February 24, 2011

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Product Announcements
Liberty University Law Review on Intelligent Design

Programming of Life
by Donald E. Johnson

One of our Top 10 Darwin and Design Resources for 2010, Programming of Life explores the informational aspects of life that are usually overlooked or ignored in chemical and biological evolutionary scenarios. Each cell of an organism has thousands (or millions) of interacting computers reading and processing digital information using algorithmic digital programs and digital codes to communicate information. Life is an intersection of physical science and information science. Both domains are critical for any life to exist, and each must be investigated using that domain's principles. Donald E. Johnson, with Ph.Ds in Chemistry, Information Theory and Computer Science, is uniquely qualified to unpack the strong parallels between everyday cybernetic design and engineering and the workings of the cell.

Go here to view the table of contents, read a review by Robert Deyes, and order your copy today.

Liberty University Law Review on Intelligent Design

DNA by Design: lecture by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

We featured this video as part of our year-end donation drive, but it is now available in our catalog in case you missed out the first time or want to order more copies for friends and family. This lecture video is a great visual summary of several of the main arguments found in Meyer’s ground-breaking book Signature in the Cell, and contains many stunning animations illustrating the detailed design of the cell. If you did not have the opportunity to engage his 661 page compelling argument for design from biology in his book, then you definitely want to watch this illustrated lecture summary by Dr. Meyer.  Even if you read the book, you will find this DVD to be an impressive tool to get others to consider the evidence for design.

Part 2 of the DVD includes a 53-minute interview between Dr. Chuck Missler and Dr. Meyer further exploring the scientific, philosophical, and theological implications of the evidence for design found in DNA. The DVD also includes supplemental notes and mp3 files for listening to the audio track only.

Order your copy here.

ARN News Flash
Quote about Programming of Life by Donald E. Johnson

“Johnson repeatedly stresses how the information content of DNA is analogous to the information carried on a computer disk drive. Within such a schema, each of the enzymes that decode the information can be seen as individual computers that bring meaning to the code through the RNA that is transcribed and the proteins that are translated. 23,000 genes make up the human genome. And the multi-functional nature of these genes in self evident in the way that RNAs are differentially spliced and glued together.”

-- Robert Deyes, ARN Correspondent

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