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Number Twenty One, February 28, 2002

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Three years ago the origins debate put the state of Kansas on the world map. First with a temporary victory in removing naturalistic philosophy as a central theme in science education, but then a year later in defeat as media and political pressure resulted in a change in the education board members, and the reinsertion of naturalistic philosophy into the Kansas state science standards.

A similar situation has developed recently in Ohio, but there are several interesting differences. First, those concerned about the state sponsored naturalism now have a little more political clout with the recent public school legislation signed by President Bush on Jan 8. The language of Ohio House Bill 481 appears to follow the intent of the US Congress to set reasonable and prudent guidelines that will encourage schools and school teachers to teach the topic of origins objectively, comprehensively and in a way that will promote

The second difference is how the media is reporting the situation. For the most part the media appears to be reporting accurately on the issues and not creating an artificial science vs. religion battle or misstating that religious zealots are trying to ban evolution from the classroom.

One aspect that has not changed however is the response of the scientific establishment. They continue to send their most decorated scientists to convince the masses that any opposition to evolution is just “religion in disguise.” It won’t be long before citizens realize the real “religion in disguise” is state sponsored naturalism. The rebel forces continue to grow. Who will be next? Colorado? Kentucky? Florida? Maine?

Visit our Ohio Science Standards Update area for all the latest details, news articles, and commentaries by John Calvert, Phillip Johnson and others.


Last month we told you about criticism of Jonathan Wells’ book, Icons of Evolution, that was being circulated by Eugenie Scott and the National Center for Science Education, and Jonathan’s reply.

This month we would like to alert you to more criticism and another reply. "Nic Tamzek" is a graduate student in geography who likes to debate intelligent design proponents, or "IDists", as he affectionately calls them. Nic has written a response to Jonathan Wells' book, Icons of Evolution, entitled, "Who's the Real Fraud" Since Nic’s critique is being distributed and cited widely on the Internet and at lectures by Jonathan Wells, Casey Luskin from the IDEA Center decided it deserved a detailed response. To read Tamzek’s critique and Luskin’s reply go to "Icons Still Standing" Jonathan Wells Comes Up Clean Despite Harsh Criticism.

This is another great critical thinking drill for students. Have them read a chapter in Icons. Then read the critique of the chapter by Eugenie Scott and the reply by Jonathan Wells. Then read the critique by Nic Tamzek and the reply by Casey Luskin. Your students will quickly learn the wisdom in one of ARN’s guiding principals: The first to present his case seems right, until another comes forward to question him.

After the dust settles and all the evidence has been considered, it appears that Jonathan Wells has done his homework and made his point that our high school students are being presented with Icons of Evolution, not evidence.


Everyone has heard of Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, Bill Dembski and Jonathan Wells. These scholars are leading the ID charge with their important books, debates and lectures. But few people realize there are a growing number of scientists and university professors behind them that are making important contributions to the Intelligent Design movement. We’ve bundled together videos from a group of these scholars to help you and your students explore the breadth of the ID movement with interviews, lectures and panel discussions with Dean Kenyon, Walter Bradley, Robert Newman, Charles Thaxton, and Jeffrey Schloss. Several of the professors featured in these videos (James Valentine, Bruce Tiffney, and Allan Wallace) do not necessarily support ID, but are proponents of open and honest discussion of the issues.

We’ve combined our Focus on Origins videotapes to provide a comprehensive view of origins research, data, theories, and philosophies. This set of 6 ARN videos deal at depth with the biological, chemical, and physical requirements for the universe and the philosophical worldviews that mold these theories. So, if you don’t have any of these videos, now is the time to get the complete set and save.

This month’s special price for the 6 videos is $98.00 (individually $139.70, a 30 % savings)

Even if you own one or two, the savings for the entire set is comparable to the items individually (and you will have an extra one to give away to a friend). Read the brief descriptions, below, to get a feel for the contribution to the topic.

V007 – Focus on the Origin of Life (an interview with Dean H. Kenyon, Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University).

Professor Kenyon is an authority on chemical evolutionary theory and the scientific study of the origin of life. In 1969 he co-authored a seminal theoretical work titled Biochemical Predestination that was arguably the most plausible evolutionary account of how a living cell might have organized itself from chemicals. However, subsequent work caused Dr. Kenyon to question the ability of Naturalism’s mechanism for the evolution from chemicals to life. In this thought provoking interview, Professor Kenyon discusses the many problems in current origin-of-life theories, which have led him to conclude that life is not the result of undirected chemical processes.

V012 – On the Origin of Phyla (Interviews with James W. Valentine).

Dr. James Valentine is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on invertebrate paleontology and evolutionary paleobiology. In these exclusive interviews, Professor Valentine tackles what many consider to be one of the most difficult and enigmatic problems facing neo-Darwinian theory: explaining the origin of phyla. Among the questions he answers is “Why can’t Darwin’s Origin of Species account for the origin of phyla;” “Can punctuated equilibrium be extrapolated to account for the origin of the phyla;” and “What has prevented the evolution of new phyla since the Cambrian.” He also gives his observations on the Cambrian Explosion. Enjoy his frank discussions on the geologic evidence, limitations in interpretation, and concerns with interpretation of the data.

V014 – Focus on the Origin of Life (an interview with Dr. Charles Thaxton)

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Charles Thaxton challenges the assumption that time, chance, and natural processes are sufficient to explain the origin of life. Thaxton is coauthor of the groundbreaking book, The Mystery of Life’s Origin. This is one of the most influential books in honestly challenging the validity of the Darwinian paradigm for origins and presenting the case of intelligence at the origin. Some of the topics he brings into perspective are: the major problems with origin of life simulation experiments, the initial conditions in origins simulation experiments, RNA scenarios, and many others. So, sit back and enjoy listening to one of the leading thinkers in origin of life research.

V016 – Creation of the Cosmos: Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design (lecture and Q&A by Dr. Walter Bradley, UC-Santa Barbara)

Another pioneer in the Intelligent Design Movement and coauthor of The Mystery of Life’s Origin, Dr. Bradley looks at Big Bang cosmology and Intelligent Design. He also gives a concise history of the origins debate. Listen to his discussion of universal constants, the incredible odds against our existence by chance and the conclusion that the data points to Intelligent Design. He is an expert in thermodynamics, origins research and professor emeritus (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University).

V017 – The Journey: In Search of Our Origins (2 hour - panel discussion with Drs. Bruce Tiffney, Jeffrey Schloss and Allan Wallace the UC- Santa Barbara campus)

The origins debate has valid philosophical claims and 3 of these worldviews are revealed in this candid panel discussion. Enjoy the open and honest discussion of how they arrive at their worldview and it’s impact on their interpretation of the data. Dr. Tiffney was raised in a family of scientists and for him life is a hierarchy of probabilities. Dr. Schloss dropped out of college at one point to live in a commune on Hawaii where an encounter with the Christian God changed his life. Dr. Wallace spent years in the Tibetan mountains with monks and meditation before returning to the finest universities in America to try to integrate Eastern and Western thought. This video is a great conversation stimulator.

V018 – Focus on Origins (an interview with Dr. Robert C. Newman)

Science and religion are often portrayed as mutually exclusive fields at war with one another over the nature of truth. In this captivating interview, a unique scholar with advanced training and experience in both science and theology brings wisdom and knowledge to bear from both fields on the question of origins. In this interdisciplinary discussion, Dr. Newman answers over 25 questions on the scientific and theological implications of origins including the Big Bang, Hawking’s Brief History of Time, Multiple Universe scenarios, and many others. His objective and detailed look at the evidence from multiple fields, and his respect for opposing views is a model for public discourse on origins.

We appreciate your continued support in donations and purchase of our products. With your purchases we are able to continue producing quality material on origins from the Intelligent Design perspective.

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