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Number Twelve, February 28, 2001

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This is the twelfth issue of ARN-Announce. It describes many of the upcoming events and new articles, books, videos and other resources on Intelligent Design. Please forward this message to several of your friends and colleagues to let them know about the resources available at Access Research Network ( Back issues of ARN-Announce can be found at


New ARN Video interview with an astrophysicist and theologian

Science and religion are often portrayed as mutually exclusive fields at war with one another over the nature of truth. In this captivating interview, a unique scholar with advanced training and experience in both science and theology, brings wisdom and knowledge to bear from both fields on the question of origins

In this interdisciplinary discussion Dr. Newman answers over 25 questions on the scientific and theological implications of origins including the Big Bang, Hawkings "Brief History of Time", the Anthropic Principle, Intelligent Design, the Finely Tuned Universe, Multiple Universes, and the strength and weakness of four popular views of origins: Atheistic Evolution, Theistic Evolution, Progressive Creation, and Young-Earth Creation. His objective and detailed look at the evidence from multiple fields, and his respect for opposing views is a model for public discourse on origins.

Dr. Newman received his undergraduate degree in physics from Duke University and his doctorate in theoretical astrophysics from Cornell University. He earned the degrees of Master of Divinity from Faith Theological Seminary and Master of Sacred Theology from Biblical Theological Seminary. He is currently Professor of New Testament at the Biblical Theological Seminary of Hatfield, Pennsylvania and Director of the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute. Dr. Newman is co-author of four books (including ARN product for teens: "Whats Darwin Got to Do With It?") and has published numerous articles in magazines and scientific and theological journals. Running Time: 1 hour 12 minutes.

To order a copy of this video interview, go to:

For a list of the question included on this video, or to view on-line samples from this product go to:


New ARN Video Interview with Dr. Michael Behe (ARN Item V019 - $24.95)

Michael Behes book, Darwins Black Box, was recently named by the National Review and World magazine as one of the one hundred most important books of the 20th century. Although we already carry four products by Behe:

Darwins Black Box: The Biological Challenge to Evolution: (book)

Introduction to Darwin's Black Box: (audio lecture)

Irreducible Complexity: The Biochemical Challenge to Darwinian Theory: (video lecture)

Opening Darwin's Black Box: An Interview with Dr. Michael Behe: (video interview)

we thought it was time to release another video interview with him, as the American public just cant seem to get enough of this real-world "Luke Skywalker" of the biochemical world. Instead of a light-saber, we find Professor Behe pulling a bacterial flagellum out of his holster to take on the Dark Side of the scientific establishment.

In this new 1 hour video we asked Dr. Behe to move beyond the world of biochemistry and address some broader issues in the origins debate. Professor Behe explains how evidence from the Big Bang, the chemical origin of life, natural selection and biological systems all point to Intelligent Design. After being entrenched in neo-Darwinian explanations during his college years, Behe describes his pilgrimage back to critical thinking. He addresses questions about the limits of science, why theistic presuppositions are superior to naturalistic and materialistic presuppositions within science, and how Intelligent Design opens new empirical areas of research.

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John Calvert and the folks at IDNet take a detailed look the new science standard in Kansas.

When the Kansas State Board of Education dropped questions about evolution from the State science testing standards a year ago, the press went wild about how the ignorant and backward folks in Kansas had banned evolution from the classroom. It was a far cry from what really happened. A year later, embarrassed by the press, Kansas citizens voted several old Board members out, and the new Board immediately voted Darwinian evolution back in. But a close look at the new Kansas science standards reveals what is really at issue. With a slight-of-hand, the State has replaced the standard definition of science with a philosophy of naturalism. John Calvert and the folks at the Intelligent Design Network have worked diligently to document the problem. Their suggested revisions to the standard (with strikeouts and proposed additions) is the best document available to clearly see what is at stake.

To view this article go to:

The Board voted 7-3 to reject the suggested revision. Their response can be viewed at:

A CNN interview with John Calvert can also be found at:

The importance of this issue revolves around the fact that the Kansas standards are based on a model standard developed by the National Academies of Sciences. The National Academy of Sciences has long been an advocate for the teaching of Darwinian evolution as a central element in every science education program. The ongoing battle in Kansas is likely to be repeated in many states across the nation if the state boards blindly adopt the NAS standards without listening to informed citizens such as John Calvert.


Save 39% when you order these 6 items as a kit

Will Kansas fresh in the news again, now is the time to start arming our teachers with materials that provide a balanced approach to origins. We have assembled six resources for educators and parents related to teaching origins in the public school.

  1. Whats Darwin Got to Do with It? (B032). A cartoon-style debate that makes serious points in an engaging style that students will enjoy.

  2. Teaching Science in a Climate of Controversy.(B007). Shows how to use the origins controversy to teach critical thinking skills.

  3. Intelligent Design in Public School Science Curricula.(B031) A legal guidebook that provides guidance on what can be taught in the schools.

  4. Invitation to Conflict: A Retrospective Look at the California Science Framework. (B010). In the name of teaching public students more "about evolution," extremists are promoting a campaign of miseducation and indoctrination in science classrooms.

  5. Education or Indoctination? Analysis of the Textbooks in Alabama. (B020) Do your textbooks teach science or naturalistic philosophy? Read this report from a textbook committee member and you will understand why the State of Alabama required a disclaimer at the beginning of each book.

  6. Origins & Design. A recent issue of ARN's popular journal dealing with timely issues concerning origins and intelligent design.

If purchased separately these items would cost over $40. But now you can save 39% by purchasing the kit for only $25. To order the Teachers Origins Resource Kit for yourself or your favorite teacher go to:


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