Quicktime Video Interviews

Welcome to the ARN video page. Following are various interview clips which can be viewed through your web browser. Please note: These interviews are recorded in the Apple Quicktime format, and are optimized for downloading. To view the videos, you must have a current version of the Apple Quicktime Plug-In installed in your web browser.

  • Interview with Michael J. Behe
    Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University and author of Darwin's Black Box, Dr. Behe discusses problems with Darwinian theory including the ability of natural selection to prevent the naturalistic evolution of irreducibly complex biological systems.

  • Interview with H. Fritz Schaefer
    Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia, Dr. Schaefer answers questions related to the origin of the universe and the origin of life.

  • Interview with Robert Newman
    Dr. Robert Newman discusses the origin of the Cosmos and the strengths and weaknesses of materialistic evolution, theistic evolution, progressive creation, and young earth creation models.

  • Interview with Phillip E. Johnson
    Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley and author of Darwin on Trial and Reason in the Balance, Professor Johnson discusses a wide range of logical, philosophical, and empirical problems with Darwinian theory.

  • Focus on the Origin of Life: Dean H. Kenyon
    Professor of Biology at San Francisco State University, Professor Kenyon discusses his journey from from faith in the sufficiency of purely natural phenomena to account for the origin of life to the conclusion that intelligent design must be behind it all.

  • Focus on the Origin of Life: Dr. Charles Thaxton
    Co-author of The Mystery of Life's Origin, Dr. Thaxton critiques numerous materialistic origin of life scenarios and concludes that intelligent design must have been behind the origin of life on Earth.