Origins & Design, Vol. 17, No. 2

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News and Commentary

Data, Theory, and Evolutionary Phenomena

Scientific authorities often state that "evolution is a fact." Philosopher of science James Hofmann argues that this claim blurs critical distinctions - obscuring, rather than clarifying, the terms of the origins debate.

Breaking Ranks with Darwinian Orthodoxy

O&D Reports on an April 30 seminar in Washington, DC, featuring the biologists Michael Denton and Michael Behe. Both have new books out which challenge conventional evolutionary thinking, in favor of design.


The Miracles of Darwinism

Marcel-Paul Schutzenberger

Member of the French Academy of Sciences and outspoken contributor to the famous Wistar Symposium of 1966, Marcel-Paul Schutzenberger regards all existing theories of evolution as falling far short of the phenomena they must explain. In this wide-ranging interview, he poses the puzzles any theory of origins will need to solve.

Cosmos and Creator

William Lane Craig

Does theology have anything to contribute to the foundations of cosmology? William Lane Craig, leading theistic philosopher of science, and an expert on the cosmological argument, answers in the affirmative: theology must not remain silent.

Literature Survey


The origin of feathers; Rosenberg anatomizes naturalism; the continuity thesis in origin of life research; how vestiges may arise; and other selections.

Book Reviews

Wells on Hodge

Charles Hodge, What is Darwinism? And Other Writings on Science and Religion, eds. Mark Knoll & David Livingstone, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1994, 182.pp.

Dembski on Kauffman

Stuart Kauffman, At Home in the Universe, New York: Oxford University Press, 1995; 321 pp.

Meyer and Nelson on Ratzsch

Del Ratzsch, The Battle of Beginnings: Why Neither Side is Winning in the Creation/Evolution Debate. Downer's Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1996; 248 pp.

And Also:

From the Editors


More on the eye; agnosticism about evolution; etc.

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