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Guest Editorial

Rethinking Deep Blue

In an expanded editorial, philosopher of mind Erik Larson examines some of the broader questions raised by Deep Blue's chess victory over Gary Kasparov.

News and Commentary

Stephen Jay Gould at the University of Alabama

On May 8, 1997, America's "evolutionist laureate," Stephen Jay Gould, spoke at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Science consultant Norris Anderson reports.

Naturalism, Theism, and the Scientific Enterprise

The debate over the role of naturalism versus theism in science is beginning to enter academia. In February, the University of Texas, Austin, sponsored a conference on the issue. John Burgeson provides some observations.


Homology: A Concept in Crisis

Jonathan Wells and Paul Nelson

Patterns of similarity -- homologies -- among diverse groups of organisms gave Darwin one of the key lines of evidence for his theory of common descent. Within the past decade, however, as O&D editors Wells and Nelson report, the neo-Darwinian interpretation of homology has been powerfully challenged by new data. Will the theory of common descent survive?

Methodological Naturalism? Part 2

Alvin Plantinga

In the second half of his article critiquing the philosophical doctrine of methodological naturalism, University of Notre Dame philosopher Alvin Plantinga suggests that we need new conceptions of science to understand its relationship to theology.

And Also:

Literature Survey

The cosmological argument; Agassiz's case against Darwinism; molecules versus morphology; more uses for genetic "junk".

Guidelines for Article Submission

A comprehensive set of guidelines for submitting your work to Origins & Design.

About the Contributors

Biographical sketches of this issue's authors.

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