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Number Sixty-three, February 19, 2007

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  • ARN launches the ID Arts website
  • NEW BOOK: Billions of Missing Links
  • NEW BOOK: Darwin’s Conservatives: The Misguided Quest
  • NEW ARTICLE:  Hawk Moth Antennae as Gyroscope

NEW Website: Intelligent Design and the Arts

This week ARN launches the ID Arts website to explore the relationship between intelligent design and the Arts. Here you will find original artwork, poetry, literature, film festivals, movie reviews and more.  Read why artist Jody Sjogren thinks the existence of art, and the human creativity experience, is one of the most convincing “proof-positive experiences” we have to validate intelligent design theory. Be the first on your block to own one of Jody’s metamorphosis art prints (like Blackbird shown here) that illustrate how man-made designs often imitate the best designs found in living systems.


NEW BOOK: Millions of Missing Links by Geoffrey Simmons, M.D.

Dr. Simmons follows his first block buster book, What Darwin Didn’t Know, which focused on the amazing design of the human body, with this fascinating book on the interdependent structures and massive complexity of all living systems.  From the blue whale to the virus, from the macro to the micro, current scientific evidence reveals Darwinism's most fatal flaw–the billions of missing links in the story of the chance development of life.


 NEW BOOK: Darwin’s Conservatives: The Misguided Quest by John West.

Should Conservatives embrace Darwin? Conservatives such as George Will, James Q. Wilson, and Larry Arnhart have mounted a vigorous defense of Darwinian biology, even urging other conservatives to draw on Darwin’s theory for support. In this small but incisive book, Dr. John West argues that the quest for “Darwinian conservatism” is misguided and fundamentally flawed. Contrary to claims by Darwin’s conservatives, Darwinian evolution promotes relativism rather than traditional morality. It fosters utopianism rather than limited government. It is corrosive, rather than supportive, of free will and religious belief. Finally, and most importantly, Darwinian evolution is in tension with the scientific evidence.


 Hawk Moth Antennae as Gyroscopes

Some of you may have noticed a sudden increase in the number of postings to our science literature news blog on the ARN home page. For this we want to thank David Tyler from the UK who scours the science journals on a regular basis looking for articles of interest to ID (he has a BSc and an MSc in Physics and PhD in management science). One of his latest posts is about an article on moth antennae.  Until recently, it has been said that the moth's antennae are "primarily known as super-sensitive odor receptors--used to sniff out females and food from miles away--and researchers had hypothesized that they assist in flight only by acting as air flow sensors." But not now! The hawk moth's antennae have been found to perform the same role as the flies' halteres. They also experience Coriolis forces, detect rotational motion and relay this mechanosensory input to neural centers to maintain stability during flight. As research progresses, the living world appears to be packed with complex specified information. In these cases, it is legitimate to include intelligent design as an option in the causal explanations under consideration. This is because, outside the natural world, complex specified information is always associated with intelligent causation. This point is worth making because the abstract refers to flying insects evolving "sophisticated sensory capabilities", the hind wings having been "modified into club-shaped, mechanosensory halteres" and the editors of Science refer to the halteres as "vestigial". The science of this paper needs to be distinguished from the Darwinian spin.


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