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Guest Editorial

Life on Mars from ALH84001? Revisited

Information theorist and origin of life expert Hubert Yockey returns to the "Mars Life" story -- a hypothesis which seems to be on a long, increasingly rapid decline.

News and Commentary

Design and Evil

Is the influenza virus strictly necessary? How about tornadoes? Cancer? Theologian Rikk Watts grapples with some ancient questions coming increasingly into the foreground of the design debate.

The Simulation of Expertise: Deeper Blue and the Riddle of Cognition

Philosopher and computer chess expert Timothy McGrew continues the discussion of the philosophical implications of the Deeper Blue/Kasparov match..


Abusing Theology
Jonathan Wells

Is there genuine or only spurious support in the Church Fathers for Van Till's doctrine of functional integrity? Theologian and biologist Jonathan Wells of the Discovery Institute opens the debate.

Are There Gaps in the Gapless Economy?
John Mark Reynolds

Biola University philosopher John Mark Reynolds asks how the spiritual uniqueness of human beings and the Christian view of the soul fare under Van Till's doctrine of functional integrity.

Basil and Augustine Revisited: The Survival of Functional Integrity
Howard Van Till

Physicist Howard Van Till, author of The Fourth Day and other books on science and theology, replies to his critics.

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Literature Survey

Darwin and theology; beauty in theories; etc..

Guidelines for Article Submission

A comprehensive set of guidelines for submitting your work to Origins & Design.

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Biographical sketches of this issue's authors.

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