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Number Eighteen, October 1, 2001

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For the past year we have been complaining loudly about how science in general, and origins in particular, is being taught in our schools and in our culture. Last Fall, we announced Jonathan Wells new book Icons of Evolution ( that documented the significant

errors and misinformation about evolution in our public school textbooks.

This Fall we announced the Discovery Institutes Viewers Guide to PBSs Evolution that documents the many errors and anti-religious biases in the 8 hour TV show airing around the world this week. (

These two resources document in great detail how the pursuit of knowledge known as science has been hijacked in the educational world to teach the worldview of Darwinism based on materialistic assumptions.

This week we are doing more than complaining. We are launching a new science curriculum as an example of how science should be taught: Real Science-4-Kids.


This curriculum has been designed with several key objectives in mind:

  1. to teach younger children real concepts of science in a building block fashion based on the fundamentals concepts of science found in chemistry, biology and physics.
  2. to make science learning fun through the use of hands-on experiments.
  3. to make science teaching easy, especially for teachers without a science background.
  4. to demonstrate that good science can be taught, including scientific reasoning and scientific investigation, without relying on materialistic assumptions.
  5. to develop a single curriculum that is suitable for use in public-, private-, and home-school settings.

The curriculum is being developed for two levels. Level I is suitable for use for grades 2-4. Level II is suitable for use for grades 5-8. Other science curriculum for these age groups tend to take a random facts approach to science exploring topics such as weather or rocks. They also lean toward gee wiz demonstrations rather than real science experiments involving stating objectives and hypothesis and recording observations. Real Science-4-Kids is designed to equip and interest children in real science at an early age with the goal of making it second nature and less formidable as they grow older.

Our curriculum author is Dr. Rebecca Keller, a homeschool mom and active research scientist. She received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of New Mexico in 1992 and is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at UNM. She has spent the last eight years working in the areas of Molecular Biology and Biophysics at UNM and UC Berkeley. She has also been judge and Chairman of the Junior Microbiology Division for the New Mexico State Science Fair for six years.

As a homeschool mom for three inquisitive children she has spent hours trying to bring the excitement of active science discovery experienced in the lab to the kitchen table. She has found the delight her kids show while collecting, plotting or analyzing their "data" to be one the most rewarding gifts of homeschooling. With these things in mind, she has written this curriculum to instruct and excite the minds of other inquisitive youngsters in the area of science.

Chemistry Level I is being released this week. Biology I and Physics I will follow in the next 12 months. Chemistry Level I consists of the following items:

Between now and December 31, 2001, we are offering the complete kit including all four items for $49.95. This is a savings of over 20% over the list price for each item.

For more information on the curriculum, including downloadable samples, go to:


To order your copy today, go to:


As many of you know, Phillip Johnson suffered a stroke on July 13. Earlier this month he had carotid artery surgery and has been undergoing rehabilitation therapy. We are happy to report that he has been able to resume his writing duties for his Wedge Update web column.

On September 10, he posted an article discussing the two newspaper reports of Michael Ruse complaining about the strident atheism of Richard Dawkins.

This week Phil discusses a two-part article by Frederick C. Crews in the New York Review of Books, which "trashes books by Michael Behe, William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, and myself." Johnson states, "The long review provides no evidence that Crews has read the books, much less thought seriously about the issues; it consists mainly of standard scientific materialist put-downs that could have been stitched together from handouts distributed by any of the so-called skeptic societies.

Welcome back Phil.


Talk.Origins is a Usenet newsgroup where the fact of evolution is vigorously defended (see for an archive of articles and FAQs). One popular FAQ by Douglas Theobald is entitled 29 Evidences for Macroevolution:
Scientific Evidences for the Theory of Common Descent with Gradual Modification

Since this article seems to parallel many of the claims being made in the PBS Evolution series airing this week, we have posted a detailed response to Theobalds claims by Ashby Camp on our PBS Evolution response page. You can check it out at:


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