming to a Theater Near You
  • Dr. G: You Literally Are What You Eat. The Design of Your GI System
  • 2008 ID Calendars Now Available
  • A Day in the Life of a Materialist by Roddy Bullock
  • The Design of the Human Hand. How Hard Can it Be?
  • The God Delusion Deconstructed, free audio lecture by Peter S. Williams
  • Dogbert on Darwinian Evolution
  • A Debate Between Socrates and Hector Dawkins


The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul

What People are saying about The Spiritual Brain …

I've just finished reading The Spiritual Brain. It's superb, and is a milestone in what I think is going to be a 'long twilight struggle' against materialist neuroscience. -- neurosurgeon Mike Egnor

Just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading ... and found it to be dynamite. – Palliative care doctor

"If you have a mind, you will find The Spiritual Brain a refreshing antidote to the strange arguments offered by some scientists who insist that their minds, and yours, are meaningless illusions." -- Dean Radin, PhD, Senior Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds.

The Spiritual Brain is a wonderful and important book that provides new insights into our experience of religion and God. It offers a unique perspective to the ongoing dialogue between science and religion. This book is a necessary read for both the scientist and the religious person.
-- Andrew Newberg, M.D. Associate Professor of Radiology and Director of the Center for Spirituality and the Mind at the University of Pennsylvania. Co-author of Why We Believe What We Believe.

"The Spiritual Brain is a very important book. It clearly explains non-materialist neuroscience in simple terms appropriate for the lay reader, while building on and extending work that Sharon Begley and I began in The Mind and The Brain, and work that Mario and I collaborated on in academic publications." -- neuropsychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz, author of The Mind and the Brain

"I truly was bowled over by the book, ... In The Spiritual Brain neuroscientist Mario Beauregard and science writer Denyse O’Leary push back hard. First they debunk the most widely touted urban legends of impoverished materialism"   -- Michael Behe, author of Edge of Evolution

View the table of contents or order here.

ARN Video Clips Now on YouTube

Over 50 sample clips from ARN video products are now available on YouTube. Check ‘em out for free and if you like ‘em, you can buy ‘em here.

Can the Edge of Evolution really be debated?

The Darwinist reviews of Michael Behe’s ground-breaking new book the Edge of Evolution, are now appearing, but David Tyler documents how misinformation is being spread in the reviews with little opportunity for Behe to set the record straight.  Fortunately allows authors to defend their books against the critics and Behe has been responding to published criticism here. Who cares what the Darwinists are saying anyway? The masses don’t read the scientific literature, but they do watch Comedy Central where Behe was recently interviewed on the Colbert Report and was accused of looking more and more like Mr. Darwin himself.

Redeeming Darwin: Discovering the Designer

Redeeming Darwin is a new small group study program by Probe designed to help churches and Christian student groups understand the Darwin v. Design debate.  It includes two DVDs and several study/leader guides.  We thought the Reference Guide was particularly helpful in defining important terms and have received permission to offer you a free sample here.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

On Darwin Day, February 12, 2008, the world will learn the real reason intelligent design has been Expelled from the classroom.  In this controversial documentary that will open in theaters across the U.S., actor and screenwriter Ben Stein (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) will confront the scientism of the Neo Darwinian “Machine” exposing widespread suppression and entrenched discrimination in his heroic quest to bring back freedom in our institutions, laboratories and most importantly, in our classrooms.  You can read the movie press release in the ARN ID News Blog here.  Spread the word to your friends and colleagues and let’s show up in mass in the theaters on Darwin Day 2008.

You Literally Are What You Eat

In his last two columns Dr. Glicksman has taken us on a detailed tour of the design of the human gastrointestinal GI) system and how it allows for digestion and absorption of food for our survival.  You can’t help but to notice how every part of the system has its own job to do. People who believe that all life came about solely by the forces of nature, (natural selection acting on random variation), without a mind being at work, must be able to explain how each component of the system came into being while staying functional every step along the way.  To start your tour, go to You Literally Are What You Eat Part I and Part II.

 2008 ID Calendars Now Available

The ARN Intelligently Designed Calendars are now available in 2008 editions.  These calendars include 13 stunning photos and ID related quotes that are sure to get a conversation going in your home or office.  Order your Patterns in Nature or Mind Preceded Matter calendar today.  Be sure to read the detailed descriptions for each photo at our online store. Many of our ID T-Shirt graphics are also available on a single page calendar.

A Day in the Life of a Materialist

In his October column, ARN Blogger Roddy Bullock takes a closer look at where the materialist worldview begins and ends and implications for living out life in between.  His analysis includes statements from Nietzsche, Dawkins, Sanger and Singer.


The Design of the Human Hand

The human hand seems like a pretty simple device—until you try to build one.  This paper presents the first results of Italian researchers in developing an anthropomorphic dextrous hand for a 2-years-old Humanoid.  Read it, and then stare at your hand with a renewed appreciation of the miraculous capabilities of random mutations and natural selection.


The God Delusion Deconstructed

British philosopher and ARN featured author, Peter S. Williams deconstructs Richard Dawkin’s recent book, The God Delusion, in this audio lecture presented at the Southampton University.  Other audio files of interest include a radio interview with Williams about the The God Delusion, a debate between Williams and Peter Hearty of Britain's National Secular Society, and a lecture introducing Intelligent Design Theory.

Dogbert (and Scott Adams) on Evolution

When Denyse O’Leary isn’t writing books about the brain, or searching the four corners of the earth for the latest story on Darwin or Design, she’s keeping an eye out for the “fun” stuff—the cartoons or videos that make us laugh at ourselves or laugh at the whole debate.  Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams, found out doubting Darwin is not a laughing matter, so he decided to make it one.  Check out Denyse’s Dogbert story on the ARN blog and follow the link to watch Dogbert expound on the theory of evolution via the YouTube clip.

A Debate Between Socrates and Hector Dawkins

Our IDArts website has attracted the creative writing of philosophy student James Hoskins.  He turned his daydreaming thoughts of Socrates locked in a room with today’s archetypal materialist into an engaging dialog. Read Part I and Part II and listen to this Podcast interview with James.  His other creative works at IDArts include Confession and The Evil of Thumbs.


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