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Billions of Missing Links

Geoffrey Simmons M.D.

Harvest House Publishers (softbound) 283 pp., 2006

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From the blue whale to the virus, from the macro to the micro, current scientific evidence reveals Darwinism's most fatal flaw–the billions of missing links in the story of chance development of life.

Dr. Geoffrey Simmons reveals how interdependent structures and systems–massive complexity upon massive complexity–apparently came about all at once, whole and entire. There are no precedents, no in-betweens, no mistakes, no first tries. He lifts the lid on dozens of Darwinian dilemmas:

  • the fossilized reptile with feathers that supposedly changed into a bird able to take off, fly, land safely, build nests, and lay eggs that don't fall to the ground

  • the walking fish that, while still in the sea, came up with a way to find food on land–as well as keep from drying out and burning its tender feet on hot sand

  • the unlucky skunk ancestor that had to try out different scents until it found one that worked to chase off predators

The picture is crystal clear... and the conclusion, rational: Only the intelligence and purpose of an infinitely wise Designer can explain the intricate creatures, connections, and "coincidence" you observe everywhere.

A superb resource for students and parents, as well as educators who want to present the full picture.

About the Author
Dr. Geoffrey Simmons has studied the human body and evolutionary theory for more than 40 years. He received his M.D. in 1969 and now practices medicine in Oregon. In 2006 he became a fellow of the Discovery Institute. He has authored eight books, including What Darwin Didn't Know.

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