Origins & Design
Issue 37, Vol.19, No. 2
Winter 1999

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Debating Definitions of Design & Readers Reply

News and Commentary

Science and the Spiritual Quest Conference: A Report

The SSQ conference drew headlines and major press coverage; the intelligent design community, however, was conspicuously absent. O&D nevertheless managed to sneak our UC-Berkeley reporter into the mix..

Blaming the Handyman

Will the hypothesis of intelligent design climb willy-nilly into every open problem in science, whether it belongs there or not? Commentator Lydia McGrew says no; we just don't reason that way.

Science and Christianity: Into the New Millenium

An on-the-scene report from the joining meeting of two of the world's largest organizations of Christians in the natural sciences, from an English correspondent.


The Inverted Retina: Maladaptation or Pre-adaptation?
Michael Denton

It's a familiar example in the anti-design battery of arguments: the vertebrate eye is poorly built, and thus must have evolved by natural selection. Michael Denton of the University of Otago revisits the eye with a new hypothesis.

Design in Nature and the Nature of Design
Dennis Feucht

As a growing number of scientists and philosophers seek a theory of intelligent design, rich resources lie at hand in a neglected discipline: engineering. Dennis Feucht of the ASA surveys the surprising bounty of good ideas.

Roundtable on Nature's Destiny

O&D assembled five leaders in the intelligent design research community to comment on Michael Denton's new book, Nature's Destiny. Their judgment: it is a thought-provoking and insightful effort, with some analytical shortcomings..

And Also:

Literature Survey

Rethinking knock-out results; general revelation; Ruse on Darwinism and atheism.

Guidelines for Article Submission

A comprehensive set of guidelines for submitting your work to Origins & Design.

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Biographical sketches of this issue's authors.

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