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Origins Research is no longer in publication, having been replaced in mid-1996 by the periodical journal, Origins & Design. Many articles from OR have been archived on these pages, however, with many more to come (as time allows). Printed copies of back issues of OR are also available for $2.00 each from Access Research Network.

Origins Research 1986-1994
OR10:1-Spring/Summer 1987 to OR16:1-Fall/Winter 1994

Origins Research 16:1
Fall/Winter 1994

Debate Between Phillip Johnson and William Provine

Origins Research 15:2
Fall/Winter 1993

Can There Be a Scientific Theory of Design?

Origins Research 15:1
Spring/Summer 1993

A Report on Michael Ruse and the AAS

Origins Research 14:2
Fall/Winter 1991
(Not yet available on-line)

Humanism and Social Theory

Origins Research 14:1
Spring/Summer 1991
(Not yet available on-line)

Analysis of Project 2061 & California Science Framework

Origins Research 13:1
Spring/Summer 1990

Jerome Lejeune on Frozen Human Embryos

Origins Research 12:2
Fall/Winter 1989

Stasis Considered

Origins Research 12:1
Spring/Summer 1989
(Not yet available on-line)

Presuppositions and the Origin of Life

Origins Research 11:2
Fall/Winter 1988
(Not yet available on-line)

A Skeptical Look at Dawkins' Blind Watchmaker

Origins Research 11:1
Spring/Summer 1988
(Not yet available on-line)

Self Deception in Science

Origins Research 10:2
Fall/Winter 1987

Special Issue on Cosmology

Origins Research 10:1
Spring/Summer 1987

Science, Censorship, and Omni Magazine

Index: Origins Research 1978-1986
OR1:1-Jan-Feb 78 to OR9:2-Fall/Winter 1986

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